Wow Moments: R.O.R. – Monster Trucks’ Most Realistic Game is Free?

The world of monster truck gaming has evolved once again with the fruition of Rigs of Rods. For those not familiar with monster truck’s newest and most realistic game, Rigs of Rods, or R.O.R., is an open source vehicle simulator based on soft-body physics. In layman’s terms, Rigs of Rods consists of realistic trucks and tracks with physics that are unmatched in previous monster truck games, including those in the Monster Jam series and Monster Truck Madness 2.

Rigs Of Rods: Monster Truck Gaming Taken To A Whole New Level!

With a reasonable gaming computer and a little patience for downloading, the realm of Rigs of Rods will have you riding slap wheelies, landing monster sky wheelies, and spinning cyclone donuts in no time! R.O.R. features replica tracks including the Indianapolis 4 Wheel Jamboree, Orlando’s Citrus Bowl, and even a rendition of the World Finals held at Sam Boyd Stadium. In addition, Rigs of Rods allows its users to pilot over 80 of the top monster trucks in the world today. The count of new trucks grows consistently as the masterminds behind the success of Monster Truck Madness 2 have taken on the task of creating new and improved trucks to be used in game play.

Did I mention it was free? Rigs of Rods can be downloaded at The site offers newcomers a “Beginner’s Guide” that contains tips, tricks, and troubleshooting that is invaluable to setting up and playing the game. When the game is installed and you’re ready to download various truck and track packs, visit and their download sections. There you will find the trucks and tracks mentioned above as well as leagues to allow you the opportunity to strut your stuff against other R.O.R. enthusiasts. Remember, when saving new trucks and tracks, make sure you enter the streams folder within the Rigs of Rods main folder first, then the “final” folder, and finally, place them in either the terrains or vehicles folder. Last but not least, on the Rigs of Rods configurator, remember to “clear cache” and “regen cache”, which are both located under the “Advanced” tab, to ensure your new trucks and tracks will be installed for gameplay.

The monster truck gaming world has been revolutionized by Rigs of Rods. I encourage you to install the game and play it. We here at TMB love to dabble in R.O.R. when time permits and want to hear what you think about the game. What could be done differently to better the game? What do you like the least? Most? Speak your mind…

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