Video of the Week – 09/29/12

Week Ending: September 29th, 2012
Truck(s) Featured: Equalizer (Mike Hawkins)
Video Type: Fan Video

Description: Incredible backflip attempt by Mike Hawkins in Equalizer – he doesn’t quite make it, but it sure was spectacular!


  1. peter tuttle says

    the hill wasnt even

  2. wow what a ride, back flip corkscrew. give me a truck and ill giver all day, i might throw up at first though lol

  3. wow is right and yea i bet i’d hurl also. better than tom mennts in max gay. even if he didn’t land it

  4. Truck Gorilla says

    that was cool wish i saw that live. max gay lol that made my day. at least josh is honest tom is abusive on equipment and doesn’t pay for anny parts out of his own pocket feld takes care of it . i have 100% more respect for independents than the monster jam douche bags

  5. what’s funny is you guys dogging on Tom Meents, He had the same style even when he paid for all his own parts and was an independent himself, Tom has never cared about parts just pleasing the fans. kudos to Mike Hawkins for an awesome attempt, and for you fellas running your mouth you don’t go to Monster Jam Shows?? I bet you do so remember what your momma taught you, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all.

  6. Jean Tallon says

    tout les mec dans monster jam sont des tapet qui mangeons la marde et aimez sues des boules

  7. well i can see both side of this argument. monster jam is owned by a big corperation (Feld Entertaniment) and none of the divers and crew don’t pay for anny parts. but you can’t say they don’t give the fans thier moneys worth and most divers and crew were independents before being bought out. now for the other side. there are other monster trucks and pormoters out there who don’t have much or anny corperate backing but still can put on a kick ass show. i might get some crap for this but, i wen to a monster jam show it was ok but i still prefer to go see independent shows and give them my money because they run on thier fans and themselves to keep themselves going.

  8. peter tuttle says

    i enjoy seeing monster jam in philadelphia and baltimore and some other places, but i still like to see my independant show in quarryville pennsylvania there might only be 4 trucks but its still fun

  9. peter i agree, there both fun

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