TMB TV: Monster Sights & Sounds 2.2 – Monster X Tour – Jonesboro, AR 2015


Episode Information

Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: ASU Convocation Center
Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas
Date: March 14th, 2015
Videographer: Ross Z. Bonar

Featured Monster Trucks

American Muscle (Pierce Knight)
Ballistic (Mac Plecker)
California Kid (Tehvyn Goodwin)
Firestone Bigfoot #19 (Darron Schnell)
Rock Star (Bill Payne)

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  1. Oliver Golding says

    I’ve never heard of pierce knight before. Seems like a good driver.

  2. When Can Y’all Bring Back The Monster Trucks To The Hirsch Coliseum Here In Shreveport.

  3. You Know Ross.

  4. I Think Monster Nation Will Go To The Hirsch Coliseum & Monster Jam @ Independence Stadium & Also For The First Time In 20 Years Monster Jam Returns To Aloha Stadium In Honolulu Hawaii.

  5. & Also For The First Time In 18 Years Monster Jam Returns To Seattle Washington Live From CenturyLink Field If It Ever Happens.

  6. Sometime In The Near Future I’m Thinking About Bring Some Of The Old Names In Monster Trucks Back But One Is Gonna Be Debut In The Near Future It Will Be Called Destruction Digger.

  7. But There’e Other Trucks That I Would Like To Get Behind The Wheel Of.

  8. 1. Snake Bite 2. Monster Patrol 3. Blue Thunder 4. Grave Digger 5. Bulldozer 6. NWO 7. Sting 8. Bigfoot 9. Bob & Tom 10. High Roller 11. Power Forward 12. Superman 13. Mr. Destruction 14. Grave Digger The Legend # 2 15. Bear Foot 16. Destruction Digger 17. Hot Wheels.

  9. 18. Black Smith

  10. 19. Bone Shaker.

  11. Now If I Drive Bear Foot & Monster Patrol I Would For Them Both Be Ford’s

  12. I’m Talking About The Monster Patrol Ford Body With The Flames & Checkers Design From The State Of Florida.

  13. With The Wing .

  14. That’s Usually Owned By Kirk Dabney.

  15. I Have Almost Every Small Arena Big Stadium Domed Stadium Fairgrounds Picnic Ground Campground Raceway Speedway Beach Small Town Or Big City From Around The World That You Can Think Of When It Comes To Monster Trucks Listed Down.

  16. Monster Truck Fans Are You Ready.

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