TMB TV: MT Unlimited 3.7 – Monster Nationals – Hoffman Estates, IL

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Episode Information

Episode: MT Unlimited 3.7
Event: Monster Nationals
Venue: Sears Centre Arena
Location: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Date: March 9th-10th, 2012
Videographer: Colby Marshall
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Featured Monster Trucks

Michelle Simpson in Chalkboard Chuck
Rick Long in E3 Spark Plugs Bigfoot #15
Joe Nichter in Ironman
Bobby Holman in Lucas Oil Stabilizer
Dave Radzierez in Star Marshal
Darron Schnell in Vi-Cor Bigfoot #11
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  1. will the monster blog be covering the thunder slam in binghamton new york if not what is the closest show near syracuse

  2. peter tuttle says

    monster jam goe to the carrier dome in syracuse in march now and the fair grounds in the summer

  3. peter tuttle says

    bobby hollman owns lucas oil stabilizer, iron man, star marshal, and chalk board chuck

  4. i go to the monster jams in syracuse do you live in CNY

  5. peter tuttle says

    i live outside of philadelphia. i go to the the linc every june went to the spectrum from 04 to 09. went to the premiere at m and t bank stadium in baltimore, went to hagerstown and go to the 1st mariner arena in balitimore in febuary for my arena show.

  6. Each show brings 4 trucks, possibly 6. Team Kid KJ provides the same yet., little to no coverage. Fairness is jounalism. The story may not be as good on one vs. the other, but its reporting the news. The failure to report is no responsible journalism. As such, we ask for responsible journalism. Thats all. Nothing more. Pro Mini Monster Trucks are news. No response needed, just fair coverage.

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