Monster Photos: Monster Truck Winter Nationals – Cincinnati, OH 2012

Event: Monster Truck Winter Nationals
Venue: Cincinnati Gardens
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: December 29th, 2012
Photographer: Paul M. Harry

Lineup: El Loco Hombre (Larry Quick), Ghost Ryder (Larry Quick), Heartbreaker (Paul Strong), Rislone Defender (Zach Adams), SPEED Energy Bigfoot #19 (Larry Swim)

All content copyright 2012.


  1. peter tuttle says

    quick wrecked 2 trucks in one night

  2. still waiting for Larry Swim to do a back flip in the BIGFOOT#19 since no BIGFOOT truck driver has. A MUST DO IF BIGFOOT’S GOING TO BE KING OF ALL MONSTER TRUCKS

  3. We had said something to Larry Swim about the backflip but wrecking a brand new BIGFOOT truck first thing looked to be enough for one weekend. The pictures are now the photo of the month on the BIGFOOT website.

    As for Quick, I had anticipated the backflip for at least two weeks before the show. Seeing the almost made me want to see his next attempt. He is still the #1 backflip monster truck as well as the first.

    Seeing the first two trucks in the first competition of the night wreck on their first hits had translated to a very slow start to a show.

    I wish Ed Beckley the best on the Snake Canyon jump whenever the date.

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