Monster Photos: All Star Monster Truck Tour – Mansfield, OH 2019

Event Information

Event: All Star Monster Truck Tour
Venue: Mansfield Motor Speedway
Location: Mansfield, Ohio
Date: June 15th, 2019
Photographer: Danny Maass (Check out Maass Media on Facebook)

Truck Lineup

Bounty Hunter (Rod Schmidt), Crushstation (Greg Winchenbach), Lumberjack (Christopher Sawicki), Pretty Wicked (Lindsey Rettew), Master of Disaster (Zane Rettew), Red Baron (Alex Barden), Summit Bigfoot #21 (Larry Swim), Toxic (Cory Snyder), War Wizard (RJ Turner) [Read more…]

The Allen Report: NAPA Final Event Spectacular – Chandler, AZ 2013

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

After 30 years of offering a vast variety of motorsports to auto racing fans in the Valley of the Sun, Firebird Raceway in Chandler, AZ, will close. It was decided, however, to put on one more huge show and what better way to close things out on the Saturday before Easter than to do it with monster trucks, jet cars and Robosaurus. The NAPA Auto Parts Final Event Spectacular was a Saturday night only event. The featured monster trucks included: Jimmy Creten in the new Bounty Hunter Silver and wife Dawn Creten, as always, in Scarlet Bandit. Steven Thompson drove Iron Outlaw and Darren Migues flew the Red Baron. Team Bigfoot was in the house courtesy of Dan Runte in Summit Bigfoot #18. Finally, World Finals Young Guns Shootout competitor JR McNeal was in the driver’s seat of Razin Kane and TJ Tripp had Ice Cream Man at the ready.

Before the night’s mayhem began, a tremendous crowd piled in and stood in line to get autographs from their favorite drivers. The sun set and the action on the quarter-mile drag strip heated up. Jet cars versus funny cars started the action with passes down the strip of over 250 mph. This was followed by the finals of the drag racing whose heat races were run earlier in the day. The fans were then treated to Ed “the Outlaw” Jones in his wheel-standing horseless carriage who made a full quarter mile pass in 12 seconds only on his rear wheels.

Then it was time for the Monsters! The competition was to be freestyle and it got bigger and better with each truck. JR McNeal threw down the gauntlet early with a score of 27. Red Baron and Ice Cream Man also gave great efforts, but could only tie the current best score of 27. Scarlet Bandit and Iron Outlaw also excited the crowd with car crushing action but failed to wrestle the lead from the trio holding on to the high score. Dan Runte’s farewell freestyle to one of his favorite places to perform came to an end sooner than expected thanks to a flat tire after hitting the drag strip’s concrete wall. But for years, Jim Creten and The Bounty Hunter had had a lock on the Firebird Champion’s trophy. Over the years, many had tried to take the title from him, but all had failed. This year was no exception as two tremendous jumps threw away the key to that lock. The first jump had bright blue fireworks on either side of him as he entered the drag arena and the second was completely over Iron Outlaw and Red Baron parked side by side. He nailed a perfect 30, making him the Final Champion of Firebird Raceway. An incredible fireworks show followed the Monster Truck action then the stage was set for the car eating, fire breathing madness only Robosaurus can bring.

Up next for us at “The Allen Report” will be a demonstration car crush of the all electric Bigfoot #20 and the unveiling of the Autism Awareness Bigfoot #18 on Tuesday, April 2, which is World Autism Awareness day. Autism is very near to the heart for us at “The Allen Report” and we are very proud to be able to cover this very special event.

We will also be attending the first ever Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks race just down the road from us in University of Phoenix Stadium. There will be a full field of Monster Trucks providing racing action in addition to the Super Trucks. We will have a report.

Until then, thank you for reading, a very special thanks to Firebird Raceway for 30 years of motorsports action and hosting this great event one more time, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

Photo Gallery

All content copyright 2013.

Monster Photos: Monster Truck Super Sunday – Dacano, CO 2012

Event: Monster Truck Super Sunday
Venue: Colorado National Speedway
Location: Dacano, Colorado
Date: June 17th, 2012
Photographer: John Roberts

Lineup: Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Ice Cream Man (TJ Tripp), Maverik Monster Trakkar (Ron Duncombe), Razin Kane (JR McNeal), Red Baron (Russell Steeley), The Shagman (Jon Zimmer), West Virginia Mountaineer (Kevin Koszala) [Read more…]

TMB TV: Original Series 5.8 – Monster X Tour – Chico, CA 2012

TMB TV's Original Series Presented By E3 Spark Plugs
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Episode Information

Episode: Original Series 5.8
Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Silver Dollar Speedway
Location: Chico, California
Date: April 14th-15th, 2012
Host: Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers: Colby Marshall, Ross Z. Bonar
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Featured Monster Trucks

Bounty Hunter – Darren Migues
Bucked Up – Anthony Epidendio
California Kid – BJ Johnson – Ed Miller
Red Baron – Andrew Peckham
Rock Star – Bill Payne
The General – Eddie Yowman
Titan – Donald Epidendio
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Featured Links
[/column] [Read more…]

TMB TV: Highlights – Monster X Tour – Chico, CA 2012

Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Silver Dollar Speedway
Location: Chico, California
Date: April 14th-15th, 2011
Videographer: Colby Marshall

Lineup: Bounty Hunter – Darren Migues, Bucked Up – Anthony Epidendio, California Kid – BJ Johnson, – Ed Miller, Red Baron – Andrew Peckhum, Rock Star – Bill Payne, The General – Eddie Yowman, Titan – Donald Epidendio [Read more…]

The Allen Report: Maverik Clash of the Titans – Rocky Mountain Raceway 2011

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

This year at the Maverik Clash of the Titans in West Valley City, Utah’s at the always impressive Rocky Mountain Raceways, all four members of Jimmy Creten’s team made the trip. Jimmy would drive Bounty, and his wife Dawn piloted Scarlet Bandit. Darren Migues took the helm of Red Baron on a brand new chassis appearing in public for only the second time. Finally, Ben “Bobo” Winslow drove Iron Outlaw. The opposition consisted of Daron Basl of El Matador with David Smith in King Krunch in tow, Dan Runte driving Summit Bigfoot #16 and Larry Swim driving Snake Bite #14. Rounding out the field was Roger Stidell in Captain USA and hometown hero Ron Doncombe in the Maverik Monster Trakker.

The raceway’s signature figure 8 racing made for some interesting and wild finishes. The four semi-finalists were both halves of Team Bigfoot and one half of 2Xtreme Racing, both husband and wife Creten. Number one qualifier Bigfoot stomped on Bounty Hunter in the first semi-final and Scarlet Bandit took down Snake Bite in the other. In the 2 lap finale, Dan schooled Dawn at the line and never looked back, taking his third straight racing title at RMR.

Racing was followed by the wheelie contest, in which Larry in Snake Bite held the lead most of the competition, but it came down to the racing and freestyle winners from last year. Dan and Bigfoot scored an excellent 9.6 out of 10.0 but Jimmy Creten put the competition in his back pocket with a score of 9.95. Dan and Jimmy were looking to defend those titles on Sunday.

On the second and final day, Bigfoot picked up where he left off, taking the number one spot in qualifying with teammate Snake Bite right behind him. These two would then march right through the bracket to meet in an all Team Bigfoot double lap final. With all eyes on the finish line, both drivers ran hard, but Dan and Bigfoot retained his Racing Title from last year.

Unlike the previous night, the drivers had two minutes of freestyle time. Darren Migues and Red Baron took an early lead, but Jimmy and Bounty Hunter were ready. A combination of huge air, high speed and a three wheeled cyclone ensured there was no taking away his freestyle championship he won a year ago.

In other action, Idaho Falls’ own Ron Barrows gave rides to all fans who wanted one in his Thumper ride truck. To find out where they are performing, check out Until next time, thank you for reading, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

All content copyright 2011.

Monster Spectacular Tour Update – Red Baron Rocks Regina

(Ottawa, Ontario – By Doug De Nance) – The mystery man who drives the truck that reigns supreme in Canada supremely entertained Monster Spectacular fans in Regina when he not only tore off his mask, but tore up his truck during a most spectacular monster truck racing win.

During the VIP pre-show pit party, the Red Baron kept his red and white Luchador mask firmly in place, refusing to speak to the fans one on one or to them all on the microphone. When asked how he planned to win racing he simply held his arm up in an arc, demonstrating that he would make Red Baron fly over the cars. The incognito driver had more in common with the lucha libre wrestlers than just the mask. That heavily muscled arm he used to predict his racing win strained the seams of his black fire suit as the Canadian Champion signed autographs and had photos taken. But his personality remained an enigma to Monster Spectacular fans and officials alike.

One man who was anything but a mystery was Jimmy Creten. The 2005 World Monster Truck Freestyle Champion had come in second in racing at the world finals a few months ago and was out to prove he should have been first. Tearing through racing bracket after racing bracket since, Jimmy was driving Bounty Hunter to win after racing win. When asked if he would win tonight, he was respectful to his fellow drivers, but confident he would make history repeat itself.

As is historically the case, Creten edged out a win in the Monster Truck Wheelie contest, but had his toughest challenge from Red Baron. The Canadian Champion, hit a fantastic” timber” wheelie, standing the 10,000 pound truck straight up on the wheelie bar jammed the brakes to cause the truck to stop at the 120’clock position and slowly fall back to earth. However, as Baron goosed the throttle the truck lurched into a bicycle onto the two passenger side wheels but he drove out easily to a stop.


Jimmy Creten took the wheelie contest win in the Bounty Hunter.

They say history repeats itself. In the finals, that was the case for the Red Baron, but not for Jimmy Creten. Red Baron had to race his way to the finals through the monster truck straight ahead drag racing brackets, beating Don Frankish in Maniac (in what may well be his final year after 21 years on the monster truck circuit), as well as Frankish’s team mate Nathan Weenk, back behind the wheel of Jurassic Attack after spending that last few years racing in the Canadian Nascar series (Weenk calls that style of racing a “traffic jam at 120 mph”). While Creten had a buy into the second round, he still had to defeat Barry Parkin and Western Renegade to get to the final.

With the two finalists at the line, the tension began to build. Creten backed off of the line and then roared the massive engine of Bounty Hunter to spin all four tires trying to warm up the rubber for some extra traction on the slippery cement surface of the Brandt Center. Not to be outdone, Red Barron did the same thing. Then Creten repeated the action and the Red Baron reciprocated. If Creten was trying to play a mind game, the Red Baron was giving as good as he was getting. Finally the track official staged the two trucks and the final race was about to go green.

The trucks looked like mirror images of each other, not only because they are Ford Expeditions, but because as they hit the cars, both trucks titled to the outside of the car stacks as they soared though the air. Both trucks landed on the outside two wheels virtually simultaneously at the end of the car stacks. But that is where the mirror image was shattered. Creten bounced back and forth, but somehow managed to stop with the rubber side down. Not so for the Red Baron. The truck rocked back and forth and then was headed straight for Maniac who was pitted on the floor. To avoid a head on crash, the Baron cranked the wheel catapulting the truck onto its side and then its roof. Sliding across the floor, the Baron slammed into Frankish’s front passenger side tire, caving in his front quarter panel in the process. The impact into Maniac stopped the upside down Red Baron dead in his tracks, slamming the Baron violently in his seat against the 5 point harness.


WILD ride for the Red Baron as Ben Winslow takes the racing victory.

A hush fell over the arena as fans waited to see if the Baron would emerge from the upside down truck. After what seemed an eternity, the Baron slowed inched his way out through the driver side window and stood woozily waving to the crowd. The roar of the crowd all but drowned out the announcement that the Red Baron had defeated Jimmy Creten. Once again Bounty Hunter had come in second, while the Red Baron stole the win and the hearts of the fans.

During the intermission VIP pit party fan after fan requested to see the Baron, but the mystery driver was busy in the pits seeing if he could resurrect the Red Baron truck for monster truck freestyle. While he was unable to do that, he did something extra special for the VIP fans at the post show pit party. He arrived on the scene sans mask, letting these fans see that Ben “Bo Bo” Winslow was the man behind the mystery that is the Red Baron.

Fans always receive something special at a Monster Spectacular show. They can have VIP treatment at the exclusive pit parties, they get to meet the man behind the mask of Red Baron and they are dazzled by motorsports entertainment like a motorcycle freestyle extravaganza featuring both sport bikes and FMX. What something special will you receive? Find out at the next Monster Spectacular show in your area. Check the schedule at and then get your tickets now.

Video of the Week – 04/30/11

Week Ending: April 30th, 2011
Truck(s) Featured: Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Red Baron (Ben Winslow)
Video Type: Fan Video

Description: Wild final round race between 2Xtreme Racing teammates Jimmy Creten and Ben Winslow gets wild, as Red Baron wins the race and flips onto its lid.

TMB TV Episode 3.8 – Montreal, Quebec

Event:  Monster Spectacular
Venue:  Olympic Stadium
Location:  Montreal, Quebec
Date:  October 23rd, 2010
Host:  Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers:  Colby Marshall, Ross Z. Bonar

Lineup:  Aftershock (Bob Robbins), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), California Kid (Garrett Ladelle), Crushstation (Greg Winchenbach), Illuminator (Jay Snyder), Iron Warrior (Trey Meyers), Krazy Train (Roger Cardot), Ms. Bigfoot #11 (Amber Walker), Red Baron (Ben Winslow), Rock Star (Bill Payne) [Read more…]

Video of the Week – 11/06/10

Week Ending:   November 6th, 2010
Truck(s) Featured:  Multiple Trucks
Video Type:  Promoter Highlight Video

Description:  The Monster Spectacular highlight video from the big Montreal event courtesy of Kevin Larochelle and the Chris Arel Motorsports folks. Awesome stuff, just wait for the TMB TV Episode!

Montreal Monster Spectacular – The Doug De Nance Report

(Recap By Doug De Nance) “X marks the spot! While that might be a line out of pirate legends, the legend of monster trucks in Canada, Chris Arel made a new high water mark with a monstrous X in Montreal’s Monster Spectacular show that brought out top media reporters like Ross Bonar of to report first hand on this incredible event.

The X in question was in the middle of the most unique monster truck racing course ever seen on this continent. The giant floor of the Olympic Stadium was laid out in a huge dirt oval with an X made of up two distinct school bus jumps criss-crossing through the center. To top it off, the trucks would have to race this challenging course side by side.

And what a slate of trucks there were to take on this incredible track. Fourteen of the top trucks on the planet had been assembled for one night in front of 45,000 fans. Just listen to the names: Bounty Hunter, Avenger, Black Stallion, Miss Bigfoot, Bad Habit, Rock Star, Brutus, Aftershock, plus the newest star in monster trucks, the Chris Arel The Red Baron truck and many more all came with guns a blazin’ and engines roaring.

The night began with all 14 trucks pitted in a wheelie contest, hitting the car stacks on either side of the oval portion of the track. It was such rapid fire action that the Big O looked like a Saturday afternoon traffic jam at the local mall – except every vehicle was a monster truck. Like a three ring circus, there was so much air-born action it was hard to keep track as truck after truck soared vertical. Despite many incredible wheelies, Jay Snyder and Illuminator lit up the judge’s scorecards for the win with a 12 o’clock tail stand on the cars that sent him crashing to the concrete like a giant redwood under the lumberjack’s axe.

Racing was exactly what was predicted by the incredible track – wild and crazy. The tacky clay dirt caused many trucks to hook up extra hard. Bad Habit found that out the hard way in the very first round of bracket racing, tumbling the truck over and tearing the body completely off and sending Trey Myers and Iron Warrior to the quarter finals. The driver of The Red Baron was a masked mystery coming into the race, but the respect was fast coming as he made Aftershock his first kill of the night. Black Stallion had an easy time of his race as Chris Bergeron took Brutus over an unintended obstacle, one of the Super 4 racing cars that had been abandoned on the side of the track.

The wildest and craziest race of the first bracket series saw the wild man from Washington, Bill Payne and Rock Star matched up against the pretty petite Amber Walker in Miss Bigfoot. Payne had said that this was the final night for the original Rock Star truck as he is busy designing a brand new version from the ground up. That should have been the tip off to Amber Walker that Payne would do what he does the very best – destroy everything in his path. The two trucks were bumper to bumper as they launched off the start line and over the first bus stack through the center X of the track. When they came to the first turn something had to give. So Payne gave it a little extra and ran up the rear tire of Miss Bigfoot, sending Payne up onto his back wheelie bar and Amber Walker wobbling from side to side. Somehow she kept the rubber side down but stalled out. Payne managed to get Rock Star back down to earth upright and finished the lap to move on to the quarter finals.

The story of the Red Baron is the stuff of legend from World War I. But a new legacy to that legend was been written during the subsequent rounds of racing by the unknown driver of the new Red Baron truck. Former world champions like Bounty Hunter and Avenger were expected to be able to adapt to the full contact that this new track created. A racing legend like Mike Vaters in Black Stallion would have been a good bet to make to the finals, but lost out to Jimmy Creten. However, it was the Red Baron astounded all who watched the masked driver win again and again to eventually face Bounty Hunter in the final race.

From a truck perspective, it was a draw. Both trucks were Ford Expeditions with 572 cubic inch engines kicking out more than 1800 horsepower. That wasn’t a surprise since Chris Arel had commissioned Jimmy’s 2Extreme Racing Team to design the new Red Baron truck. So the wild card was unknown track record of the driver of the new truck versus the legendarycompetiveness of Jimmy Creten.

Time seemed to slow down to slow motion as the trucks took off from the starting line. Side by side they launched off the bus stack and into the first turn. The only advantage seemed to be the inside lane as it gave the Red Baron a bumper width lead. It was the thinnest of margins but they say racing is a game of inches. The Red Baron only needed an inch to defeat Bounty Hunter for the racing win.

The Red Baron driver kept the mask on to keep the mystery intact as the trucks headed into freestyle. There was even a red plane as an obstacle that looked tailor made for the racing winner. But Joe Sylvester lived up to his trucks name as the Bad Habit driver tore up everything on the track. Sylvester has set the new world record for the monster truck longest jump in September of this year, sailing the Cadillac 208 feet and besting the 202 foot record held by Bigfoot for many years. Well, Sylvester looked like he was trying to beat his own record as he flew through the air off every obstacle he could hit. While the Red Baron and trucks like Black Stallion, Bounty Hunter and Avenger all had spectacular runs; it was Bad Habit making a habit of rocking freestyle – just like he had done at the Monster Spectacular finals in June.

The mystery of the Red Baron was solved at the conclusion of freestyle as the driver wearing the Mexican wrestler mask took to the mic. The southern charm and soothing accent of Ben “Bobo” Winslow didn’t require the driver to be unmasked to be recognized. The former driver from the Sudden Impact team, who had dazzled fans on the Monster Spectacular tour during the summer, had continued to wow the crowd behind the wheel of the new Red Baron. Winslow looks to fly high in his new ride.

As is always the case with Monster Spectacular, Chris Arel treated fans to much more motorsports entertainment, ranging from autocross with Baja styled racers culminating in a champagne soaked trophy presentation to a street style Super 4 series with supped up 4 cylinder customs to a full contact tough truck battle to welcoming back Kamikaze the jet quad and Felix Famlard and his incredible sport bike freestyle team. Perhaps the biggest treat was the introduction of Arel’s newest venture with Vic Theriault, The Legends of the Fighting Arts. Many stars from the fight game, including Jean-Yves Theriault witnessed the kickoff of the program with awards going to such famous fight names as Michel Jette, JF Bergeron, Regis Levesque and Jacques Rougeau. There will be much more to come next year with Legends of the Fight Arts.

It’s always a sad moment when the crowd has left the building in Montreal in October because it means the last Monster Spectacularshow of the year is over. But the good news is that a new season of Monster Spectacular is just around the corner in 2011. Watch for the biggest monster truck show in Canada to rumble into your area soon.”

A huge thanks to Monster Spectacular Tour Announcer Doug De Nance for another great season of keeping TMB posted on all the happenings with the Monster Spectacular tour!

Monster Spectacular – Montreal, Quebec – 10/23/10

Event:  Monster Spectacular
Venue:  Olympic Stadium
Location:  Montreal, Quebec
Date:  October 23rd, 2010
Photographer: Stephanie Cotnoir

Lineup:  Aftershock (Bob Robbins), Avenger (Jim Koehler), Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Bounty Hunter (Jimmy Creten), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), California Kid (Garrett Ladelle), Crushstation (Greg Winchenbach), Illuminator (Jay Snyder), Iron Warrior (Trey Meyers), Krazy Train (Roger Cardot), Ms. Bigfoot #11 (Amber Walker), Red Baron (Ben Winslow), Rock Star (Bill Payne) [Read more…]

Red Baron, Bad Habit Big Winners In Montreal

The TMB crew headed north of the border this weekend for the huge fall Monster Spectacular in Montreal, Quebec as Chris Arel Motorsports put on one of the biggest events Canada has ever seen at Olympic Stadium!! The event featured 14 of the top trucks from the U.S. and a wild new race course design that was sure to create excitement and controversy. The event kicked off with a wheelie contest as all 14 trucks took one hit on the cars. Despite great efforts from Brutus, Bounty Hunter, and Red Baron, it was Jay Snyder in the Illuminator taking the win as he stood absolutely straight up and down before rolling hard onto the roof.

The unique race course would not only see the trucks running side by side over school buses, but would also see the trucks racing off road style after the first jump with no lanes, anything goes, “rubbin’s racing”. The concept wouldn’t take long to provide the controversy as wildman Bill Payne in Rock Star drove hard into the corner following Amber Walker in Ms. Bigfoot, making contact with her truck and nearly sending her over as she made a great save to keep the truck on all fours. Payne ended up on his tailgate before backing down onto all fours and continuing on for the win.

The rest of the racing brackets would be much tamer as the truck on the inside lane at the start usually held the advantage. Bounty Hunter, Black Stallion, Brutus and Red Baron would be the final four and like so many other times in Montreal, it would eventually come down to an all 2Xtreme Racing final round as “Bobo” Ben Winslow would take on Jimmy Creten for the big win. The officials deemed Red Baron the fastest truck in the semi-finals giving him lane choice and that was all it would take for Winslow to hold off the boss for the biggest win of his career.

Freestyle would see all the trucks taking on a tough and treacherous course that provided plenty of big air and wow moments through the competition. Avenger, Bounty Hunter, Black Stallion and Red Baron all turned in stellar runs but it was Joe Sylvester in Bad Habit who rocked Olympic Stadium with an epic performance to take the victory.

TMB’s Ross Z. Bonar and Colby Marshall had a great time once again attending Montreal and both filmed for what should be an amazing episode of TMB TV, which will premiere Wednesday, November 10th at 8PM Eastern. Stephanie Cotnoir handled the photo duties and came up with some amazing shots that you will soon see in a full photo gallery – check out the TMB Facebook and become a fan to see lots more teasers from the show. TMB thanks Chris Arel Motorsports for all their support in helping make this coverage possible and we are already looking forward to the next Monster Spectacular in Montreal!! Stay tuned for great coverage from this major event coming soon.

Montreal Monster Spectacular Preview Photos

This Saturday night’s huge Montreal Monster Spectacular is growing closer and the TMB crew is getting ready for a great weekend north of the border. Ross and Colby will be arriving Friday for the filming of one of the biggest episodes of TMB TV of the year.  The big story heading into the weekend is the new Figure 8 track and thanks to the great folks with Chris Arel Motorsports, we are giving you an exclusive sneak peek at the building of the track.

In addition to the wild new track, the 2Xtreme Racing is debuting a new look in conjunction with Chris Arel Motorsports, the awesome new Red Baron!! New 2Xtreme Racing driver Ben “Bobo” Winslow will be at the helm and will look to debut the scheme in style, hoping to bring home a big win at the “Big O”. Below is another sneak peek, this one of the new design for the Red Baron.

We’re just two days away from the big event with 14 trucks and Figure 8 Racing. The lineup includes Bounty Hunter, Ms. Bigfoot, Avenger, Brutus, Black Stallion, Crushstation, Bad Habit, Aftershock, Rock Star, California Kid, Iron Warrior, Siberian Express, Illuminator and the previously mentioned Red Baron. Along with the monster trucks, the North American Autocross Championship will be featured as well.

Fans, this is one event you do not want to miss – head on over to for more information and to get your tickets while they last.

Monster Spectacular Returns to Montreal w/14 Trucks, Figure 8 Racing

(Montreal, Quebec) The Monster Spectacular is returning to Olympic Stadium this Saturday night for one of the wildest events the Big O has ever seen – a 14 truck lineup and monster truck figure 8 racing!! The racing portion of the event will be unlike any other figure 8 ever seen as trucks will race together on the same course in a unique concept tested earlier this year at Quebec City Speedway. The lineup is stacked as always as Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter returns after sweeping last fall’s event while Team BIGFOOT sends new sensation team driver Amber Walker and Ms. Bigfoot north of the border for the first time to try and take him down. Also returning will be superstars Jim Koehler in Avenger, Chris Bergeron in Brutus and Mike Vaters in Black Stallion.

Making their first trip to Olympic Stadium will be the Straight Up Racing team out of Washington as freestyle juggernaut Bill Payne will make his final appearance in the current Rock Star chassis before scrapping it and debuting a new piece next season. Joining him will be team truck California Kid and rounding out the lineup will be big names including the “monstah lobstah” Crushstation, Bad Habit, Aftershock, Illuminator, Iron Warrior, Siberian Express and the debut of The Red Baron.

As if all that monster truck excitement wasn’t enough, the Monster Spectacular in Montreal never fails to have an amazing support card as this year’s event will feature the North American Autocross Championship and much more.

If you haven’t got your tickets already, head on over to and get them now as this is one event you just don’t want to miss!!