Monster Photos: Monster Truck Show – Xenia, OH 2016

Event Information

Event: Monster Truck Show
Venue: Kil-Kare Raceway
Location: Xenia, Ohio
Date: June 4th, 2016
Photographer: Paul M. Harry

Truck Lineup

Bad News Travels Fast (Brandon Derrow), Holman’s Beast (Bobby Holman), Predator (Allen Pezo), Samson (Allison Patrick), Son of Beast (Cody Holman), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson) [Read more…]

Monster Photos: IMTM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion – Auburn, IN 2014

Event: 4th Annual International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion
Venue: International Monster Truck Museum @ The American Heritage Village
Location: Auburn, Indiana
Date: November 1st, 2014
Photographer: Danny Maass

Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Diehl Wilson (Virginia Giant), Jon Breen (Mad Dog II, Stomper Bully), Michael Vaters (Black Stallion), Andy Brass (BIGFOOT), Kirk Dabney (Blue Thunder, Giant) [Read more…]

Monster Truck Radio 11/16/14 – Diehl Wilson & Andy Brass

Monster Truck Radio With Host Ross Z. Bonar & Co-Host Chris Parrish
“2014 Hall of Fame Recap Show”
Date: Sunday, November 14th, 2014
Guest #1: Diehl Wilson, driver of Virginia Giant
Guest #2: Andy Brass, driver of BIGFOOT [Read more…]

The Allen Report: IMTM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion 2014

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we once again make our way to the Kruse Automotive and Carriage Museum in Auburn, Indiana, for the 4th Annual International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion. Hundreds of people came from places like New York, Texas, Arizona and many places in between to watch the following five monster truck legends have their careers come full circle by entering the Hall of Fame:

– Diehl Wilson – Owner and driver of the beautiful and competitive Virginia Giant monster trucks
– Jon Breen – Owner and driver of the unique and innovative Mad Dog monsters
– Michael Vaters – Owner and driver of the envelope pushing Black Stallion monsters
– Andy Brass – One of the most hard charging and fearless team Bigfoot drivers of all time
– Kirk Dabney – Owner and Driver of numerous monster trucks from the Blue Thunder monster car to the Monster Truck speed record setting Extreme Overkill

Along with the inductees, the following legendary monster trucks were on display for one and all to observe:

– Hall of Famer Jeff Dane’s King Kong I
– Hall of Famer Allen Pezo’s Predator I
– Alan Tura’s Goliath
– Andy Hoffman’s Nitecrawler tank, formerly Bear Foot Trax of previous HOF inductee Fred Shafer
– IMTM President Jeff Cook’s old school style Shotgun Harry
– John Nowacki’s old school style Mud Monster I
– Eric Howe’s old school style High Horse bronco

The day began on the north side of the museum, where the inductees held the annual Monster Truck History Discussion, answering questions and sharing stories about the good ol’ days. IMTM board member and first ever inductee Bob Chandler of Bigfoot started what could be a new tradition in this annual meeting by asking the inductees the first question. Inductees and attendees alike enjoyed hearing about the sport’s history so much that the discussion ran longer that scheduled.

As the sun set on the clear, chilly northeastern Indiana day, the hour was at hand. A delicious hearty meal was served as historic monster truck footage, most of which one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, was shown on projection screens.

The inductees were clearly humbled to receive this honor. This was especially the case with both Vaters and Dabney as they made plans to say thanks to the Hall of Fame by rebuilding their respective monster projects for display in the future. And as each inductee’s interview with’s Ross Bonar ended, the audience’s applause for the new Hall of Famers were long and loud.

Finally, for the third year in a row, an auction was held to benefit the International Monster Truck Museum to end the night. And in very single bidding case, the drama was intense. We strongly encourage anyone who loves monster trucks and the sport’s history to make next year’s event a can’t-miss.

While Jim and Christopher were enjoying the 4th Annual Monster Truck Hall of Fame, guest reporter Carol Allen attended the Arizona State Fair where ProForce Productions held their inaugural event. President Jamie McNutt brought the always popular Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter Yellow, Dawn Creten in Iron Outlaw and the “Flying Spaniard” himself, Tony Canedo driving Play N’ 4 Keeps. The popularity of the monster trucks was evident as the bleachers were packed to capacity for all six shows. The weekend culminated in a backflip by Jim Creten in Iron Outlaw. Announcer Lloyd Massey’s efforts to get the crowd involved was made easier by the enthusiastic support monster truck fans gave the drivers. Dawn Creten and Tony Canedo entertained the monster truck loving crowd with wheelies, some donuts and by jumping various obstacles.

Also, an act new to the Arizona State Fair, the Globe of Death appeared, with the daredevil motorcycle riders amazing the crowd with their gravity defying stunts followed by some very nervy tuff truck competitors. Carol would like to personally thank Loren Saubel, Jamie McNutt and Phil Vicinanza for their kindness and support.

That’s a wrap for us at “The Allen Report” for the year 2014 as we intend to enjoy the first quarter of 2015 simply as fans. But don’t worry monster truck nation, it won’t be long before you hear from us again. So, thank you for reading, a special thanks to the IMTM for hosting this great event once more, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

Photo Gallery

All content copyright 2014.

Monster Photos: Monster Jam – Wheeling, WV 2012

Event: Monster Jam
Venue: WesBanco Arena
Location: Wheeling, West Virginia
Date: February 25th, 2012 (2 shows)
Photographer: Paul M. Harry

Lineup: Aftershock (Bob Robbins), Batman (Norm Miller), High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin), Instigator (Paul Breaug), Monster Mutt (Joe Miller), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson)
[Read more…]

Monster Photos: Monster Jam – Dayton, OH 2011

Event: Monster Jam
Venue: EJ Nutter Center
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Date: March 19th, 2011
Photographer: Paul M. Harry

Lineup: Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), El Toro Loco (Joey Parnell), Full Boar (Ed Eckert), Grave Digger (Randy Brown), High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin), Rap Attack (Dave Rappach), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson) [Read more…]

Monster Photos: Monster Jam – Dayton, OH 2011

Event: Monster Jam
Venue: EJ Nutter Center
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Date: March 19th, 2011
Photographer: Michael Harry

Lineup: Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), El Toro Loco (Joey Parnell), Full Boar (Ed Eckert), Grave Digger (Randy Brown), High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin), Rap Attack (Dave Rappach), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson) [Read more…]

TMB TV Episode 3.10 – Pontiac, MI

Event: Monster Truck Fall Shootout
Venue: Pontiac Silverdome
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Date: November 13th, 2010
Host: Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers: Colby Marshall, Kaedon Berry, Chris Parrish

Lineup: Airborne Ranger (Joe Cypher), Bar’s Leaks Eliminator (Greg Adams), Big Dawg (Dale Gerding), Bounty Hunter (Ben Winslow), Raminator (Mark Hall), Rammunition (Mat Dishman), Rislone Defender (Zach Adams), Shell Camino (Shelley Kujat), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson), War Wagon (Andy Hoffman) [Read more…]

Monster Truck Fall Shootout – Pontiac, MI – 11/13/10

Event:  Monster Truck Fall Shootout
Venue:  Pontiac Silverdome
Location:  Pontiac, Michigan
Date:  November 13th, 2010
Photographer:  Paul M. Harry

Lineup: Airborne Ranger (Joe Cypher), Bar’s Leaks Eliminator (Greg Adams), Big Dawg (Dale Gerding), Bounty Hunter (Ben Winslow), Raminator (Mark Hall), Rammunition (Mat Dishman), Rislone Defender (Zach Adams), Shell Camino (Shelley Kujat), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson), War Wagon (Andy Hoffman) [Read more…]

Monster Truck Fall Shootout – Pontiac, MI – 11/13/10

Event: Monster Truck Fall Shootout
Venue: Pontiac Silverdome
Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Date:  November 13th, 2010
Photographer: Ross Z. Bonar

Lineup:  Airborne Ranger (Joe Cypher), Bar’s Leaks Eliminator (Greg Adams), Big Dawg (Dale Gerding), Bounty Hunter (Ben Winslow), Raminator (Mark Hall), Rammunition (Mat Dishman), Rislone Defender (Zach Adams), Shell Camino (Shelley Kujat), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke), Virginia Giant (Diehl Wilson), War Wagon (Andy Hoffman) [Read more…]

Dishman, Noelke & Winslow Winners at the Silverdome

Monster trucks returned to the legendary Pontiac Silverdome for the second time in 2010 as Silverdome Events presented the Inaugural Monster Truck Fall Shootout last night. Eleven top trucks competed in racing, obstacle course and freestyle contests as several drivers returned to the Silverdome for the first time in many years and others made their first appearance at one of the most historic venues in monster truck history. The return of the Silverdome has been one of the best stories of the year as Silverdome Events attempts to establish yearly spring and fall monster truck events for hopefully many years to come.

With a lineup of generally more racing-focused teams and drivers, the “Tornado-style” course was sure to produce some great action and did not disappoint. Mark Hall in the Raminator was the odds on favorite going into the weekend and lived up to expectations in his round one bye run, setting a blistering pace. Only Doug Noelke in Tail Gator appeared to be in Hall’s league through the first round. Trouble would strike for Raminator in round two during a defeat of Ben Winslow in Bounty Hunter as the motor gernaded ending Hall’s evening in heartbreaking fashion.

Hall’s exit left Noelke as the favorite and he marched his way to the finals, dispatching Big Dawg, Rammunition and Bar’s Leaks Eliminator along the way. Rookie Mat Dishman in Rammunition would return as the fast loser in the semi-finals and defeated Bounty Hunter, who was replacing Raminator. That setup a re-match from round two as the veteran Noelke would take on the rookie Dishman who had been getting faster every round.

The grand finale of racing saw both trucks neck and neck all the way to the final turn when Noelke bobbled, hitting a turning car and having to do some fancy driving to keep from rolling the Gator. Dishman would have tough to beat even without the missing and he powered Rammunition across the line to capture the huge win in front of the over 100 RAM Trucks represetatives on hand for the event. The win was even more special in that it was Dishman’s first ever racing victory in monster trucks.

Following the big racing competition would be a special timed obstacle course challenge where drivers would follow a set path around the obstacles on the track against the clock. Bounty Hunter and Rammunition were quick and Diehl Wilson in Virginia Giant laid down a great pass, but in the end no one would touch Noelke this time around as he powered Tail Gator to victory.

The evening’s big finish would be the freestyle competition as Shelley Kujat in Shell Camino kicked things off with a solid run to set the bar. Zach Adams highlighted his run in the Rislone Defender with a great slap wheelie while father Greg Adams in Bar’s Leaks Eliminator laid down a solid effort as well. Diehl Wilson had the ground shaking with some incredible donuts and Dale Gerding in Big Dawg walked a couple of slap wheelies across the center of the floor. Mat Dishman looked to follow his racing win with a big freestyle but it wasn’t to be as a hard landing snapped the right front wheel off Rammunition.

One of the first contending runs of the night came from what you would probably say was the top performing truck overall on the evening, that being the Tail Gator. Doug Noelke hit a huge slap wheelie across the center of the floor combined with some big air and a wild, wheel out the window cyclone. The Gator would maintain the lead in freestyle the majority of the night.

One driver who fell short of Noelke’s score was Andy Hoffman and War Wagon. Hoffman had what many thought may have been the best run of the evening as he kept up a great pace, hitting everything on the floor. War Wagon had some of the biggest moves as well as Andy cross-threaded one of the big van stacks for the best vertical launch of freestyle at one point and then finished his run with a huge cross-thread reverse move on the same stack.

Noelke’s score would eventually be tied as Joe Cypher in the Airborne Ranger laid down a great freestyle performance with some of the best moves of the night. Cypher hit a couple big slap wheelies across the center of the floor and was the only driver to cross-thread the big blue stack.

The final truck to compete was none other than Ben Winslow in the Bounty Hunter. “Bobo” as he is often referred to as, has been riding a great hot streak since joining 2Xtreme Racing with a big racing win in Montreal and sweeps of smaller shows in Bounty Hunter. Suprisingly Winslow was having trouble getting a good rhythym going for the majority of the run as he tried to work with well used obstacles. But just as time was coming to a close, Winslow launched Bounty Hunter in some of the most extreme air we’ve seen all year long. The tough landing would end the performance but it was enough for the judges to proclaim the victory for Bounty Hunter in yet another huge success for driver Ben Winslow.

The TMB crew had a great time having the opportunity to return to the Silverdome for the second time in 2010 and the privilege to be able to bring you coverage from this historic venue is one we greatly appreciate. For that we send a big thanks to Ryan Westlake and everyone with Silverdome Events for their hospitality. The final TMB TV episode of 2010 will featured the Monster Truck Fall Shootout and will premiere Wednesday, December 8th at 8PM Eastern. Colby, Kaedon, Chris and Ross did some great work on this episode and also be watching for huge photo galleries from Ross and Paul Harry. Stay tuned as plenty of great coverage from the Silverdome is coming your way right here on TMB!

Countdown to the Silverdome Q&A – Diehl Wilson

One week from now monster trucks will return to one of the most historically significant venues in the history of the sport as the Pontiac Silverdome hosts the 1st Annual Monster Truck Fall Shootout!!  11 trucks are scheduled to compete in racing and freestyle including Bounty Hunter, Raminator, Tail Gator, Virginia Giant, War Wagon, Big Dawg, Rammunition, Shell Camino, Bar’s Leaks Eliminator, Airborne Ranger and Rislone Defender.

The return of the Silverdome has been one of the biggest and best stories of 2010 and TMB is excited to return for our 10th and final episode of TMB TV Season 3. We’ll cover all the action with three camera angles and two huge photo galleries. With tickets at only $13 at, this event will surely be one of the best values of the year.

As we countdown the days of this final week leading up to the big event, we’ll interview one of the big personalities and get their thoughts on the Monster Truck Fall Shootout. Check back every day for another quick Q&A with one of the event’s big stars!

11/07/10: Q&A w/Diehl Wilson | Countdown Status: 6 Days to Go!

TMB: As we continue our Countdown to the Silverdome Q&A, its our great privilege to have the opportunity to speak with a true legend of monster trucks, Diehl Wilson with the Virginia Giant. Diehl, its great to talk with you and very exciting to see a driver with as much history in the sport and in this historic building invited to participate in the Monster Truck Fall Shootout. Let’s start by having you tell us about your history of competing at the Silverdome.

DW: The Silverdome has always been one of my favorite places to compete every since we first went there in 1979 with our pulling truck. It’s amazing how much things have changed since the first time went there with the monster truck – back then pulling was the main event and it was almost like monsters were the side act, cars set longways, 2 rows bumper to bumper on the side of the pulling tracks. There weren’t as many trucks around back then so the events were huge with Bigfoot, Bearfoot, the Starbirds, all those guys at one show. We used to pull a sled with the trucks, unhook and then race over cars. We took a few big wins there over the years, probably got to race there 6-10 times overall. (Click here to check out a cool YouTube video of Diehl beating Fred Shafer in Bearfoot in the finals of racing back in 1987 at the Silverdome)

TMB: After first competing there over 30 years ago and still having one of the top pieces of equipment in the industry today, you’ve got to be excited about the opportunity to race there once again in 2010. Talk about your chances to take a big win Saturday night and tell us how much a win at the Silverdome at this point in your career would mean to you?

DW: I’m really excited about running at the Silverdome again. Its a nice place, the crowds were always good, and there’s a lot of history there. The Silverdome was the first place I met Evel Knievel, that’s how long I’ve been going there!  But I think we should run strong on Saturday, I think we’ve got a 50/50 shot at being able to get a win – racing more so than freestyle, probably. I’ve never really been a turning course guy so that will be the biggest challenge, but we’ll just have to step up and get after it. Freestyle to me – its not really luck I guess, but to win its always seemed like, things have to happen which you may not really plan but end up working out in your favor. It’s pretty important for us to run hard at this show, I’m getting a little closer to retirement so there’s not going to be as many chances to run at major events like this so we need to step up and do really well.

TMB: Along those same lines, looking at the lineup of your competitors who would you say will be the drivers to beat in each competition?

DW: The Hall Brothers will be the ones to beat in racing, they always run every round like its the last round and they will be very tough. But really, everyone will be tough and anyone could end up taking the win, there’s no slackers in this lineup. I think this show will be as good as any Feld show.

TMB: Now over the last couple years of your career, you’ve mostly ran arena and fairgrounds style events. Your team has still performed at a high level, but how do you have to change your approach running a stadium course and when was the last time you had the chance to run one?

DW: The last time ran a big stadium was probably 3-4 years ago when we went up to Montreal for an event. With racing, its the turning course thing and with freestyle you just have to tighten those belts down a little tighter. If you’re going to build a World Finals style course where you pretty much have to trash your truck to win, that’s not really my style but if its the average stadium setup then we should do very well. That’s the thing about this lineup, no one is going to go out there to trash their truck like at some shows so there’s going to be a good competition for the win.

TMB: Diehl, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us about this weekend’s event, we’re really looking forward to talking to you on TMB TV and seeing the Virginia Giant running at the Silverdome. To wrap this up, tell us how you feel about the chance to run a show of this caliber to finish the season.

DW: I guess it just means we have plenty of time to fix the stuff back up!  We’ve already started getting ready for the new year, we blew a motor at an exhibition a while back so we’ve got a brand new motor in the truck and it’ll be good to get some time on that. The show will also tell us where we’re at with the truck and if everything goes well, we’ll just have a little bit more work to do to get ready for the winter season.

The Monster Truck Fall Shootout is this Saturday, November 13th – 11 of the nation’s top trucks compete in racing and freestyle at the historic Pontiac Silverdome!  Advance tickets are only $13, all fees included at – get yours now!

Monster Truck Fall Shootout at the Silverdome

(Pontiac, MI) Monster Trucks return to the Silverdome for an inaugural Monster Truck Fall Shootout!! This event will be a premiere motorsports show featuring monster trucks and quad racing and it’s going to be an annual event for the fans of high energy, high-impact motorsports entertainment. Discounted early bird tickets go on sale Wednesday October 14th. A $2 off discount per ticket will automatically be given for adult and kids tickets when purchased on line by November 12th.

The 1st Annual Fall Shootout is bringing monster trucks back to the Silverdome and includes a superstar lineup featuring Bounty Hunter, Raminator, Tail Gator, Virginia Giant, War Wagon, Big Dawg, Rammunition, Bar’s Leaks Eliminator, Airborne Ranger and Rislone Defender.

“We are very excited to start another motor sports tradition here at the Silverdome as we are filling dates at the dome with renewed life,” said Ryan Westlake, the event coordinator for the event. “In the Silverdome’s past life, monster truck events were second only to the Lions as far as annual attendance. We look forward to bringing things full circle with a fun and entertaining monster truck event that is easy to get to, easy to park at and affordable for the entire family.” Monster Trucks are the ultimate in automotive “Destruction.”

Extreme Air, Colossal Sky-Wheelies, Thundering Pogos and Devastating Crashes which are all part of the show as these 10,000 pound machines will fly through the air and around the stadium in true Silverdome style. The Monster Truck Fall Shootout will take place on November 13th, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale October 14th and will be available at the Silverdome box office, online at or by calling 248-338-2500. All tickets are general admission. Please call the box office for information regarding Family and Friends Suite Experience rental suites at (248) 338-2500.

All tickets purchased online in advance will include FREE entry into the Fan Appreciation Pit Party, where fans can walk the track, take photos, get autographs from the competitors and have an unforgettable experience before the event at the Pit Party. Fans holding a pit pass and an event ticket will be allowed onto the floor of the Silverdome from 4-6 pm before the event.

Free pit passes will be included with all tickets purchased online through November 12th. Day
of purchases and walk-up Pit Passes will be $5 at the door.

Profile: Virginia Giant

Truck Name:  Virginia Giant
Driver Name:  Diehl Wilson
Team Name:  Performance Motorsports
Hometown:  Winchester, Virginia
Team Website:

2009 TMB Results Tracker Statistics:
– Competed in only 3 shows earning 2 racing victories.

[Read more…]

TMB TV Episode 3.4 Featuring Monsters on the Beach

The second episode in our four straight weeks of TMB TV is now online as we present our first ever Monsters on the Beach coverage!! No doubt one of the most unique settings for monster truck racing in all the world, the action on beautiful Virginia Beach does not disappoint. Catch all the fun in the sand from 4 action-packed shows featuring big names like Stone Crusher, Gun Slinger, Crushstation and more battling it out in both side-by-side straight line drag racing and the fan favorite freestyle competition!

Monsters on the Beach was one easily one of the most fun shows TMB has ever been part of! A huge thanks goes out to George Carpenter, Mike West, Beach Street USA, and all the teams for making this such a one of a kind experience.

All the action is just a click away, we hope you enjoy and we’ll see you again next week for another all new episode of TMB TV.