Monster Photos: IMTM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion – Auburn, IN 2014

Event: 4th Annual International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion
Venue: International Monster Truck Museum @ The American Heritage Village
Location: Auburn, Indiana
Date: November 1st, 2014
Photographer: Danny Maass

Hall of Fame Class of 2014: Diehl Wilson (Virginia Giant), Jon Breen (Mad Dog II, Stomper Bully), Michael Vaters (Black Stallion), Andy Brass (BIGFOOT), Kirk Dabney (Blue Thunder, Giant) [Read more…]

The Allen Report: IMTM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion 2014

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we once again make our way to the Kruse Automotive and Carriage Museum in Auburn, Indiana, for the 4th Annual International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion. Hundreds of people came from places like New York, Texas, Arizona and many places in between to watch the following five monster truck legends have their careers come full circle by entering the Hall of Fame:

– Diehl Wilson – Owner and driver of the beautiful and competitive Virginia Giant monster trucks
– Jon Breen – Owner and driver of the unique and innovative Mad Dog monsters
– Michael Vaters – Owner and driver of the envelope pushing Black Stallion monsters
– Andy Brass – One of the most hard charging and fearless team Bigfoot drivers of all time
– Kirk Dabney – Owner and Driver of numerous monster trucks from the Blue Thunder monster car to the Monster Truck speed record setting Extreme Overkill

Along with the inductees, the following legendary monster trucks were on display for one and all to observe:

– Hall of Famer Jeff Dane’s King Kong I
– Hall of Famer Allen Pezo’s Predator I
– Alan Tura’s Goliath
– Andy Hoffman’s Nitecrawler tank, formerly Bear Foot Trax of previous HOF inductee Fred Shafer
– IMTM President Jeff Cook’s old school style Shotgun Harry
– John Nowacki’s old school style Mud Monster I
– Eric Howe’s old school style High Horse bronco

The day began on the north side of the museum, where the inductees held the annual Monster Truck History Discussion, answering questions and sharing stories about the good ol’ days. IMTM board member and first ever inductee Bob Chandler of Bigfoot started what could be a new tradition in this annual meeting by asking the inductees the first question. Inductees and attendees alike enjoyed hearing about the sport’s history so much that the discussion ran longer that scheduled.

As the sun set on the clear, chilly northeastern Indiana day, the hour was at hand. A delicious hearty meal was served as historic monster truck footage, most of which one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, was shown on projection screens.

The inductees were clearly humbled to receive this honor. This was especially the case with both Vaters and Dabney as they made plans to say thanks to the Hall of Fame by rebuilding their respective monster projects for display in the future. And as each inductee’s interview with’s Ross Bonar ended, the audience’s applause for the new Hall of Famers were long and loud.

Finally, for the third year in a row, an auction was held to benefit the International Monster Truck Museum to end the night. And in very single bidding case, the drama was intense. We strongly encourage anyone who loves monster trucks and the sport’s history to make next year’s event a can’t-miss.

While Jim and Christopher were enjoying the 4th Annual Monster Truck Hall of Fame, guest reporter Carol Allen attended the Arizona State Fair where ProForce Productions held their inaugural event. President Jamie McNutt brought the always popular Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter Yellow, Dawn Creten in Iron Outlaw and the “Flying Spaniard” himself, Tony Canedo driving Play N’ 4 Keeps. The popularity of the monster trucks was evident as the bleachers were packed to capacity for all six shows. The weekend culminated in a backflip by Jim Creten in Iron Outlaw. Announcer Lloyd Massey’s efforts to get the crowd involved was made easier by the enthusiastic support monster truck fans gave the drivers. Dawn Creten and Tony Canedo entertained the monster truck loving crowd with wheelies, some donuts and by jumping various obstacles.

Also, an act new to the Arizona State Fair, the Globe of Death appeared, with the daredevil motorcycle riders amazing the crowd with their gravity defying stunts followed by some very nervy tuff truck competitors. Carol would like to personally thank Loren Saubel, Jamie McNutt and Phil Vicinanza for their kindness and support.

That’s a wrap for us at “The Allen Report” for the year 2014 as we intend to enjoy the first quarter of 2015 simply as fans. But don’t worry monster truck nation, it won’t be long before you hear from us again. So, thank you for reading, a special thanks to the IMTM for hosting this great event once more, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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