Obsession Racing 2012 Press Release #8

(Menifee, California – Obession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – The Obsession Racing team had two events in August. The first event was at the Salinas, California Rodeo Grounds. Our displays to promote this show started on the 7th and continued through the 10th. On Saturday the 11th we had an open pit party. This pit party consisted of all the monster trucks and drivers along with the freestyle motocross riders signing autographs. There was a live band and BBQ for all of the fans & families to enjoy before starting off the event. What makes this pit party so large is that it is held on the front grounds of the complex open to everyone.

Rick Swanson airs out Wrongway Rick in Salinas!

This show had a very unique track. It had both left and right turns in the course. Both of the trucks did very well in racing. In freestyle Eric caught the largest amount of air of the show! We have been attending the Salinas show for many years. It is always good to see long term fans and it a pleasure always to make new ones.

Eric Swanson with a big wheelie in Salinas!

Our next show we headed to Grants Pass, Oregon for California Trucks & Stuff. Eric wasn’t able to attend this show due to school starting. We had Jimmy Lehnertz drive Eric’s truck in his place and Rick drove his new truck Wrong Way Rick. This was a two night show with freestyle only. Jimmy and Rick were added attractions for the Grants Pass Fair Tough Truck competition. This show attracts fifty plus tough trucks per night. After they are through with racing the crew from California Trucks & Stuff set up car stacks for the Monster Trucks to freestyle. Everything went smoothly and the crowd was very pleased with their performances!

We would like to thank Jimmy Lehnertz and his Father Tom for helping out Obsession Racing and doing a phenomenal job once again! Also a big thanks to Randy & Sherry Smallwood for all of their hard work and hospitality for making this show a huge success.

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Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #9

(Menifee, CA – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – Last weekend, the Obession Racing team was in Sublimity, Oregon for the Harvest Festival. This show is a non-profit event to raise money for children in need from the area. This is not just your average show. It is a complete community outreach. The trucks are sponsored by local businesses to come and perform. The trade-out is all show sponsors that participate get a private BBQ and a pre-show on Thursday night. The gates are open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

With team member Jeff Jones’ high position at AmeriGas and high volume of work, he has not been able to drive at some of our shows this year. On the norm, Jimmy Lehnertz has stepped in for Jeff and driven for the team. But we had a special surprise in Sublimity, having Aaron Basl, Monster Jam driver of the Turtle truck, fill in for us. We thought it would be nice for him to be able to compete with his twin brother Daron in their hometown. They have a lot of family that comes to this show and their father currently lives there. We also feel as though they are family to us. We have had both Aaron and Daron stay at our home and they are such a pleasure to have around! Aaron did an excellent job piloting both trucks! He even did an awesome save in Obsession on Saturday night! All the shows were freestyle only and Rick and Aaron did the town proud. We had some good times over at Gary Basl’s house (Aaron & Daron’s Dad) after the shows and enjoyed really good food and company!

Aaron Basl stands Obsession straight up and down as he takes on the bus stack at the Sublimity Harvest Festival.

On September 30th and October 1st-2nd, we were in Red Bluff, California. We had Jimmy Lehnertz back in the seat of Obsession. This show is for the West Coast Monster Truck Fall Nationals. There were three shows with both racing and freestyle. Both of the trucks did very well in racing. I was very proud to see Rick take a round win against Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction. This is a huge honor as Tom is one of the best racers that you could compete against and very rarely looses. They were also on their game for freestyle hitting all of the big obstacles and pleasing the crowd with the show they put on.

Rick Swanson catches some big air in Obsessed at the West Coast Monster Truck Nationals.

We want to make sure we thank Aaron and the Basl family for all that they have done and do for us in making feel welcome and like family. Also we are so fortunate to have Jimmy Lehnertz drive for us and his wonderful wife and son to help us with what whatever we need! Our next event will be in Turlock, California where Eric will be back driving the Obsessed truck.

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Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #4

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR) – The month of March was a busy one for Obsession Racing. It was consumed by maintaining the monster trucks and preparing them to look showroom quality for our Las Vegas display and other upcoming events. Both trucks had body work done and were re-wrapped to make them look brand new again. The hard work and maintenance paid off as they put us on display right at the entrance to the World Finals Pit Party, for all eyes to see. Eric had a big turn out of people interested in seeing the World’s Youngest Monster Truck Driver and they were excited to get his autograph. It was amazing that such a vast majority of people had already heard and seen Eric through, internet, YouTube, etc. We were very proud of the group of fans that he has already acquired!  As always, it was great to see our fans, friends and family. It was also nice to be able to spend a little more time with them during the full day of the autograph session.

"World's Youngest Monster Truck Driver" Eric Swanson signing autographs at the Monster Jam World Finals.

Our next event after Vegas was held in Irwindale, California on April 2nd. Eric was excited and honored that he would be able to drive in this event. This was Eric’s first event of this year. He did an awesome job as he was put up against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter in his first round of racing. Rick didn’t get a chance to be up against his son, but he did do a good job in racing also. Since they didn’t get a chance to race each other, the competition was in freestyle. Eric managed to bump out Dad by a couple points. Eric had a good time in freestyle. He didn’t want to quit! He did some great donuts and caught some huge air! It was a good night for all! We also want to give a special thanks to Michael Gritzkie, Tom Read, and Jeff Jones for helping crew for Obsession Racing. David Smith and Daron Basl from Flame Motorsports were also a big help and they towed our trailer to and from the show for us. Daron Basl stayed with us in between shows and as a big help to us and was always willing to lend a hand when we needed it!

Obsession and Obsessed race at Monster Jam in Fresno.

After Irwindale, we headed to Fresno for Monster Jam April 15th-17th. Due to prior commitments, Jeff Jones was unable to drive Obsession so Rick had Jimmy Lehnertz to drive Obsession in his place for the weekend. Jimmy said he would drive and was looking forward to getting behind the wheel again in a monster truck. This was a very busy weekend, having three shows overall. Jimmy looked great driving Obsession! I guess it’s just like riding a bike. He looked and said he felt very comfortable behind the wheel and it showed! He even managed to take out Rick in racing. Unfortunately we had some rear steering issues with Obsession, but Jimmy was still able to put on an awesome show for the crowd. In Obsessed we had to change a transmission on Friday night but that didn’t stop Rick from putting on a strong show for the rest of the weekend. We would like to thank Jimmy and his father Tom for all of their hard work and also Mike and Rob for crewing and helping out the Obsession Racing Team.

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