TMB TV: ActionTracks Episode 2.10 – Huntsville, AL 2011

Event: Old Skool Motorsports Monster Truck Extravaganza
Venue: Huntsville Speedway
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
Date: August 20th, 2011
Videographer: Chris Parrish

Lineup: Bar’s Leaks Eliminator (Greg Adams), Lone Eagle (Robert Parker), Outlaw Clydesdale (Bennett Clark), Predator (Allen Pezo), Rislone Defender (Zach Adams)

TMB TV: ActionTracks Episode 2.10

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  1. Where in the world was USA-1? An Old Skool motorsports show without the star? That’s like a Monster Jam without Grave Digger! Why was USA-1 not there?!

  2. I really like
    many thanks

  3. peter tuttle says

    this isnt and old skool monster truck show. the only old skool trucks are clydesdale and predator.

  4. peter tuttle says

    when the race was over i could hear how lone eagle sounded. the only other times ive heard trucks sound like that were dennis with digger in vegas evan though i wasnt there and john with grinder in arlington on speed.

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