2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals Young Guns Shootout Lineup Announced

(Aurora, Illinois – Feld Motor Sports PR) – Feld Motor Sports® announced today the line-up and the return of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World FinalsSM Young Guns ShootoutSM on Friday, March 22, which is exclusively part of the Friday night Monster Jam World Finals Double Down package. The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals XIV, presented by NGK Spark Plugs, takes place March 22-23 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.

Making its debut in 2012, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals Young Guns Shootout was created to put some of the best Monster Jam® drivers, who have little or no Monster Jam World Finals experience, in a racing format to determine the Young Guns Shootout champion on the toughest Monster Jam track on the planet. The Young Guns Shootout will take place in conjunction with the Friday Double Down, in which fans can upgrade their 2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals experience with access to Friday’s activities including a private Pit Party, BBQ, Qualifying Races, and merchandise by “doubling down”. Double Down packages can be purchased at http://www.unlvtickets.com/eventInfo/spe/309/monster-jam-world-finals/.

Devin Jones and Barbarian will make their first appearance in Las Vegas.

Devin Jones and Barbarian will make their first appearance in Las Vegas.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback and input from the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam fans, the 2013 field has been expanded to 12 Monster Jam trucks and drivers. The Young Guns Shootout winner will be automatically placed into the prestigious field of 28 Monster Jam trucks that will compete for the Racing and Freestyle Championship the following night (Saturday, March 23). Below is the list of the 2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals Young Guns Shootout drivers and Monster Jam trucks (line-up subject to change):

1. Monster Mutt® Dalmatian – Taryn Laskey
2. Iron Man – Morgan Kane
3. Barbarian – Devin Jones
4. Titan – Donald Epidendio
5. Bad Habit – Joe Sylvester
6. Hooked – Steven Sims
7. El Diablo – JP Ruggiero
8. Nitro Hornet – Darron Basl
9. El Toro Loco® – Becky McDonough
10. Wolverine – Dustin Brown
11. Crushstation – Greg Winchenbach
12. Razin Kane – JR McNeal

The inaugural Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals Young Guns Shootout featured an eight-truck field of the top young drivers, and culminated with Spider-Man driver Bari Musawwir edging out Nicole Johnson and Advance Auto Parts Grinder®.

“Being the inaugural Young Guns Shootout Champion the night of the 2012 Double Down absolutely elevated my Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam career,” said Bari Musawwir, driver of Spider-Man. “Winning the Young Guns Shootout helped put me on the map and afforded me other Monster Jam opportunities like performing at the Monster Jam Path of Destruction tour and also in Europe.”

JR McNeal and Razin Kane will make their second appearance in the Young Guns Shootout.

JR McNeal and Razin Kane will make their second appearance in the Young Guns Shootout.

For more information on the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals℠ presented by NGK Spark Plugs, log onto www.MonsterJam.com. Updates will be posted all weekend long on Facebook.com/MJOnline and Twitter.com/MonsterJam.

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Feld Motor Sports, Inc. is the world leader in specialized arena and stadium-based motor sports entertainment. Feld Motor Sports productions include Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®, Monster Energy Supercross, AMSOIL Arenacross and Nuclear Cowboyz®. Feld Motor Sports is a division of Feld Entertainment, the world’s largest producer of live family entertainment. For more information on Feld Entertainment, visit www.feldentertainment.com.


  1. In a way I kinda don’t like how some of the performers from last year get another shot, BUT at the same time this creates some really interesting scenarios. If Taryn wins, we’ll have two Dalmatians in the field. If Becky wins, two different colored El Toro’s will compete. Then if Steven Sims makes it, there’s a chance then the second father-son duo could be in the field.

    Like how it’s a 12-truck field, and the winner gets a crack at the big show.

  2. Donald Epidendio and Titan should be in the main show NOT in Young Guns. The guy already has two big stadium racing wins against the biggest names in MJ. If that doesn’t qualify a driver, what does?!?!

  3. I hate to say this but I believe that Clear Channel has ruined monster trucks. It isn’t like it used to be. Everywhere I go it is Grave Digger this and that. What many people forget is that Bigfoot started it all not Grave Digger what about Bearfoot number 2 in line. I am beginning to hate Monster Jam. It is all a popularity contest now not about the trucks that should really be there. I am tired of Grave Digger and Max D. I remember the Camel Mud and Monster Series the Penda Points Series. These were real competitions for points standings, Now you have judges who know nothing. Call me old school but it is not like it used to be. Bigfoot and Raminator keep tearing it up in the Monster Nationals. All of you lesser known trucks don’t sell out to Clear Channel like Gravedigger and Max D did. Be like Bigfoot and keep it real afterall Bigfoot is the one that started it all.

  4. Lol Nicholas. Who are you to call them sellouts? Nice Chevy Bigfoot has eh? If Bigfoot is so grand then why do we never see anything of it? Is it poor marketing skills or does it just suck? I’ll be sure to let you know how sick I got of Anderson and Meents after we go to Syracuse, Las Vegas and Lebanon Valley this year. :D

  5. First off I do follow Bigfoot at the Monster Nationals Series. I asked them and Bob Chandler in Indianapolis owner of Bigfoot who started it all once again. I asked why are you guys not in Monster Jam. Very simple answer you have to sell a majority percentage of ownership of your company to Clear Channel Motorsports. PS No one cares where you go. You must have not been watching the monster trucks very long to know that majority of the time when Bigfoot and Grave Digger do match up Bigfoot wins most of the time. Who do you think invented the head and neck system all drivers must wear it was Bob Chandler.

  6. Glad to see the bigger field this year! All these independent trucks competing even on the Friday evening stage is going to be great.

  7. And he is right, Team Bigfoot stopped running with Monster Jam in late 1998 mostly by their own hand, and not because of a lack of popularity or because they cannot keep up. Every once in a while Digger and Bigfoot do battle on the local level and the teams get along fine. Also be sure not to forget that Team Bigfoot houses the Feld trucks sometimes during the Saint Louis show. Good natured group at Midwest 4 wheel drive if you ask me. No more fighting please…

  8. Whatever nich. They don’t mind selling to CHEVY now do they? Sellout? I have been watching monster trucks for quite some time and I couldn’t care less who wins. It’s entertaining and I have gone to see Big Foot at Lebanon Valley and it was a fairly good show. However, they didn’t want to hurt the truck and took it easy. What can I say man? If they don’t wanna spend they aint gonna make $$$ I also could care less about his neck brace. WGAF? Alexander Grahm Bell invented the telephone but I don’t get pissed evertime I pick up the phone and don’t hear credits run. Pfffftttttttt

  9. cool.

  10. Really hope Crushstation – Greg Winchenbach wins the YGSO. Would love to see the “Monsta Lobstah” in the World Finals.

  11. IMHO I think there should be 30 trucks in main show beforehand and then have two added qualifying spots one via the YGSO and one via a ‘Winston Open’ (aka nascar all star last chance race) stock car type format (and make it open to all trucks).

    Thurs making it a 32 truck field and you can have a straight knock-out racing comp and no fastest losers.

  12. Hmm, took sum pics from Syracuse and would share em with Monster Blog if only they replied to emails. :(
    Are any of the pics user submitted? I’m going to Vegas for the world finals in a couple of days and plan on taking a bunch of pics. I wouldn’t have a problem sharing those either…..

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