TMB TV: ActionTracks 3.3 – Monster X Tour – Pikeville, KY 2012

TMB TV's Original Series Presented By E3 Spark Plugs
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Episode Information

Episode: ActionTracks 3.3
Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Eastern Kentucky Expo Center
Location: Pikeville, Kentucky
Date: February 17th-18th, 2011
Host: Chris Parrish
Videographer: Chris Parrish
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Featured Monster Trucks

Big Dawg – Dale Gerding
Odyssey Batteries Bigfoot #14 – Eric Tack
Stinger – Zane Rettew
Tail Gator – Doug Noelke
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Monster Truck Radio 02/13/12 – Bari Musawwir & Scott Hartsock

Monster Truck Radio With Host Ross Z. Bonar & Co-Host Chris Parrish
Date: Monday, February 13th, 2011
Guest #1: Bari Musawwir, driver of Spiderman
Guest #2: Scott Hartsock, driver of Gun Slinger
Roller’s Report Guest: Eric Tack, driver of Odyssey Batteries Bigfoot #14 [Read more…]

Video of the Week – 02/04/12

Week Ending: February 4th, 2012
Truck(s) Featured: Odyssey Batteries Bigfoot #14 (Eric Tack)
Video Type: Fan Video

Description: Eric Tack freestyles the Odyssey Batteries Bigfoot #14 at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma – WOW.

Former Champ Eric Tack Returns as Hired Gun For BIGFOOT In 2012

(Hazelwood, MO – BIGFOOT PR) – When the signal goes out for a veteran wheelman on short notice, Eric Tack seems to be the BIGFOOT® team’s veritable monster truck “batman.” In 2010, he returned from his seven-year absence to retake the wheel of BIGFOOT #11 for the team’s triumphant return to the Pontiac Silverdome. In 2011, he pinch-hit in January and February in BIGFOOT #14 for the injured Larry Swim, and proceeded to carve a mile-wide path through the competition. And now, in 2012, Tack is set to retake the reigns of a BIGFOOT truck, not just as a driver, but as a tutor of sorts.

With the BIGFOOT team’s roster looking more like a musical chairs demonstration heading into the December off-season, the decision was made to bring the veteran Tack in to fill a dual-role purpose: win races and train on-deck driver JR Adams in the process.

The new Odyssey Batteries BIGFOOT body debuted at the SEMA show.

“Heading into the first quarter of 2012, we’ve got a driver heading into his sophomore season of racing [Darron Schnell] and a driver heading into his rookie season of racing [Kyle Doyle], and we want to make sure those guys get the attention and help they need to become the top-shelf racers we expect them to be,” explained BIGFOOT VP of Research, Technology, & Driver Development Jim Kramer. “We like to have a veteran guy help our newer guys out whenever we can, and with Rick Long and myself working with Darron and Kyle, the next logical move was to bring Eric in to help introduce JR into our racing program.”

Eric Tack has been driving (off and on) for Team BIGFOOT since the mid 90’s!

“JR has done a fantastic job for us running the Firestone BIGFOOT #8 display truck in 2011, so the next move up for him is going to be a race truck. But with him not having much time at all in our race trucks, and us needing an experienced driver on the roster for the first part of 2012, it just made sense to bring Eric in,” said BIGFOOT VP of Sponsorships and Business Development Bob Trent. He added that “Eric is extremely popular with fans, competitors, and promoters alike. Not to mention the fact that he brings an enormous wealth of experience to the table, and his ability to share that with newer drivers in our team is a huge plus!”

Legendary BIGFOOT driver Eric Tack is returning to the seat once again in 2012.

From a driving standpoint, Tack’s record behind the wheel of Team BIGFOOT’s trucks is excellent. Tack began his full-on racing career in the mid-1990’s behind the wheel of trucks like BIGFOOT #11, eventually graduating to BIGFOOT #15 by the end of the decade. In 2000, Tack captured his first championship, the inaugural ProMT title, and in 2002 and 2003 Tack would capture the Monster Nationals championships, in addition to helping the team as a whole claim the CFP Grand National crown in 2003. After his retirement from driving in 2003, Tack would not see action in a BIGFOOT truck again until his 2010 appearance in BIGFOOT #11 at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Trent and Kramer agree that Eric showed, in 2010, that he could easily step back into a BIGFOOT truck and instantly be competitive. And, added Trent, “In 2011, Eric showed us that he was not only competitive, but consistent. And that is not an easy thing when you only jump into that seat once in a while!”
Erick Tack spent the first quarter of 2011 filling in for an injured Larry Swim in BIGFOOT “Bad Boy” #14.

Now, in 2012, we can all look to Eric to take all of his experience and build upon it both as a racer and as a teacher. So, what does the man himself have to say about all of this? Well, even through his cool demeanor and level-headed personality, his excitement about driving again in 2012 shines through.

“I’m pumped. Even though my days of doing this stuff full-time are long gone, it is such a treat to be able to come back and work with the team for awhile each year,” said Tack. “The trucks improve so much each year, so it is really exciting to see what Bryan, John, Chris, and the rest of the guys in the shop have come up with in between my driving stints. On top of all that, I’ve heard good things about JR and I’m excited to see if I can’t help get him ready to take the reigns of a BIGFOOT race truck.”

As the team’s starting lineup for the 2012 indoor season shapes up, all signs point towards Tack once again campaigning BIGFOOT #14 for at least January and February with JR Adams as his protégé. Should plans hold true for the team after February, rookie driver Doyle will move up into BIGFOOT #14 while Adams will trade in his pit crew gear for a driving suit and take the reigns of BIGFOOT #10. “We’re really excited about the first part of 2012, and really the year as a whole,” said Trent. “I think our fans are too. They’re getting an awesome mix of veteran drivers like Dan [Runte], Larry [Swim], Rick [Long], and of course Eric, plus they’re getting a glimpse of the future by way of Darron, Kyle, and eventually JR as well. These are exciting times.”

For more information on Team BIGFOOT, visit them online at!