TMB TV: Highlights – 1st Annual IMTM Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion

Event: International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion
Venue: International Monster Truck Museum & Hall of Fame @ American Heritage Village
Location: Auburn, Indiana
Date: November 18th-19th, 2011
Videographer: Colby Marshall, Chris Parrish, Kaedon Berry

1st Hall of Fame Class: Bob Chandler (BIGFOOT), Jeff Dane (KING KONG), Dan Degrasso (BEAST), Everett Jasmer (USA-1), Fred Shafer (BEARFOOT), Jack Willman (TAURUS)

TMB TV: Highlights

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  1. Splendid work guys! Truly appreciated from a guy who couldn’t make it!

  2. Fil Tristan says

    What can I say you guys are Awesome Beautiful Job you did at the 1st Annual IMTM Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reunion Banquet. And Im glad I got to meet you guys from Thanks Again For Your Awesome Job You Did.

  3. Kyrie' Elaine Furbee says

    I happy someone was there to record the mot coolest thing ever to happen. My daddy was there hes the guy who makes fun of the the other guy in the meet and greet hes laugh is dumb. I love you dad. Oh uncle mike I’m happy one of your parts got in it so to all of the monster truck family keep on trucking XD

  4. Great coverage as always. Glad to be able to see what we missed!! Thanks again and hope to see this event get bigger and better each year!!

  5. Talk about going back in time! This was truly the one event of 2011 that I wanted to make it to and I didn’t have my chance to be there personally, but you guys in a way gave me the opportunity. I do monster truck coverage myself and it’s something I always wanted to do since I was a kid. When I first found themonsterblog, I was blown away by wat you guys were doing. It made me push myself to make my dream a reality and I have done that. You guys were an inspiration for me as these 5 legends were for me when I was growing up. The past, present, and future of this industry was in attendance that night amongst the inductees, the audience, and themonsterblog and I thank you guys for doing what you have done with this. Hands down, my this is my favorite piece I have ever seen on TMB. Keep up the great work and I hope to see you guys sometime in 2012. Thanks TMB

  6. Complete and utter disgust by the fact the the ORIGINAL and rightful trademark holder of the real Black Knight was disregarded and replaced by an imposter.

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