The Allen Report: Monster Truck Show – Del Mar, CA 2015

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we travel back to the San Diego County Fair, a place that, for one hundred years, has delivered on fun rides, great food and exciting entertainment. And on the first, second and third of July, the entertainment was in the Del Mar Arena, where seven ground pounding monster trucks arrived to do battle in wheelie contest the first day, freestyle the second and, on the third day, qualifying in the afternoon and racing in the evening. The husband and wife team of Jim and Dawn Creten came to town, Jim in his sleek new black and yellow Bounty Hunter and Dawn in her traditional Scarlet Bandit. The “Flying Spaniard” Tony Canedo drove his newly purchased Survivor and Roger Stidell, as usual, piloted the trophy truck bodied Destroyer. The father-daughter team of Kelvin and Rosalee Ramer were in the house to defend their southern California home turf, Kelvin in his 1934 Ford Coupe Time Flys and Rosalee in her usual Wild Flower. Finally, Rick Swanson and his crowd-amazing Wrongway Rick arrived.

On the first day, the wheelie competition was heated. Rosalee Ramer showed how far she has come in only three years of competition with almost perfect verticality and great distance. Not to be outdone, her father Kelvin managed to get his monster on its back tires incredibly well, going vertical more than once. But Jim Creten had his wheelies down pat, often coasting mid-wheelie and not wasting any time. A perfect score of thirty saw Jim Creten take the afternoon show win. Only a few hours later, the crowd was back in the arena and so were the monsters. The Wild Flower driver gave admirable efforts, successfully going vertical on a couple occasions. But Jim Creten was unstoppable, shoving his wheelie bar deep into the dirt, not letting off the gas and delivering fantastic distance to get the double victory.

The second day saw high flying freestyle. Rick Swanson proved the namesake of his truck by getting good air, established great flow from one jump to the next, and, as always, finished off his run with some great donuts. Or reverse donuts, depending on which way he was going. Tony Canedo gave honorable attempts in Survivor’s freestyle run, but numerous teething problems hindered the trucks performance, and it showed on the judges’ scorecards. But Jim and Bounty Hunter are former World Champions, and they threw down. Cyclones, big air, great wheelies, you name it, Jim Creten did it. Even though his streak of perfect scores came to an end, it was still high enough to get the double victory.

During first show qualifying on the third and final day, Rosalee Ramer had officials looking at their stopwatches in amazement as she clocked in an incredible 13.40 seconds on the roundy-round course. Even Jim Creten and Bounty Hunter couldn’t overtake the multitalented eighteen year old, just more than one tenth of a second off the fastest time. With an odd numbered field, it was decided that Bounty Hunter would get a bye into the final round where the winner of a standard four truck bracket would face him. With the chance to face the winner from the past two straight days on the line, Rosalee Ramer and Dawn Creten faced off in an all female semi-final. In the first turn, Rosalee rolled hard into the freestyle ramp. Only the truck was damaged in the rollover and Rosalee was A-OK. Spectacular as it was, Dawn Creten won by default and with it the right to face her husband for the championship. The black and yellow Bounty Hunter crossed the finish line first, but WGAS officials concluded that Jim hit the second ramp with only one tire, costing him the race and the clean sweep. The overall Racing victory went to Dawn Creten, in only her third set of shows since April of this year, proving that the unbelievable horsepower extends to all members of Team 2Xtreme.

The crowd was also treated to Mini Dwarf car and Junior Outlaw Sprint car racing preceding each set of monster chaos. Numerous attempts to overtake and several close finishes had the crowd on edge from flag to flag more than once. The lack of repeat winners in either class showcased how competitive motor racing is, no matter the size of car.

And that’s a wrap from us here in Del Mar, as we next head north of Los Angeles to Pomona, where Fourth of July fireworks, backflipping freestyle motocross, even more monster action and a brand new stunt await us. That said, thank you for reading, a sincere thanks to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for having us, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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The Allen Report: Monster Truck Show – Del Mar, CA 2013

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we make our annual trek to the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California for a series of showdowns between a national name and a home state hero. For the past several years, Kelvin Ramer and his Time Flys machine have made several attempts to replace Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter as King of the Del Mar monster trucks. And he was going to try again this year. However, this was no two truck show. Right behind Jimmy was Trent Montgomery in Iron Outlaw. But Kelvin had backup of his own. That was his own daughter, young Rosalee Ramer, driving Detour. Rick Swanson returned with Wrongway Rick to the place where it debuted one year ago. Son Eric Swanson drove his trophy truck bodied-monster wearing the normal Obsessed logo to round out the field.

Day one of three at Del Mar was the unique High Jump competition under NCAA rules. Bringing the bar down three times meant elimination. Clearing the bar meant raising it. The last truck that could still clear the bar was the winner. In the afternoon show, Bounty Hunter not only won but kept all four tires still on with a height of 8 feet, 2 inches. The evening show started the showdown. First, the 1934 Ford Coupe with Kelvin at the wheel threw down the gauntlet of 9 feet, 3 inches. Jimmy had the officials raise the bar even higher and still cleared it. Not to be outdone, Iron Outlaw and Detour jumped in to help their teammates. But when those two left the building, the game of “Top this!” truly began. It went on and on until the bar couldn’t go any higher. At a venue record 10 feet, 9 inches, Jimmy and Kelvin would tie for the win. But things were just getting started.

Day two was a wheelie competition. Longer distance plus higher vertical equaled more points. Trent Montgomery had come a long way in one day from smashing the High Jump bar the day before with an honorable run in the evening that held the lead until the last two and finished the day in third place. The elder Ramer showed he meant business, getting the loudest applause of the show up to that point in Time Flys. But Jimmy Creten won the Wheelie Competition at Del Mar last year and started the repeat with the crowd roaring for him. In the evening show, Time Flys gave it one last shot with power, slap and sky wheelies all in the same run. But Bounty Hunter rarely shares the trophy a second time. Double wheelies, tons of momentum and excellent pre-wheelie air gave the Tonganoxie, KS native the Wheelie contest win for the second year in a row by better than 10 points over second place. With only a day of all or nothing freestyle to go at Del Mar, Kelvin had only one more try to prevent Bounty Hunter from cleaning house.

Day three was all out freestyle. Bounty Hunter only pulled further into the lead in his first run with a very high score. But the win did not come without a price. Moments before his time expired, Jimmy blew a rod in his engine. Despite the crew’s best efforts, Bounty was out for the day, ending his chances of a clean sweep. With that, all signs appeared to point to Kelvin Ramer sharing the crown with the Bounty Hunter driver. But Time Flys would also find engine trouble. Eric Swanson and Obsessed had finished third place every competition they entered. This was the third day of at least one competition for Eric. By getting scores on the board and finishing his run, third time was the charm for Eric to take the day win. With three different winners in three days, the competition in the Del Mar arena remains tighter than ever.

Along with the monsters, trophy karts started the show on days one and two, while scaled down versions of mid-twentieth century dirt racing jalopies called mini dwarf cars did on day three. Next on the calendar for us is just a few hours up the road at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA, for the annual KaBoom with freestyle motocross, monster trucks and fireworks extravaganza. Well then, thank you for reading, a warm thank you to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for their hospitality, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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The Allen Report: Speedworld Off Road Park Exhibition – Surprise, AZ 2012

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

We at The Allen Report were fortunate enough to have two monster trucks perform practically in “our backyard” at racing facility Speedworld Off Road Park in West Phoenix for the very first time. Eric Swanson, as usual, piloted Obsessed while his father Rick was at the helm of the new WrongWay Rick.

Much to the delight of the crowd, both monsters gave special pair freestyles especially for the short course off-road racing fans in attendance. Both Rick and Eric put on a great show, which was a great addition to coverage schedule as the year winds down.

Thank you for reading, a special thanks to Speedworld for their hospitality, enjoy the photos, and cheer on!

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Obsession Racing 2012 Press Release #9

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – September was the month for Eric to shine! We started off September 1st in Tijuana, Mexico for nVivo Live Events. This was Eric’s first show in Mexico and the first time for Mexico to see Wrongway Rick. The two were a big success! The show was a sold out stadium show featuring racing and freestyle competitions.

In racing Eric took his truck Obsessed to the finals against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter. Everyone was impressed with his racing skills and it made us proud! In freestyle the fans really enjoyed the concept of the Wrongway Rick truck. Rick put on a fantastic show that put him in the upper half of the freestyle competition. Then Eric went out to prove that racing was not his only talent. He caught big air on everything that he hit and did some extremely fast donuts and kept up a great momentum. Unfortunately on his last big jump he blew a rear steering line when he landed that caused the truck to roll. The fans were happy to see Eric out of the truck and on his feet! After thorough inspection on his truck there was no structural damage just some fiberglass work and the culprit steering line!

Eric Swanson goes for a wild ride in Tijuana as Obsessed ends up on its lid.

We had an event immediately following our Mexico show for WGAS Motorsports in Pomona, California on Thursday night. This event was scheduled for us to run only one truck. Since Eric’s truck Obsessed had some work to be done to it and wouldn’t look presentable, we decided to use Wrongway Rick. Eric was scheduled to run the event so we decided to have him drive Rick’s Wrongway Rick truck for the show. He did a great job in it! He pulled off a lot of wheelies and caught major air off of the double jump! We were all very impressed how he handled the truck because it is so very different than an ordinary monster truck.

Eric Swanson pilots Wrongway Rick for the first time in Pomona.

Our last show in September was for Arizona Short Course Racing. We had both trucks for this event. Eric and Rick did a couple of rounds of exhibition freestyle. This was the first time that they had monster trucks at their events. They felt that with having the monster trucks it would draw more of a crowd and widen their fan base. Having the trucks there was very successful for the Arizona Short Course Racing folks. Rick and Eric put on a great show for them. The crowd really liked it when Eric did a wheelie that ended up on one tire and we were grateful that he was able to keep it in control and save it! They are already looking into having us next year.

We want to thank all of the promoters for putting on the events and a special thanks to our friend Frankie and his family for all of their hard work and support! Our next event for October will be in Red Bluff California for the West Coast Nationals.

For more information on Obsession Racing and the Wrongway Rick, Obsessed and Obsession monster trucks, visit us online at

Obsession Racing 2012 Press Release #8

(Menifee, California – Obession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – The Obsession Racing team had two events in August. The first event was at the Salinas, California Rodeo Grounds. Our displays to promote this show started on the 7th and continued through the 10th. On Saturday the 11th we had an open pit party. This pit party consisted of all the monster trucks and drivers along with the freestyle motocross riders signing autographs. There was a live band and BBQ for all of the fans & families to enjoy before starting off the event. What makes this pit party so large is that it is held on the front grounds of the complex open to everyone.

Rick Swanson airs out Wrongway Rick in Salinas!

This show had a very unique track. It had both left and right turns in the course. Both of the trucks did very well in racing. In freestyle Eric caught the largest amount of air of the show! We have been attending the Salinas show for many years. It is always good to see long term fans and it a pleasure always to make new ones.

Eric Swanson with a big wheelie in Salinas!

Our next show we headed to Grants Pass, Oregon for California Trucks & Stuff. Eric wasn’t able to attend this show due to school starting. We had Jimmy Lehnertz drive Eric’s truck in his place and Rick drove his new truck Wrong Way Rick. This was a two night show with freestyle only. Jimmy and Rick were added attractions for the Grants Pass Fair Tough Truck competition. This show attracts fifty plus tough trucks per night. After they are through with racing the crew from California Trucks & Stuff set up car stacks for the Monster Trucks to freestyle. Everything went smoothly and the crowd was very pleased with their performances!

We would like to thank Jimmy Lehnertz and his Father Tom for helping out Obsession Racing and doing a phenomenal job once again! Also a big thanks to Randy & Sherry Smallwood for all of their hard work and hospitality for making this show a huge success.

Keep up with all of our latest news and updates at!

The Allen Report: Monster Truck Show – Del Mar, CA 2012

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This edition of “The Allen Report” comes to you from Del Mar, California where Jimmy Creten in the Bounty Hunter is thinking San Diego County Fair Championship three-peat. Rick Swanson has introduced a new body design called WrongWay Rick. The other participants were Kelvin Ramer and Time Flys, the Youngest Female Professional Monster Truck Driver in the World, Rosalee Ramer in Detour, Eric Swanson the Youngest Professional Male driver in the World in Obsessed and Russell Steeley in Iron Outlaw.

The monsters would be competing at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar in two shows a day for four days with a different contest each day. The combined scores from both shows in the same day would determine the day’s winner. Day 1 consisted of a high jump contest. Detour jumped 9 feet 2 inches in the first afternoon show and a roof-raising 12 feet 8 inches for a day total of 21 feet, 10 in to take the first win.

Day 2 was a wheelie contest day. This saw Eric Swanson nail a well executed wheelie in Obsessed, but broke a ring and pinion a monster at the same time. However, Jimmy Creten had his game together, never once getting a wheelie that was less than vertical and the length of the floor to take the win.

Day 3 featured a long jump contest with football field style measurements. Fan favorite Time Flys jumped a respectable 64 feet but that was only good enough for 4th place in the early afternoon show. But then came the late afternoon show and the 1934 Ford flew a neck wrenching 71 feet. These two distances made him the 3rd different winner in 3 days of competition.

The 4th and final day was a full blown freestyle. The trophy cart races were fast and furious, but the crowd was anxious to get down to the meat and potatoes. Bounty Hunter did not disappoint. His perfect 40 in both shows of the day made Jimmy Creten a 3 time San Diego County Fair Undisputed Champion.

Next up for us at “The Allen Report” will be the 4th of July celebration called simply KaBoom! at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. Many thanks for reading, a special thanks to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for their hospitality and access to the pits and drivers, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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Obsession Racing Debuts “WrongWay Rick”

(Article By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen) – Monster trucks have been a staple at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar for years. But in 2012, fairgoers got more than they bargained for when they saw what Rick Swanson of nearby Menifee, California, was driving in this year’s arena shows. After running their traditional Obsession and Obsessed trucks for the past few years the Swanson family decided to surprise the Del Mar fans with something…that’s going completely the wrong way.

Rick Swanson debuted “Wrongway Rick” at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California.

The new body, which was called WrongWay Rick, has been turned around 180 degrees to make the impression that the truck is always going where the name says – The WrongWay. Rick wanted to debut it earlier in the month, but instead saved the debut for the fans at the San Diego County Fair. The body has a yellow paint job with black trim. Rick runs Ford F-150 extended cab bodies on all his trucks, and on the extension part of the cab is a green head with wild hair and a purple tongue with lots of drool. The head somewhat resembles a wild-eyed Frankenstein monster.

Wrongway Rick clears the bar during the monster truck high jump contest.

Needless to say, both kids and adults pointed fingers and took notice right away when the truck came out for introductions. Questions were asked by young and old alike as to why that truck was “Going the Wrong Way”!! By the end of the first day of monster truck competitions, the first of the four days at the Del Mar fair this year, fans were already asking Rick about novelties for him to sign.

Fans love the new Wrongway Rick truck, watch for it at a show near you!

The first performance of a new identity for a monster truck is very rarely also the last performance. We at “The Allen Report” are confident that “WrongWay Rick” is no exception. This reporter looked around at the crowd at each introduction of the world’s only wrong way monster truck. Every time, there were children pointing and adults staring. A monster truck body with that kind of recognition and reaction from the crowd doesn’t just fade away into obscurity.

To find out where WrongWay Rick or any member of Obsession Racing is going to be performing, check out Who knows? You just might see Wrongway Rick yourself.