Monster Truck Radio 05/21/12 – Army Armstrong

Monster Truck Radio With Host Ross Z. Bonar & Co-Host Chris Parrish
Date: Monday, May 21st, 2012
Guest #1: Army Armstrong, legendary monster truck announcer & TV personality
Guest #2: N/A

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  1. Back Channel Studios says

    Diehl Wilson gave me my first shot in 1997… Will never forget it

  2. This is a great interview, i’ve always wanted to meet Army

  3. Only way to sum up Army…the voice of monster trucks. One of my idols in broadcasting.

  4. Great interview “Ron!” Good to see Army on top of his game as usual. The one thing he had to say about the legend Andy Brass was that he had a high voice… I mean seriously, how does a ridiculous joke of an individual like him have such a great reputation? Obviously he was a part of so much but really? Anyone even halfway competent would have done such a better job over the years. He may be “the voice” due to so much repetition, but a ten year old would have more relevant comments. Sad that he represents so much of the history of monster trucks. No wonder so many outsiders look at us fans of the sport as a joke.

  5. I Hope You Will Be Commentating With Scott Douglas & Ken Stout In Monster Jam One Day.

  6. Also With Ross Z . Bonar With TMB TV As Well.

  7. Lois Pitchfork says

    My name is Lois Armstrong. My dad was Richard Armstrong, who was a brother, to Army’s Dad Orville.I would enjoy a brief word from Army, if possible.
    My email is
    I live in Glenwood, Iowa

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