The Allen Report: WGAS Motorsports Monster Trucks – Watsonville, CA 2017

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we make a drive to the Santa Cruz County Fair in Watsonville, California, for the very first time to a show promoted by our friends at WGAS Motorsports. We have long known this place as the hometown of the father/daughter team of Kelvin Ramer driving his usual Time Flys and Rosalee Ramer piloting her traditional Wild Flower. This team is wrapping up a phenomenal season that saw Rosalee finish in the top 10 in the battle for the World Finals Freestyle Championship and Kelvin walk away with both the Save of the Year and Stadium Wheelie of the Year awards from the same event. These two came ready to put together the best show possible for their hometown fans at the Ocean Speedway, at the fairgrounds.

The competition was supplied by Tony “The Flying Spaniard” Canedo at the helm of the haunting red Play ‘n For Keeps machine and Jeff Souza at the wheel of his trusty Enforcer, the truck’s red and blue police car style flashing lights making it impossible to miss while on the arena floor.

The all freestyle track, built across the main straightaway of the dirt oval featured two sets of van stacks and a motor home to smash, plus a junk car used for wheelies as opposed to the typical construction barrier. When fans filled the grandstand to the rafters, all signs pointed to a fast paced, highly destructive freestyle battle.

Enforcer opened things up for the monsters by getting big air several times and pointing the truck’s nose towards the sky repeatedly to great positive response from the crowd. The good performance was acknowledged by the professional judges with a score of 65 out of a possible 100. Next, Tony Canedo performed even steeper vertical wheelies than his team truck and followed it up by hitting the wheelie junk car the opposite way. His efforts to upstage his teammate were successful as the judges gave him a score of 75. But the loudest cheers were reserved for the home team.

Kelvin set the pace for what was to come very soon with huge air, great attempts at his signature wheelstands and excellent donuts. The elder Ramer left very little room to top with a score of 95. But the 2016 Monster Jam Rookie of the Year was ready to attack the track. She did so with consistent big air and admirable slap wheelies of her own. Moments later, Time Flys returned to the floor alongside Wild Flower, commencing a side by side freestyle. While Wild Flower was content to jump over the motor home, Time Flys went right through it. For the grand finale, both drivers took a spot on the Speedway infield and began to turn side by side cyclones. Rosalee had her truck rotating at incredible speed, even bringing the inside tires off the ground and back down at least three times yet never rolling over. The fantastic finish garnered Wild Flower a perfect 100 score, handing her the freestyle championship for the night, much to the roaring audience’s approval.

Throughout the final show of the week the following night, all drivers upped their game to please the fans. Enforcer hit the wheelie car the wrong way, just as his teammate had done the night before, and jumped higher still, upping his score to 70. But Tony Canedo refused to back down, reaching for the stars and getting great air several times. And doing so convinced the judges to hand down a score of 85, leaving not much room at the top. But that little room was all Kelvin and Rosalee needed. The father and daughter duo each got huge air and duplicated their finale from the night before, only faster still. Many times it looked like Rosalee had finally pushed her truck over the edge only to bring the tires back down to the ground each time, repeating her perfect score and accomplishing the weekend sweep.

There was plenty of action besides the monsters at the Santa Cruz County Fair. The first night saw a round of quad war action between the good guys of Team Watsonville and the bad guys of Team Los Angeles. It appeared that the trophy would be taken home by the rival team, but race officials had caught a member of the visiting team cheating in an attempt to steal the win. A grudge match with the series on the line was agreed upon, and this time, there was no denying the good guys of Team Watsonville the overall win. The second and final night was highlighted by the daredevil airborne antics of freestyle motocross riders Jimmy Fitzpatrick, commander of the Fitz Army and former X Games Gold Medalist Destyn Cantrell. Their breathtaking feats, from Superman’s to heel clickers to the fan favorite backflips had the crowd gasping for more.

With those great shows now history, we at “The Allen Report” make a quick turnaround to the second and final show of the year at Tucson Speedway. With two participants making their first ever appearance at this venue and the reigning Tucson Speedway freestyle champion, Mark Schroeder’s Devastator, busy elsewhere, it’s almost impossible to predict who will walk away with the championship. With that behind us, thanks for reading, a gracious thank-you to Dave Track Guy and Tucson Speedway for having us, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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