TMB TV: Original Series Episode 4.1 – Bossier City, LA 2011

Event: Monster Nation
Venue: CenturyTel Center
Location: Bossier City, Louisiana
Date: January 14th-15th, 2010
Host: Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers: Kaedon Berry

Lineup: Barbarian (Devin Jones), Big Dawg (Dale Gerding), Equalizer (Mike Hawkins), Hot Tamale (Isaiah Morales), Razin Kane (JR McNeal), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke)

TMB TV Episode 4.1

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  1. Josh Stewart says

    Tailgator should have been DQ in Round 1. against Hot Tamale. Noelke ran the red light. How did no one call him on that?

  2. Josh Stewart says

    Night two . . . watching how improved JR Mcneal was from night one was incredible. Impressive for just getting behind the wheel this year. Nice wheelies, great racing win, and AWESOME FREESTYLE!!!

  3. I think they DQ’d Hot Tamale for not hitting the ramp squarely. If both trucks DQ, the rules commonly state that whoever gets to the finish line first wins.

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