TMB TV: Original Series 5.2 – Toughest Monster Truck Tour – Southaven, MS 2012

TMB TV's Original Series Presented By E3 Spark Plugs
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Episode Information

Episode: Original Series 5.2
Event: Toughest Monster Truck Tour
Venue: Landers Center
Location: Southaven, Mississippi
Date: January 13th-14th, 2011
Host: Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers: Ross Z. Bonar, Shane Skinner
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Featured Monster Trucks

Big Dawg – Dale Gerding
Shell Camino – Shelley Kujat
Stinger – Zane Rettew
Summit Bigfoot #18 – Dan Runte
Tail Gator – Doug Noelke
Toxic – Travis Petri
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  1. do u guys take request

  2. great vid by the way

  3. WOW! Really awesome episode guys. I know it had to be a absolute BLAST being there for this show. What a lineup and the performances were nothing short of breathtaking. I’ve been a diehard monster truck fan since I was 3 years old and there’s nothing cooler than sitting here watching TMB with my 3 year old son, who is a diehard fan like his daddy! That for me is a dream come true. This made my night. Thanks guys and keep on rocking in 2012. Looking forward to the next episode.

  4. peter tuttle says

    rettew destroyed that truck. the front drive shat came out

  5. peter tutle says

    how did petri not go over backwards. it was almost on the top of the tailgate. just one of those lucky things

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