Monster Photos: Extreme Monster Truck Nationals – Denver, CO 2012

Event: Extreme Monster Truck Nationals
Venue: National Western Events Center
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date: November 9th-11th, 2012
Photographer: John Roberts

Lineup: Brute Force (Jerry Perry), Chiller (Jeremy Brady), Clydesdale (Bennett Clark), El Jalapeno (Jeremy Perry), Sudden Impact (Robert Parker)

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  1. Looks like Bennett still got Clydesdale looking and running great!

  2. i haven’t seen Clydesdale and Bennett Clark in over 20 years. The body is almost the same even the paint, it takes me back to the TNT days.

  3. bennetts truck is the same old truck its in good shape and for sale, the chiller truck is part of sudden impact racing is looking good i like the simple theme lean n mean,,,,jeremy also drives the new n improved a,soil shock therapy truck sydden impact is goging to be tough this year with its new team all 4 rucks have new drivers to the team hey all seem to be top runners cany wait to see more

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