Monster Photos: BIGFOOT #18 Testing Session – St. Charles, MO 2011

Event: Summit Bigfoot #18 Testing Session
Venue: Midwest Recycling
Location: Saint Charles, Missouri
Date: December 17th, 2011
Photographer: Danny Maass

Lineup: Summit Bigfoot #18 (Dan Runte)

All content copyright 2011.


  1. Seeing a monster truck show up in a junk yard filled with dilapidated cars, just revives my imagination. if i had a couple hours, that truck and a barrel of fuel, there would be one car intact once i was done.

    18 looks interesting. I still prefer the traditional truck body. I mean, ok, we all know they aren’t street trucks. But i still prefer truck bodies.

  2. It’s just sad to see the best looking truck in monster trucks,go to a clown body like most of monster jams trucks.It works for monster jam because the are on t.v. all the time and there geared to little kids,but when a old school fan take his kids to a show and see’s this Bigfoot he’s going to wonder wheres the ford superstar that’s been loved all these years.

  3. I will clarify the comments on the body of this truck for everyone that is putting it down. The body is a desert-race style body, like you would find racing in the Baja 1000. The basis on the body is a 2011 Ford Raptor, and we all know how capable those trucks are. I’ve heard a lot of people give the team flack for the look, but the majority of the fans love this look, including me.

    Can’t wait to officially see this machine launch off the starting line.

  4. peter tuttle says

    this is the only truck of its kind today.

  5. Those are some freakin awesome pics!!!
    Thanks Danny…

  6. Look I have been a fan since 1984, Bigfoot is my favorite truck and always will be. besides it’s good to see a change up, the new body is fantastic. Anyway Ford was the one that left Bigfoot to go to Blue Thunder, Bigfoot didn’t leave Ford. So Bob Candler can make is truck anyway he wants. I thought the Chevy baseball truck was awesome to. You go Bigfoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  7. Great looking truck. My only issue is a minor one, and that is the fact the front end sticks out farther than the tires do, just looks weird lol

  8. Jason Hancock says

    It’s not all about what the body looks like or the year of the truck. It’s BigFoot and that’s what a king should always look like. You just don’t get 29 world champions over night. It just doesn’t happen that way!

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