TMB TV: MT Unlimited 5.4 – Monster X Tour – Montgomery, AL 2014


Episode Information

Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Garrett Coliseum
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Date: February 21st-22nd, 2014
\Videographer: Colby Marshall

Featured Monster Trucks

California Kid – Tehvyn Goodwin
Ironman – Brian Kenney
Mega Merc – Skylar King
Rock Star – Bill Payne
Son of Beast – Cody Holman

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  1. peter tuttle says

    another great episode. not the best track though, but the divers still burned it down. that’s one crazy opening Colby. I was just wondering what ever happened with the episode from Winnie, TX last year? it was in the 2013 highlight video. did something happen with that one that it couldn’t get uploaded?

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