Monster Spectacular Tour Update – Red Baron Rocks Regina

(Ottawa, Ontario – By Doug De Nance) – The mystery man who drives the truck that reigns supreme in Canada supremely entertained Monster Spectacular fans in Regina when he not only tore off his mask, but tore up his truck during a most spectacular monster truck racing win.

During the VIP pre-show pit party, the Red Baron kept his red and white Luchador mask firmly in place, refusing to speak to the fans one on one or to them all on the microphone. When asked how he planned to win racing he simply held his arm up in an arc, demonstrating that he would make Red Baron fly over the cars. The incognito driver had more in common with the lucha libre wrestlers than just the mask. That heavily muscled arm he used to predict his racing win strained the seams of his black fire suit as the Canadian Champion signed autographs and had photos taken. But his personality remained an enigma to Monster Spectacular fans and officials alike.

One man who was anything but a mystery was Jimmy Creten. The 2005 World Monster Truck Freestyle Champion had come in second in racing at the world finals a few months ago and was out to prove he should have been first. Tearing through racing bracket after racing bracket since, Jimmy was driving Bounty Hunter to win after racing win. When asked if he would win tonight, he was respectful to his fellow drivers, but confident he would make history repeat itself.

As is historically the case, Creten edged out a win in the Monster Truck Wheelie contest, but had his toughest challenge from Red Baron. The Canadian Champion, hit a fantastic” timber” wheelie, standing the 10,000 pound truck straight up on the wheelie bar jammed the brakes to cause the truck to stop at the 120’clock position and slowly fall back to earth. However, as Baron goosed the throttle the truck lurched into a bicycle onto the two passenger side wheels but he drove out easily to a stop.


Jimmy Creten took the wheelie contest win in the Bounty Hunter.

They say history repeats itself. In the finals, that was the case for the Red Baron, but not for Jimmy Creten. Red Baron had to race his way to the finals through the monster truck straight ahead drag racing brackets, beating Don Frankish in Maniac (in what may well be his final year after 21 years on the monster truck circuit), as well as Frankish’s team mate Nathan Weenk, back behind the wheel of Jurassic Attack after spending that last few years racing in the Canadian Nascar series (Weenk calls that style of racing a “traffic jam at 120 mph”). While Creten had a buy into the second round, he still had to defeat Barry Parkin and Western Renegade to get to the final.

With the two finalists at the line, the tension began to build. Creten backed off of the line and then roared the massive engine of Bounty Hunter to spin all four tires trying to warm up the rubber for some extra traction on the slippery cement surface of the Brandt Center. Not to be outdone, Red Barron did the same thing. Then Creten repeated the action and the Red Baron reciprocated. If Creten was trying to play a mind game, the Red Baron was giving as good as he was getting. Finally the track official staged the two trucks and the final race was about to go green.

The trucks looked like mirror images of each other, not only because they are Ford Expeditions, but because as they hit the cars, both trucks titled to the outside of the car stacks as they soared though the air. Both trucks landed on the outside two wheels virtually simultaneously at the end of the car stacks. But that is where the mirror image was shattered. Creten bounced back and forth, but somehow managed to stop with the rubber side down. Not so for the Red Baron. The truck rocked back and forth and then was headed straight for Maniac who was pitted on the floor. To avoid a head on crash, the Baron cranked the wheel catapulting the truck onto its side and then its roof. Sliding across the floor, the Baron slammed into Frankish’s front passenger side tire, caving in his front quarter panel in the process. The impact into Maniac stopped the upside down Red Baron dead in his tracks, slamming the Baron violently in his seat against the 5 point harness.


WILD ride for the Red Baron as Ben Winslow takes the racing victory.

A hush fell over the arena as fans waited to see if the Baron would emerge from the upside down truck. After what seemed an eternity, the Baron slowed inched his way out through the driver side window and stood woozily waving to the crowd. The roar of the crowd all but drowned out the announcement that the Red Baron had defeated Jimmy Creten. Once again Bounty Hunter had come in second, while the Red Baron stole the win and the hearts of the fans.

During the intermission VIP pit party fan after fan requested to see the Baron, but the mystery driver was busy in the pits seeing if he could resurrect the Red Baron truck for monster truck freestyle. While he was unable to do that, he did something extra special for the VIP fans at the post show pit party. He arrived on the scene sans mask, letting these fans see that Ben “Bo Bo” Winslow was the man behind the mystery that is the Red Baron.

Fans always receive something special at a Monster Spectacular show. They can have VIP treatment at the exclusive pit parties, they get to meet the man behind the mask of Red Baron and they are dazzled by motorsports entertainment like a motorcycle freestyle extravaganza featuring both sport bikes and FMX. What something special will you receive? Find out at the next Monster Spectacular show in your area. Check the schedule at and then get your tickets now.