BIGFOOT Speed Record Attempt – Norwalk, OH – 09/25/10

Event:  ADRL Ohio Drags
Venue:  Summit Motorsports Park
Location:  Norwalk, Ohio
Date:  September 25th, 2010
Photographer:  Paul M. Harry

Lineup:  Summit Bigfoot #10 (Rodney Tweedy), Summit Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte) [Read more…]

TMB TV: MT Unlimited Episode 1.3 – Double Feature

Event: Monster Truck Show
Venue:  Indiana State Fairgrounds / Summit Motorsports Park
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana / Norwalk, Ohio
Date: September 18th, 2010 / September 25th, 2010
Host: Colby Marshall
Videographer: Colby Marshall

Lineup:  High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin), Summit Bigfoot #10 (Rodney Tweedy), Summit Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte) [Read more…]

Dan Runte & BIGFOOT Reclaim Monster Truck World Speed Record

Monster truck legends Dan Runte and Team BIGFOOT have reclaimed the World Record for fastest speed by a monster truck this weekend at the ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags IV at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

This record has changed hands several times over the past couple years with Randy Moore and War Wizard first breaking Dan Runte & Team Bigfoot’s mark of 69.3 MPH by way of running a speed of 84.382 MPH in late 2005. Runte and Team Bigfoot reclaimed the record last year after running 84.49 MPH only to have Kirk Dabney and Extreme Overkill take it away only a month later with a speed of 84.92 MPH.

Team BIGFOOT traveled to Norwalk this weekend with the goal of retaking this record and would have two chances, one each night Friday and Saturday to make it happen. Runte charged down the track Friday night reaching a top speed of 86.06 MPH and retaking the crown! With still another opportunity to put the record further out of reach, the team improved upon the setup and Saturday night Runte and Bigfoot #16 ran an incredible 86.56 MPH to break the record once again!

TMB sends a big congratulations out to Dan Runte and Team Bigfoot on their great accomplishment this weekend in Norwalk. Our own Colby Marshall and Paul Harry were on hand for the event, so be watching for photo and video coverage coming soon. In the meantime, check out the video below courtesy of to see Saturday night’s record setting run.

Cornfield 500 Featuring Bad Habit World Record Attempt Photos

TMB would like to welcome a new contributor to our family, a great 25-year veteran motorsports photographer named Jeff Luckey out of New York. Jeff was on hand for the action of the Cornfield 500 event at the Blair Miller Farm in Columbus, Pennsylvania this past weekend and has been kind enough to send us over a great gallery of photos from the event. The event featured Aftershock, Krazy Train, Black Knight and Tow Mater in freestyle exhibition leading up to the big long jump world record attempt by Joe Sylvester in Bad Habit.

A big thanks to Jeff once again for the great photos and we look forward to seeing more of your incredible work here on TMB. Click the link below to see all the action from the 2010 Cornfield 500!!


Joe Sylvester & Bad Habit Break Long Jump World Record

(Bad Habit PR – By Joe Sylvester) This past Sunday’s accomplishment was a result of planning and preparations by myself, my crew, and my family over the past couple years. We made it happen despite many set backs and hurdles.

The trouble started 1 week before we began the testing for the jump. After hitting the very last jump of the last show I was doing before my world record testing, the Chevrolet engine in BAD HABIT let loose and completely blew up leaving me without a motor. Thanks to John Kyle and APD Racing Engines in Genoa, Oh, BAD HABIT was back up and running with a newer, stronger, better running motor than ever!

With the new motor in the truck, myself and my two crew members Kyle and Scott got on the road to Columbus, Pa. We arrived at the Miller Farm, site of the Cornfield 500, around 5pm Monday evening and while Kyle and Scott got the truck ready for Tuesday’s testing, Blair and I finished preparing the take off jump. Speed tests went well on Tuesday but the first jump test did not. With my new APD engine not even at full throttle, I hit the take off ramp and flew about 60 feet high in the air and landed straight down on the front of the truck at the 195 foot mark. The impact ripped the right front wheel off BAD HABIT sending it into 5 violent flips. After the truck came to rest around the 300 foot mark, the front axle housiong was bent, the body was completely destroyed, the wheely bar and sway bar bar assembly was completely ripped off the back of the chassis, a shock shaft was bent, a 4-link bar was bent, a tire was flat, the front tie rod was bent and ripped off, and a front steering ram was torn apart. Not to mention I had one heck of a headache.

Although most would have thrown in the towel after a crash like this, we put our heads down and got to work, 17 hrs a day until Sunday to be exact. Big thanks to Kyle, Scott, Mike, my family, and the Cornfield 500 staff for all lending a helping hand to getting BAD HABIT back together in time for the big jump on Sunday.

After heavy rains all day and night Saturday, it was looking doubtful that it was going to be dry enough for the jump Sunday. The sun came through and the winds picked up and the track dried out very well in time for the jump. After making a couple runs past the great crowd and a short speed pass down the runway, I took to the newly redesigned take off ramp without hesitation. I would also like to thank Gary Bauer for his help rebuilding my takeoff ramp so that we could avoid another disaster like Tuesday. Wound out to about 75 mph, BAD HABIT flew through the air perfectly and landed at 197 feet which would not be enough to beat the current record.

The truck was still in good shape and after letting it cool down a bit and changing the pitch of the takeoff just a little, I took to the ramp for a second try at the record. Hitting almost 79mph on this run, the truck once again flew through the air perfectly and this time landed at 208 feet! A New World Record! To see all the action including interviews, the big crash from Tuesday, and the record jump on Sunday, go to where you can purchase the 1-hr paper view special!

This has been a dream come true and I cant thank everyone enough who has helped and supported me through the entire process!!  Watch out for more on the edge stunts in the future as well as a full length DVD from Joe Sylvester Motorsports and the BAD HABIT Monster Truck, more information at!

The Cornfield 500 – Columbus, PA – 09/05/10

Event:  The Cornfield 500 Featuring Bad Habit Long Jump World Record Attempt
Venue:  Blair Miller Farm
Location:  Columbus, PA
Date:  September 5th, 2010
Photographer:  Jeff Luckey,

Lineup:  Aftershock (Bob Robbins), Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Black Knight (“Hillbilly”), Krazy Train (Mark Noto), Tow Mater (Jeff Bursey) [Read more…]

Wow Moments: Bad Habit Vaults Into The Record Books

Joe Sylvester launched his Bad Habit machine into the Guiness Book of World Records Sunday in front of fans and peers at the Cornfield 500. The buzz in the monster truck industry was huge in the days leading up to the jump  as anticipation grew.  The road to the 208 foot jump, however, was far from easy as numerous, long days of setup for the ramp-to-ramp jump and a vicious rollover on Wednesday’s practice jump prevented any “smooth sailing” from happening.

As shown in the video above, minor miscalculations can lead to an intense turn of events in a matter of seconds as Bad Habit cartwheeled down the landing ramp despite Joe’s best efforts. The frustration was evident, but Team Bad Habit’s perserverance earned the coveted title of the Long Jump King in all of monster trucks. The former record was held by the legendary Bigfoot Team who launched Bigfoot #14 at a distance of 202 feet in 1999. A big congratulations goes out to Joe Sylvester for the succesful jump and forever earning himself one of the biggest “wow moments” in monster truck history.

Practice Jump Feature of Media Day for Bad Habit World Record Monster Truck Jump

(Bad Habit PR – Weedsport, NY) Members of the media will get their first glimpse of Monster Truck Bad Habit, and driver Joey Sylvester on media day August 31st at the Miller Farm, home of the Cornfield 500, in Columbus, PA. The final tune-up before Sylvester tries to enter history books by breaking the world record Monster Truck Jump of 202 feet set by the legendary Bigfoot.

As part of the final tune up, Sylvester, who is still recovering from a back injury in a recent exhibition, will jump the two ton bad habit half the world record distance. “I’m still very sore from my accident last week, but I’ve put in countless hours to attempt this record and nothing is going to stop me,” Exclaimed Sylvester. “I’ve dreamed about putting my name in the record books, and a few bumps and bruises won’t stop it.”

Members of the media will also be able to speak with Joey Sylvester as he will answer questions during a press conference. Media day will begin at 2:00pm on Tuesday August 31st and is open to all members of the media.

The world Record Attempt will take place Labor Day weekend, Sunday September 5th at Baker Hill Farm in Columbus, P.A. The event will be broadcast across the globe on is the fastest growing motorsports video streaming website. To view the broadcast simply sign in and purchase the 12.99 Pay per view subscription. Coverage will begin at 8pm .

For more information on the Jump and Media day contact Sabrena Miller 814-566-7498, or by email at Directions and more info can be found at For more info visit, or