Monster Photos: O’Reilly Outlaw Nationals – Springfield, MO 2021

Event Information

Event: O’Reilly Outlaw Nationals
Venue: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
Location: Springfield, Missouri
Date: June 11th-12th 2021
Photographer: Zane Bonar

Truck Lineup

Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Barbarian (Devin Jones), Jurassic Attack (David Olfert), Twisted Addiction (Tim Jones), Wild Side (Zack Garner), Wrecking Machine (Nate Kirchner) [Read more…]

Monster Photos: Monster Truck Throwdown – Paris, IL 2014

Event Information

Event: Monster Truck Throwdown
Venue: Edgar County Fairgrounds
Location: Paris, Illinois
Date: July 23rd, 2014
Photographer: Danny Maass

Truck Lineup

Barbarian (Devin Jones), Bounty Hunter (Trent Montgomery), Crushstation (Greg Winchenbach), Iron Outlaw (Nate Kirchner), Over Bored (Jamey Garner), Xtermigator (JR McNeal) [Read more…]

The Allen Report: Maverik Clash of the Titans – West Valley City, UT 2014

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we once again make our way to motorsports venue Rocky Mountain Raceways to watch eleven monster trucks do battle on the sport’s only figure-eight race track. Jimmy Creten, as always, was driving Bounty Hunter Yellow while his wife Dawn Creten was right behind in Scarlet Bandit. Trent Montgomery returned behind the wheel of Bounty Hunter Black and newcomer Nate Kirchner took the reigns of Iron Outlaw. Representing Team Bigfoot were Kevin Koszala in Odyssey Batteries #11, Darren Schnell in Vi-Cor #15 and Larry Swim in Lucas Oil #19. Doug Charles arrived piloting Wild Thang. Hometown driver Ron Duncombe returned at the helm of Maverik Monster Trakker. Darren Migues drove his newly bought Just Get ‘R Done and Kreg Christensen took time off from his brand new truck Wicked to take control of RoboMachine to wrap up the field.

On Saturday, Trent Montgomery showed how quickly he’s learning from the best as he took the number one qualifier spot. From there, he went all the way to the semi-finals before getting knocked out by Vi-Cor Bigfoot, who had advanced as fastest loser from the quarter-finals. To advance to the finals, the 2Xtreme Racing owner had to face every Bigfoot truck once, but won all three match-ups to make it to the two lap super final, where a rematch with Vi-Cor was there waiting. A mistake free run ensured that Jimmy Creten took the night one Racing win.

Closing Saturday night was a wheelie contest. Late in the truck lineup, Trent Montgomery continued to show he was for real with a 9.7 score. However, the big boss and new Racing champion continued his three year domination of wheelies, edging Trent by just five hundredths of a point at 9.75.

On to Sunday where they raced all over again and went for broke in freestyle. Again, Trent Montgomery in Bounty Hunter Black was fastest qualifier but, his Sunday night Racing ended a little sooner when he followed his teammate, Nate Kirchner and Iron Outlaw, across the finish line. Both semi-final heats were 2Xtreme vs. Bigfoot races. Vi-Cor “Bessie” Bigfoot won his race and Bounty Hunter Yellow did the same, setting up a rematch from the night before. The multi-year Bigfoot driver fought all the way to the end, but Jimmy Creten won racing for the second night in a row. Now, Jimmy set his sights on the clean sweep.

With two minutes to work with and the entire track fair game, the Maverik Clash of the Titans was sure to end with high competition in freestyle. Midway through the battle, the sophomore driver in Bounty Hunter Black put the crowd on its feet with an exciting, fast run where he hit everything. His efforts were rewarded with a score of 35.5 out of a possible 40.0. Maverik Monster Trakker, Iron Outlaw and the three Bigfoot trucks gave it their best shot. But dusty donuts, huge air and slap wheelies, all in a class of their own, ensured Bounty Hunter Yellow was unstoppable. With a score of 37.5, two whole points above his teammate, the 2005 World Freestyle Champion finally took the clean sweep at RMR that had eluded him for so many years, until now.

We at “The Allen Report” look forward to the annual event at RMR every year, and this weekend was a blast to watch. Thanks so much to Rocky Mountain Raceways for their hospitality, thank you for reading, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

Photo Gallery

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TMB TV: MT Unlimited 5.8 – Monster Truck Throwdown – Montgomery City, MO 2014


Episode Information

Event: Monster Truck Throwdown
Venue: Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Location: Montgomery City, MO
Date: July 17th, 2014
Videographer: Colby Marshall

Featured Monster Trucks

Barbarian – Devin Jones
Bounty Hunter – Trent Montgomery
Ice Cream Man – Jimmy Walker
Iron Outlaw – Nate Kirchner
Xtermigator – JR McNeal

Featured Links

[Read more…]

Monster Photos: Monster Truck Throwdown – Montgomery City, MO 2014

Event Information

Event: Monster Truck Throwdown
Venue: Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Location: Montgomery City, Missouri
Date: July 17th, 2014
Photographer: Danny Maass

Truck Lineup

Barbarian (Devin Jones), Bounty Hunter (Trent Montgomery), Ice Cream Man (Jimmy Walker), Iron Outlaw (Nate Kirchner), Xtermigator (JR McNeal) [Read more…]