Monster Photos: Monster X Tour – Gonzales, LA 2014

Event Information

Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Lamar Dixon Expo Center
Location: Gonzales, Louisiana
Date: January 25th, 2014
Photographer: Matthew Ison

Truck Lineup

Ballistic (Mac Plecker), Bigfoot Nation (Kevin Koszala), Project X (James Chandler), Sudden Impact (Roddy Fahnestock), Wicked Sickness (Mark Andrew)

Photo Gallery

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  1. I was at this show and, sorry, but it was not a good one. I like Monster X and have been to two of their shows this year so far. I know from Youtube videos, the Friday night show was poorly attended due to the sleet, road closures, etc. This show, Saturday, was packed like I have never seen Lamar-Dixon packed before. The better show was Friday night though from what I saw on those Youtube videos. For Saturday’s show, Ballistic broke during intros and never moved afterwards. Wicked Sickness broke something in the front end during racing and did not return. Bigfoot broke the rear axle early on and ran front-wheel drive only most of the show. Intermission was too long and the fans were freezing their butts off watching the ride truck run around the track. With only Project X, Sudden Impact, and a wounded Bigfoot, freestyle was lame and I wish I had left during intermission.

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