Obsession Racing Press Release 13

September ended with another display for AmeriGas at their Santa Maria Office. This office is located on a main boulevard in Santa Maria. Even having only the Obsessed Monster Truck on display it drew a great crowd of people throughout the entire day. We enjoy doing displays for AmeriGas and we are looking forward to more displays in the future, as we know and have seen that it is a big benefit to the company.

The first weekend of October Rick and Jeff did an event in Red Bluff California for West Coast Monster Truck Nationals. This show was a three day event. The weekend started Wednesday with both trucks on display for the M & M Café. On Thursday both trucks were in a parade that went down Main Street for a kick off party and autograph signing. Friday night was the first event that had a strong field of competitors. The truck line up was Obsession, Obsessed, Max D, El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, TMT, King Krunch and El Matador. Rick was determined to have one of the fastest times. After he watched the first few trucks he thought there would be a good chance that he would have one of the top times. Unfortunately the speed wasn’t the problem, the corner was! He rolled Eric’s truck to its lid. This had Rick (and Jeff when he could) in the pits working franticly to have the truck ready so that it could have a safety inspection and return to the field for freestyle. Jeff in Obsession had Max D first round. It was an extremely close race and the call was made to Max D. The Obsession Team got the Obsessed truck cleared for safety and returned for freestyle. Both trucks did an awesome performance in freestyle and stayed with their tires toward the ground for the night.

Saturday night Rick in Obsessed made it to the semi finals in racing. For freestyle Jeff was the first truck out in Obsession and really got the crowd going. A few trucks later Rick came out in full force in Obsessed (Eric’s truck), did a couple of jumps and then flipped it once again!! (Here goes another safety inspection!) Two times in one weekend! Rick made the call to Eric and gave him the news. Eric’s biggest disappointment was that HE wanted to be the first one to roll his truck!! Sunday afternoon came, and we are proud to say that Rick or Jeff didn’t roll the truck! Rick ended up taking the win against Max D in the finals. This made up a little bit for the roll over’s! Jeff went out in freestyle and caught some huge air in Obsession and cut some awesome donuts! I’m sure thankful he managed to keep the truck from rolling! (But there were some close calls) Rick also did a cool and graceful freestyle with what was left on the body of Obsessed! We would like to thank Ron Fischer and Steve Cain for all of their hard work and help all weekend long! Let’s hope we don’t repeat this weekend for a long time.

For more information on the Obsession Racing team, don’t forget to stop by their website at www.ObsessionRacing.com.