Monster Truck Radio 05/29/12 – Scott Douglass

Monster Truck Radio With Host Ross Z. Bonar & Co-Host Chris Parrish
Date: Monday, May 29th, 2012
Guest #1: Scott Douglass, The Voice of Monster Jam on SPEED TV
Guest #2: N/A

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  1. By far, the greatest duo in monster trucks to ever call events…Army Armstrong and Scott Douglass. Two of my idols in sports broadcasting.

    I’m always jealous of both those guys because I do believe that anyone that covers this sport has the greatest job on the planet. What a moment…happy birthday Scott, even if it is a few days early.

  2. Michael Williams says

    By far the best announcer ever for Monster Trucks Army Armstrong, the question that I have is, will we ever see Army side by side with the other voice of Monster Trucks Scott Douglass on Monster Jam? I mean the both of them in the TNT days were awesome, I mean I would turn the tv on at 7 pm on Saturdays to watch Tuff Trax because they were that good. I still have 90% of the 1989 and 1990 Tuff Trax series and I’ve even got my family into it, but not to be long winded, Me and the rest of the monster truck fans would love to see Army and Scott back together one more time. Lastly monster truck radio keep up the great and exciting work you are doing!

  3. Anonymous says

    As far as expanding, what if the young guns winner could earn their spot into the real World Finals Competition. Just an idea…

  4. Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be anonymous, that was me. I seriously think that would add a bit of drama and excitement to the Young Guns competition! Winner Earns a World Finals Spot!

  5. Haha! Thanks “Rob” for letting Army on! You guys must be really close!

  6. The funny thing about that actually is that I bet you guys are friends for real, but ol’ Army has always been a bit senile. As monster truck fans we all love him but he’s always been a bit slow. But that’s just one of his enduring qualities. His nonsensical, out of date (even in the early nineties) references are what made him so unique and funny; kind of like you would love a retarded three legged dog. So, great interview “Rob” as always! Can’t stress enough how much better this has been since you took over for Roller. Please stay the host! You are the man “Rob!”

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