Video of the Week – 02/16/13

Week Ending: February 16th, 2013
Truck(s) Featured: Brute Force (Jerry Perry)
Video Type: Fan Video

Description: Three wheeled donuts from Jerry Perry in Brute Force in Odessa, Texas!

Monster Photos: Monstergeddon – Odessa, MO 2008

Event Information

Event: Monstergeddon
Venue: I-70 Speedway
Location: Odessa, Missouri
Date: August 23rd, 2008
Photographer: Ross Z. Bonar

Truck Lineup

Barbarian (Devin Jones), Big Dawg (Dale Gerding), Brute Force (John White), Monster Patrol (DJ Hickman), Ozz Monster (David Brown), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke) [Read more…]