Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #3

(Menifee, California) The last three weekends Obsession Racing attended three events for Monster Jam, two in California and one in Oregon. The first weekend was held in Portland, Oregon on February 12th-13th at the Rose Garden Arena which featured three events in two days. Both afternoon shows on Saturday and Sunday had huge pit parties. The Saturday afternoon and Saturday night show Jeff Jones took Obsession all the way to the semi finals. Where Jeff shined in racing, Rick’s limelight was in freestyle. They put on a great show for the Obsession Racing team! On Sunday afternoon Jeff’s shock broke on Obsession during his first round of racing, which put him out for the rest of the afternoon. Rick in Obsessed did an awesome job of racing but unfortunately the call was made to a company truck. Rick put another great show on for Obsession Racing by hitting the big jump first of his peers and blistered some radical donut too! We would like to give a special thanks to Justin and Tom for keeping Obsession racing on their game!

Our next event was held at the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium for the first time in history. This was an event of a lifetime and the fans proved it! The weather wasn’t on our side for this weekend, but that didn’t stop, fans, family and friends! It was continual rain Friday and Saturday. The track was a major mud pit, but the show must go on! This was the worst muddy experience we have ever dealt with! The trucks did their best under the conditions though. Racing was cut short for both trucks and freestyle was interesting and took everything the drivers could do, just to get over the jumps and to see out of their windshield! (Monster trucks don’t come with windshield wipers!) We want to thank Eric and Jim for dealing with muddy trucks and helping out! Next year when the weather holds out, Dodgers Stadium will be a premiere location.

Rick Swanson freestyles in the mud in Los Angeles.

Our latest event was held in Oakland California for yet another Monster Jam show. The forecast for this show was snow. Fortunely Mother Nature was on our side this time. After 10 hours (at least) of cleaning the mud off of the tires, truck and throughout the trailer we didn’t want to see another drop anything!! The show was a one day event with another large pit party to start with and an evening show to follow. Saturday night in racing Jeff in Obsession fell a victim to Adam Anderson in the Grave Digger Ledgend. Obsessed blew an input shaft off of the starting line. Rick, Tom and Steven worked frantically to get the transmission changed in time for his freestyle. They were able to finish the job just in time to watch Jeff in Obsession go out for his freestyle show. Jeff was fearless in knowing that he now had hardened spindles and decided to see how high he could fly over the large bus stack. This was the biggest air that Jeff has experienced! He didn’t get enough out of his system the first jump so he did it again, and the picture will speak for itself! Rick in Obsessed was forth out and held the hot seat for two trucks following and gave the crowd a show they will remember!

HUGE air for Jeff Jones in Obsession in Oakland!

We hope to see all of our fans at our next display in Vegas for Monster Jam! Come by and meet Eric and get an autograph of the Worlds Youngest Professional Monster Truck Driver!  For more information on the Obsession Racing team and Obsessed and Obsession monster trucks, visit us online at www.ObsessionRacing.com.

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