Obsession Racing Press Release 11

(Menifee, CA) In the last four weeks Obsession Racing has done four events in three weekends. It started out on Rick’s Fathers Birthday which was Sunday, July 18th. The event was held at the Turlock fair for John Shipman Motorsports. This was a freestyle show that consisted of three rounds. The first round was donut display. The second round was sky wheelie exhibition and the third and final round was a one minute freestyle exhibition. Jeff drove the Obsession Monster Truck and Rick was in Eric’s Obsessed truck. What we thought would be a laid back fair exhibition turned out to be more strenuous than expected. During our brunch we received a phone call telling us we needed to show up at the track because Obsession’s tire was leaking air and needed to be attended to before the show. We got to the track and worked in 105 degree (humid) weather and patched the tire 3 times and after the third try we didn’t have enough time to let the patch dry before the show. We were fortunate that Living the Dream Racing let us borrow a tire for the show! Everyone put on an awesome show! We were so grateful to hit the hotel showers when the event was over!!

From Turlock we headed to Salinas California for another John Shipmen’s Motorsports event. The event was held on August 1st and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! The weekend started out on Friday and Saturday displaying the trucks to promote Sunday’s event. Once again it was Jeff and Rick piloting the trucks. This was a standard show format with racing and freestyle. Rick started the show with the fastest qualifying time. Jeff was put up against Bigfoot on the first round of racing. This was a very tough course consisting of a double Chicago style with both left and right turns. Rick in Obsessed and Bigfoot were in the finals. Rick took the victory so he could uphold Eric image! Freestyle was awesome Jeff and Rick both made the local newspapers. I think this was the some of most air that Obsessed has ever flown! It was a fun show and meaningful as the proceeds went to the local Children’s hospital.

This past weekend Rick and Eric went over to Victoria Canada to do an event for Big Toyz Racing for Western Speedway. This was a two day show and exhibition only. This was Eric’s first trip out of the United States. The Canadian were excited to see a 14 year old piloting a Monster truck. He was the talk of the show! Friday night Eric was a natural behind the wheel going over jumps and doing some wicked donuts on the asphalt! When Rick was in his third round he was doubling up a jump and on the second hit he broke the right rear spindle in half. Rick was driving Obsession, so of course he had to blame Jeff for the damage” Obsession must have got weak from the event in Salinas when Jeff drove”. Rick never seems to break the truck on his own!

Rick and Eric got the truck back in running order on Saturday, but due to rain the show was postponed until Sunday afternoon. Sunday Rick and Eric put on another great show and the local papers proved it as they did a special article on Eric. They had a great time but they are very pleased to be back in the good old US of A! We would like to thank Brad Campbell for helping Obsession Racing and transporting our trucks for us. This weekend Jeff and Rick will be in Salt Lake City Utah for Rocky Mountain Raceway’s event on Saturday and Sunday August 13th and 14th.

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Video of the Week – 08/07/10

Week Ending:  August 7th, 2010
Truck(s) Featured:  Time Flys (Kelvin Ramer)
Video Type:  Fan Event Video
Courtesy:  www.YouTube.com

Description:  Kelvin Ramer lays down an incredible freestyle run in Time Flys at the Salinas, California John Shipman Motorsports event.