Welcome to the ALL NEW TheMonsterBlog.com

Happy early Thanksgiving and welcome fans to the ALL NEW TheMonsterBlog.com!  We here at TMB are so excited to unveil the new website today after months and months of hard work. When we started the site back in 2005, we were not at all prepared for what our little venture would one day become – the premiere source for monster truck news, information and coverage. With the all new website, we now feel that we have a showcase for our work worthy of that title.

The new site has everything you loved about the old site and so much more – let’s run through a few of the new features:

  • Featured News – In addition to all the latest updates which are located in their usual spot on the main page, the first thing you’ll see when the new site loads up is the featured news graphic that keeps our top 5 content items right up front and rotates through them.
  • Improved Photo Gallery Navigation – With the old site, navigating through photo galleries could be a bit tedious as the old HTML photo gallery system required you to go back and forth. Not anymore – click on a photo and keep on clicking that next button and it will take you through an entire page of photos in a great looking slideshow.
  • Improved Event Schedule – The TMB Event Schedule has always been the place to find information on events going on all over the country, well now each month of the schedule is sortable and searchable!
  • Search Feature – In something that people have been asking for for years, TMB is now searchable!  Everything on the new site can be found using the search box at the top right corner of the main page.
  • Tags – You’ll now notice at the bottom of every bit of content on the new website TAGS that describe what is featured in that content. Want to try something cool?  Click on a tag like “Predator” and you will be shown every piece of content that Predator appears in on the new website!
  • Monster Directory – Something we’ve always wanted to do is have a section on the website where we can post a photo of every truck we’ve seen over the years – the Monster Directory. Each truck will have its own page featuring info on the truck and driver and photos of current and past paint schemes. This is still a work in progress as we have so MANY more to add!
  • Monster Truck Radio – Ever since Monster Truck Radio returned, TMB has partnered with host Jeff Richards to help promote the show. Well now, every Tuesday we will post the previous night’s show for you to watch in case you couldn’t catch it live Monday night. This will lead to more exposure for our friends at MTR and we are happy to help – don’t forget to check them out at www.MonsterTruckRadio.com!
  • Monster-Merch.com – We are very excited about this new feature on the site, a new online store that will feature merchandise from some of the top independent teams in monster trucks. Right now Crushstation and yes, TMB merchandise is available – check it out and help support your favorite independent monster truck teams and organizations!
  • Speak Your Mind – Now on select news items and content, you will have the ability to leave comments and let us and the monster truck world know what you think!  This feature is a bit of a test for us as it will only work if everyone remains respectful and good natured. If it starts to get nasty, one click of the button and this feature will be disabled. We’ll see how it goes!
  • Improved Sponsor Exposure – TMB has some of the best sponsors you could possibly hope to have and the new site features MUCH improved exposure for them with many new ad positions. TMB relies on the support of our friends in the industry to continue growing and we can’t thank all of our sponsors enough for their help!
  • News Archive – Under the Latest News heading at the top of the site, you’ll find the News Archive. Here you will find links to all of the content since TMB was started back in August 2005. As of now, content from June 2010 going forward has been loaded into the new site. Links prior to June 2010 will take you back to previous versions of the old site to find that content.

Well fans, that’s just a taste of the many new features on the ALL NEW TheMonsterBlog.com!  As always, we thank you all for your continued support as we could not continue growing the premiere source for  monster truck news, information and coverage without you!  Now take a look around and start enjoying all the new features!