The Allen Report: Stadium Super Trucks – Glendale, AZ 2013

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This time on “The Allen Report”, we cover NASCAR and off road favorite Robby Gordon’s effort to revive Mickey Thompson style stadium off road racing. The inaugural event of Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Trucks featured eight of the best monster trucks in the west and it was just down the road from us at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. No less than five Bigfoot trucks were in the house. The rest of the competition was Darren Migues and Bounty Hunter along with the father and son team of Rick and Eric Swanson running special bodies on their Obsessed and Obsession chassis.

The first ever SST race featured a rare occurrence in that racing would be the only competition for the monster trucks. It was fascinating to watch the monsters battle each other side by side on an off road style track, with over-under jumps, hairpin turns and mid-race lane choice. Without a single true finish line, the winner would be first back to his starting line jump.

Once the quarter finals were complete, only Dan Runte and Larry Swim were still alive for Team Bigfoot with Bounty Hunter and Eric Swanson taking the other two spots in the semis. Darren was just too fast for Dan’s new Autism Speaks Bigfoot #18, but Larry Swim in the SPEED Energy Bigfoot machine downed Eric’s bright purple trophy truck to set up a classic Bounty Hunter/Bigfoot 2-lap finale.

In the main event, Bounty Hunter had the inside lane at his starting point and took full advantage of the route’s benefits. Despite Larry’s best efforts, the first ever Stadium Super Trucks Monster Truck Division Champion was Darren Migues and Bounty Hunter.

In front of a modest crowd, the first ever win of the Stadium Super Trucks main event, the “big show” of the series, went to Rob MacCachren. Rob is a former champion of SST’s predecessor, the Mickey Thompson Off Road Championship Gran Prix and was clearly thrilled to receive the first ever main event trophy. So, until you hear from us at “The Allen Report” again, thanks to University of Phoenix Stadium for their hospitality, thank you for reading, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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The Allen Report: Speedworld Off Road Park Exhibition – Surprise, AZ 2012

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

We at The Allen Report were fortunate enough to have two monster trucks perform practically in “our backyard” at racing facility Speedworld Off Road Park in West Phoenix for the very first time. Eric Swanson, as usual, piloted Obsessed while his father Rick was at the helm of the new WrongWay Rick.

Much to the delight of the crowd, both monsters gave special pair freestyles especially for the short course off-road racing fans in attendance. Both Rick and Eric put on a great show, which was a great addition to coverage schedule as the year winds down.

Thank you for reading, a special thanks to Speedworld for their hospitality, enjoy the photos, and cheer on!

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Obsession Racing 2012 Press Release #9

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – September was the month for Eric to shine! We started off September 1st in Tijuana, Mexico for nVivo Live Events. This was Eric’s first show in Mexico and the first time for Mexico to see Wrongway Rick. The two were a big success! The show was a sold out stadium show featuring racing and freestyle competitions.

In racing Eric took his truck Obsessed to the finals against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter. Everyone was impressed with his racing skills and it made us proud! In freestyle the fans really enjoyed the concept of the Wrongway Rick truck. Rick put on a fantastic show that put him in the upper half of the freestyle competition. Then Eric went out to prove that racing was not his only talent. He caught big air on everything that he hit and did some extremely fast donuts and kept up a great momentum. Unfortunately on his last big jump he blew a rear steering line when he landed that caused the truck to roll. The fans were happy to see Eric out of the truck and on his feet! After thorough inspection on his truck there was no structural damage just some fiberglass work and the culprit steering line!

Eric Swanson goes for a wild ride in Tijuana as Obsessed ends up on its lid.

We had an event immediately following our Mexico show for WGAS Motorsports in Pomona, California on Thursday night. This event was scheduled for us to run only one truck. Since Eric’s truck Obsessed had some work to be done to it and wouldn’t look presentable, we decided to use Wrongway Rick. Eric was scheduled to run the event so we decided to have him drive Rick’s Wrongway Rick truck for the show. He did a great job in it! He pulled off a lot of wheelies and caught major air off of the double jump! We were all very impressed how he handled the truck because it is so very different than an ordinary monster truck.

Eric Swanson pilots Wrongway Rick for the first time in Pomona.

Our last show in September was for Arizona Short Course Racing. We had both trucks for this event. Eric and Rick did a couple of rounds of exhibition freestyle. This was the first time that they had monster trucks at their events. They felt that with having the monster trucks it would draw more of a crowd and widen their fan base. Having the trucks there was very successful for the Arizona Short Course Racing folks. Rick and Eric put on a great show for them. The crowd really liked it when Eric did a wheelie that ended up on one tire and we were grateful that he was able to keep it in control and save it! They are already looking into having us next year.

We want to thank all of the promoters for putting on the events and a special thanks to our friend Frankie and his family for all of their hard work and support! Our next event for October will be in Red Bluff California for the West Coast Nationals.

For more information on Obsession Racing and the Wrongway Rick, Obsessed and Obsession monster trucks, visit us online at

Obsession Racing 2012 Press Release #8

(Menifee, California – Obession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – The Obsession Racing team had two events in August. The first event was at the Salinas, California Rodeo Grounds. Our displays to promote this show started on the 7th and continued through the 10th. On Saturday the 11th we had an open pit party. This pit party consisted of all the monster trucks and drivers along with the freestyle motocross riders signing autographs. There was a live band and BBQ for all of the fans & families to enjoy before starting off the event. What makes this pit party so large is that it is held on the front grounds of the complex open to everyone.

Rick Swanson airs out Wrongway Rick in Salinas!

This show had a very unique track. It had both left and right turns in the course. Both of the trucks did very well in racing. In freestyle Eric caught the largest amount of air of the show! We have been attending the Salinas show for many years. It is always good to see long term fans and it a pleasure always to make new ones.

Eric Swanson with a big wheelie in Salinas!

Our next show we headed to Grants Pass, Oregon for California Trucks & Stuff. Eric wasn’t able to attend this show due to school starting. We had Jimmy Lehnertz drive Eric’s truck in his place and Rick drove his new truck Wrong Way Rick. This was a two night show with freestyle only. Jimmy and Rick were added attractions for the Grants Pass Fair Tough Truck competition. This show attracts fifty plus tough trucks per night. After they are through with racing the crew from California Trucks & Stuff set up car stacks for the Monster Trucks to freestyle. Everything went smoothly and the crowd was very pleased with their performances!

We would like to thank Jimmy Lehnertz and his Father Tom for helping out Obsession Racing and doing a phenomenal job once again! Also a big thanks to Randy & Sherry Smallwood for all of their hard work and hospitality for making this show a huge success.

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The Allen Report: Kaboom Monster Truck Show – Pomona, CA 2012

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

The annual KaBoom! Event in Pomona, CA, has been sellout every year since its inception in 2002. Its 10th birthday was celebrated side by side with America’s birthday by again being held on the 4th of July. The Monster Trucks performing were Jimmy Creten in bounty Hunter, Geno Kinal in Iron Outlaw, Kelvin Ramer in Time Flys, Rosalee Ramer in Detour and Eric Swanson in Obsessed.

To get the crowd pumped up for the monster trucks, four of the most fearless freestyle motocross riders you could find had the crowd screaming for the favorite – The Backflip, and the riders, including Metal Mulisha representative Jimmy Fitzpatrick, delivered.

But the show soon became a nightmare for Jimmy Creten really fast. Despite a bye all the way to the finals where Iron Outlaw joined him, the former World Champion broke a ring and pinion in the front differential right off the starting line of the Chicago-style, Roundy-round course, causing him to wash out on both turns, and giving up the win to his teammate, Iron Outlaw. The front end mechanical goblins, which had followed him up to Pomona from Del Mar, proved too much for Jimmy to fix in time and the entertainer had to have the curtain come down early.

Similarly, Eric Swanson in Obsessed lost second gear and had difficulty finishing his freestyle run, just barely clearing the big center jump. Iron Outlaw and Kelvin Ramer in Time Flys performed the duet freestyle finale, crashing through the extra long mobile home much to the crowd’s excitement. Iron Outlaw was declared the freestyle winner with Rosalee and Detour finishing a strong second.

The fans forgot all about being sad about Bounty Hunter breaking when the opening fireworks went off, saying “goodbye” and “thank you for coming” with a BANG!

Next for us at “The Allen Report” is one of the biggest monster truck shows of the summer. Every August, some of the biggest players of the monster truck game gather at the Rocky Mountain Raceways in Wet Valley City, Utah for a “Clash of the Titans”. “The Allen Report” will be there to cover the activities. Thank you for reading, a special thanks to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for their wonderful hospitality, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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The Allen Report: Monster Truck Show – Del Mar, CA 2012

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

Weekend Recap

This edition of “The Allen Report” comes to you from Del Mar, California where Jimmy Creten in the Bounty Hunter is thinking San Diego County Fair Championship three-peat. Rick Swanson has introduced a new body design called WrongWay Rick. The other participants were Kelvin Ramer and Time Flys, the Youngest Female Professional Monster Truck Driver in the World, Rosalee Ramer in Detour, Eric Swanson the Youngest Professional Male driver in the World in Obsessed and Russell Steeley in Iron Outlaw.

The monsters would be competing at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar in two shows a day for four days with a different contest each day. The combined scores from both shows in the same day would determine the day’s winner. Day 1 consisted of a high jump contest. Detour jumped 9 feet 2 inches in the first afternoon show and a roof-raising 12 feet 8 inches for a day total of 21 feet, 10 in to take the first win.

Day 2 was a wheelie contest day. This saw Eric Swanson nail a well executed wheelie in Obsessed, but broke a ring and pinion a monster at the same time. However, Jimmy Creten had his game together, never once getting a wheelie that was less than vertical and the length of the floor to take the win.

Day 3 featured a long jump contest with football field style measurements. Fan favorite Time Flys jumped a respectable 64 feet but that was only good enough for 4th place in the early afternoon show. But then came the late afternoon show and the 1934 Ford flew a neck wrenching 71 feet. These two distances made him the 3rd different winner in 3 days of competition.

The 4th and final day was a full blown freestyle. The trophy cart races were fast and furious, but the crowd was anxious to get down to the meat and potatoes. Bounty Hunter did not disappoint. His perfect 40 in both shows of the day made Jimmy Creten a 3 time San Diego County Fair Undisputed Champion.

Next up for us at “The Allen Report” will be the 4th of July celebration called simply KaBoom! at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. Many thanks for reading, a special thanks to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for their hospitality and access to the pits and drivers, enjoy the photos and cheer on!

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Obsession Racing Debuts “WrongWay Rick”

(Article By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen) – Monster trucks have been a staple at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar for years. But in 2012, fairgoers got more than they bargained for when they saw what Rick Swanson of nearby Menifee, California, was driving in this year’s arena shows. After running their traditional Obsession and Obsessed trucks for the past few years the Swanson family decided to surprise the Del Mar fans with something…that’s going completely the wrong way.

Rick Swanson debuted “Wrongway Rick” at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California.

The new body, which was called WrongWay Rick, has been turned around 180 degrees to make the impression that the truck is always going where the name says – The WrongWay. Rick wanted to debut it earlier in the month, but instead saved the debut for the fans at the San Diego County Fair. The body has a yellow paint job with black trim. Rick runs Ford F-150 extended cab bodies on all his trucks, and on the extension part of the cab is a green head with wild hair and a purple tongue with lots of drool. The head somewhat resembles a wild-eyed Frankenstein monster.

Wrongway Rick clears the bar during the monster truck high jump contest.

Needless to say, both kids and adults pointed fingers and took notice right away when the truck came out for introductions. Questions were asked by young and old alike as to why that truck was “Going the Wrong Way”!! By the end of the first day of monster truck competitions, the first of the four days at the Del Mar fair this year, fans were already asking Rick about novelties for him to sign.

Fans love the new Wrongway Rick truck, watch for it at a show near you!

The first performance of a new identity for a monster truck is very rarely also the last performance. We at “The Allen Report” are confident that “WrongWay Rick” is no exception. This reporter looked around at the crowd at each introduction of the world’s only wrong way monster truck. Every time, there were children pointing and adults staring. A monster truck body with that kind of recognition and reaction from the crowd doesn’t just fade away into obscurity.

To find out where WrongWay Rick or any member of Obsession Racing is going to be performing, check out Who knows? You just might see Wrongway Rick yourself.

Obsession Racing 2012 Press Release #4

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – Obsession Racing has been extremely busy the past couple of months. This spring season started out in Fresno, California for Monster Jam. This was a single truck event with Rick piloting Eric’s truck Obsessed. Rick had a great time as usual being with his dedicated fans and coworkers. At Friday’s show Rick won his first round of racing but unfortunately the ring & pinion broke and this ended his night of racing. On Saturday night during his wheelie competition effort, he broke a spindle but he got it back up and running and put on a great freestyle show. On Sunday morning Rick fell and severely bruised his ribs and kidneys. We were fortunate enough that Jimmy Lehnertz was available and willing to drive for Rick on Sunday. This was Jimmy’s first time driving Obsessed and he accustomed to it very well and did a great job of racing and freestyle. We want to give a big thanks to Jimmy, Tom, and Michael Lehnertz for everything they did to help out Obsession Racing in troubled times.

Obsession Racing had a great spring and is looking forward to a big summer!

Mother’s Day weekend was once again spent at the track for Outlaw Monster Trucks in San Bernardino, California. Both Rick and Eric did this event. It was a four truck show that included our two and the 2Xtreme Racing trucks. This was a freestyle show only. Out of three competitions of freestyle, Rick and Eric each won a round and Bounty won one round. This was a nice Mother’s Day gift to me in seeing how well our son handles and performs professionally in his monster truck. It was a nice weekend in all.

Our next event was held in Salinas, California for Monster Jam. They started off with displaying the trucks on Wednesday through Saturday and the freestyle and racing show is on Sunday. On Sunday it just wasn’t Rick’s day for racing but he made up for it in freestyle. He set the bar higher than the first five trucks that competed and made the following trucks work for their points! Rick did great even though he was still feeling sore from his injury a month before.

Our next event Obsession Racing is headed to Mexico for the Monster Truck Showdown. We will be leaving California for the rest of this spring season, stay tuned for updates at!

Monster Truck Radio 03/05/12 – Joe Sylvester & Rick Swanson

Monster Truck Radio With Host Ross Z. Bonar & Co-Host “Roller” Jeff Richards
Date: Monday, March 5th, 2011
Guest #1: Joe Sylvester, driver of Bad Habit
Guest #2: Rick Swanson, driver of Obsessed/Obsession [Read more…]

Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release 11

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – The first week of November was a busy week for Obsession Racing. We attended the SEMA show in Las Vegas on Tuesday and Wednesday and then headed down to Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday morning as we had an event with the monster trucks starting on that night with WGAS Motorsports.

The success of the SEMA show has always been beneficial to us each year. Rick was able see our current sponsors and also meet with a couple of new ones. We are looking forward to our continuing support of our current sponsors, and the support of our new sponsors. We are truly thankful for all of our sponsors, because in this sport you can not do it solely.

Rick in Obsession gets after it at the Maricopa County Fairgrounds.

The Phoenix, Arizona Show was four shows that started on Thursday through Sunday with one show a day. Thursday night was a quick exhibition run where each truck performed for two minutes. The next three nights they added more jumps and obstacles. For these nights they had judging. Friday night Rick tied for first place and Eric took second place. On Saturday night Eric took second place and Rick took third. Sunday night’s event Rick took second place and Eric took third. Obsession Racing had an extremely good weekend. Both trucks ran strong. The crowd was pleased with their runs and it showed as we were able to converse with the fans as they let them into the pits after the show for autographs. One lady even told Eric that she is now an Obsessed fan and she is switching from a Grave Digger fan to an Obsessed fan! He is really growing a strong fan base and it makes us very proud of how successful he is becoming!

Eric in Obsessed catching some air in Phoenix, Arizona.

AmeriGas has a large plant that is in the Phoenix area and we were so very fortunate to have the help of Frank and some of his employees and family that helped us out immensely!! We also want to thank the Allen family (Jim, Carol and Christopher) for the excellent dinner Carol prepared and brought to us and their dedication as great fans and friends to our Obsession Racing family business!

We will be on display this weekend at Gold’s Gym for the AmeriGas’s Temecula store. After this display, it will be tear down time for the Obsession and Obsessed trucks to get ready and fired up for the upcoming 2012 season! For more up to the minute updates, check us out on Facebook, and for more information on the team check out!

(Photos by Jim Allen)

The Allen Report: Monster Truck Show – Phoenix, AZ 2011

(Coverage By Christopher Allen, Photos By Jim Allen)

One year ago, WGAS Motorsports brought monster trucks back to the Arizona State Fair after a several year absence. And they must have done well because not only did the monsters play to a sold out house each night, but they came back for more just last weekend, November 3rd through 6th with my father Jim and I covering each night from the 4th onward. This year’s four drivers included father and son duo Rick and Eric Swanson driving their signature Obsession and Obsessed machines in front of an Arizona crowd for the very first time. Rounding out the field was Chris Lagana in the Ice Monster and Chris Ryan in Ground Pounder.

On the first night, 16 year old Eric and Obsessed impressed many, including the judges with a score of 27 out of 40. But the runs of his father Rick and Chris Ryan in the Ground Pounder were both so good, they could only tie, each with a score of 34. The next night, every driver took their runs to a whole new level. Obsessed had the fastest donuts of the night and Ice Monster had great air, but Ground Pounder finally found the signature slap wheelies he had been searching for and got a perfect 40 for the win. The final day saw the monsters perform to a sellout crowd. Rick and Obsession pulled off the gloves and went for broke, hitting everything on the track and had plenty of speed. The judges were impressed and gave him a score of 38, but in the end, Ground Pounder edged him out by just one point, giving Chris Ryan the weekend sweep.

In other action, Bob Johnson gave rides to everyone who wanted one in his Hog Wild monster while Jake Blackwell did the same with his 1947 Mack fire monster, the Extinguisher. Also, the term “Home wrecker” was taken to a whole new level with motor home demolition derbies. Next for me is the inaugural International Monster Truck Museum Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Then it’s on to 2012 for us at “The Allen Report”. Until then, thank you for reading, a special thanks to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for their hospitality, enjoy the great photos by Jim Allen and cheer on!

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Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #10

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – The Obsession Racing team has spent the last two weekends on the road doing shows for WGAS Motorsports. The audience got to see our Father & Son Team race and freestyle. The first weekend’s event was held in Turlock, California. We had one show per day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Rick did very well in racing for all three days. Eric was also at the top of his game in Obsessed making it to the semi-finals in racing. Rick and Eric put on another great freestyle. The fans are so impressed with Eric’s driving abilities and skills for the amount of time he has been driving.

Our latest show was held next to our hometown in Perris, California at the Southern California State Fair. This was four shows in three days. This was a freestyle only show. This was the first year ever that Perris had double stacked car jumps and even a boat to jump on Sunday! The event featured a field of 10 very competitive well known trucks. Both trucks scored in the top half in all four shows and Eric placed second for two of the shows against Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter, and in one of the shows he was only a point off from Jimmy!

Eric Swanson freestyles Obsessed in Perris, California.

In between the shows at Perris, Eric filmed for a new show call Stunt Busters on Speed TV. Eric showed the host how he pilots the truck and then the host wanted to give it a whirl! She did really well for her first time driving the truck and she also jumped some cars. She wasn’t afraid about the impact of landings as she is a professional stunt car driver and crushes and crashes things for a living which makes her a great host for the show. We hoping it will be airing around the end of the year! So please check out our new rising star!

A Speed TV film crew works with Eric Swanson and Obsessed.

Next week we will be heading to SEMA and we look forward to seeing our sponsors there. For more information on the Obsession and Obsessed monster trucks, visit us online at

Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #9

(Menifee, CA – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – Last weekend, the Obession Racing team was in Sublimity, Oregon for the Harvest Festival. This show is a non-profit event to raise money for children in need from the area. This is not just your average show. It is a complete community outreach. The trucks are sponsored by local businesses to come and perform. The trade-out is all show sponsors that participate get a private BBQ and a pre-show on Thursday night. The gates are open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

With team member Jeff Jones’ high position at AmeriGas and high volume of work, he has not been able to drive at some of our shows this year. On the norm, Jimmy Lehnertz has stepped in for Jeff and driven for the team. But we had a special surprise in Sublimity, having Aaron Basl, Monster Jam driver of the Turtle truck, fill in for us. We thought it would be nice for him to be able to compete with his twin brother Daron in their hometown. They have a lot of family that comes to this show and their father currently lives there. We also feel as though they are family to us. We have had both Aaron and Daron stay at our home and they are such a pleasure to have around! Aaron did an excellent job piloting both trucks! He even did an awesome save in Obsession on Saturday night! All the shows were freestyle only and Rick and Aaron did the town proud. We had some good times over at Gary Basl’s house (Aaron & Daron’s Dad) after the shows and enjoyed really good food and company!

Aaron Basl stands Obsession straight up and down as he takes on the bus stack at the Sublimity Harvest Festival.

On September 30th and October 1st-2nd, we were in Red Bluff, California. We had Jimmy Lehnertz back in the seat of Obsession. This show is for the West Coast Monster Truck Fall Nationals. There were three shows with both racing and freestyle. Both of the trucks did very well in racing. I was very proud to see Rick take a round win against Tom Meents in Maximum Destruction. This is a huge honor as Tom is one of the best racers that you could compete against and very rarely looses. They were also on their game for freestyle hitting all of the big obstacles and pleasing the crowd with the show they put on.

Rick Swanson catches some big air in Obsessed at the West Coast Monster Truck Nationals.

We want to make sure we thank Aaron and the Basl family for all that they have done and do for us in making feel welcome and like family. Also we are so fortunate to have Jimmy Lehnertz drive for us and his wonderful wife and son to help us with what whatever we need! Our next event will be in Turlock, California where Eric will be back driving the Obsessed truck.

For more information on the Obsession and Obsessed monster truck, visit us online at!

Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #8

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – What a busy month it’s been! It all started out in Santa Rosa, California on August 7th where Eric and Rick did an exhibition run for WGAS Motorsports during their tractor pull show. They each did a minute long freestyle at the beginning of the show and then closed the show with a team father-son freestyle. It was very impressive and it showed in the cheers from the crowd, they really seemed to enjoy seeing two trucks freestyle together. This was a first time seeing this in the town of Santa Rosa. We were very fortunate to be able to stay with Charlie Jarrett. He wide-loaded our trucks to both displays and the show and he also made room to accompany our home on wheels. We really appreciated all of his help!

The following weekend Rick recruited Charlie because of the drive he had to make from Grass Valley to Salinas after Saturday night’s event. They made it to Fischer’s Towing with enough time to jump in a pickup truck and head to the airport to pick up (“Super Star”/fly-in driver) Eric Swanson. That is his privilege since he still is in High School. The show was a Friday and Saturday evening show. Friday night Eric went out for his freestyle and stood the truck straight up and down on top of the van stack! When the truck landed on the ground, the spindle broke and he lost a tire. Thanks to our safety regulations his wheel tether kept the tire from rolling away. With limited time they dove in and fixed Eric’s truck in time for the second round of freestyle. Rick and Eric ended the night with the crowd on their feet in excitement! On Saturday they spent the day getting ready for their drive to Salinas. They had to leave immediately after the show because the gates opened in Salinas at 11:00 a.m. for the Sunday show. The trucks ran great on Saturday night and they were able to pack up and leave on time for Salinas. We want to give a HUGE thanks to Ron and Debbie Fischer, Fischer Towing, James Lester and his Parents for the hospitality and help!

Obsessed catches some big air over the van stack in freestyle.

On Sunday morning Eric and Charlie tired the trucks up after a rough night’s sleep. The guys were all ready to do autographs by noon for the fans of Salinas. This show had racing and freestyle. We thought we were going to see Rick and Eric race each other in the semi finals, but in Eric’s quarter final race, he was ahead but unfortunately spun out in the last turn. Rick made it to the semi finals. All in all we had a good day in racing and for freestyle Eric hit the biggest jumps out there and brought the crowd to their feet. Rick was second to last out and put on another great freestyle for the Salinas Crowd! We wanted to thank Charlie, Tom Tom, Justin, Bob, Elaine, Derrick and the Churchill Family for all of their help, love and support! It is really great to see the promoters using Rick and Eric for interviews during the show to show off our family business!

Another great freestyle effort from Obsession in Salinas.

From Salinas, Rick was driving solo up to Lynden, Washington. For those who have Obsession Racing on their Facebook, he was also updating his travels as he progressed. This was Jeff Jones first time back in the seat of Obsession since the Oakland show in February. He also flew into Washington and met Rick there (he can’t use High School for a fly-in driver excuse, but we love him anyways). This event was for WHR Motorsports and it was also a racing and freestyle show. The event was only for Saturday night. In racing, Jeff made it to the semi finals and Rick won the finals! For freestyle everyone put on a fantastic show, you would have never known Jeff hadn’t been driving in 6 months! Jeff you did an awesome job and thanks for all of your help and support! Rick also won first place in freestyle! It was an awesome night for Obsession Racing. After the show Rick and Jeff drove back to Gary Basl’s and left the truck in Oregon and then flew home on Monday. Rick and I will be returning to Oregon in September for the Harvest Festival in Sublimity. We really appreciate all of Gary’s help and hospitality and we are looking forward to spending time with our Basl family!

If you go on to Facebook under ObsessionRacing, you can view Rick’s updates and comments for an on the road update and experience!

For more information on the Obsession Racing team and drivers Rick Swanson, Eric Swanson and Jeff Jones, please visit us online at

Obsession Racing 2011 Press Release #7

(Menifee, California – Obsession Racing PR – By Jill Swanson) – On July 1st-3rd, Obsession Racing was at the San Diego State Fair with both trucks for WGAS Motorsports. All three days we had two exhibition runs that consisted of two minutes a piece. This fair is always a lot of fun because of how many people we know that attended the show. It is nice because after the event they open up the pit area to the fans which lets us mingle with them. It is always great to hear the compliments and comments from the wide array of fans on how they performed and how they appreciate our business. As always Eric’s capabilities and performance level always makes him a fan favorite as the Youngest Monster Truck Driver in the World.

For the Fourth of July we were in Pomona, California for the KABOOM Monster Trucks and Fireworks Show promoted by WGAS Motorsports. At this event we only had Eric’s Obsessed monster truck booked with him driving. Eric took the truck to the semi finals in racing. The truck that took him out was Iron Outlaw, who ended up winning the final round. For freestyle Eric was scheduled to be the third truck out. Eric’s typical fashion his first two hits were to back side the freestyle landing ramp and then he turned around and jumped off the ramp side! Eric was the first truck to do this and it was spectacular! He did an awesome job and finished up his freestyle with a no handed donut (which made him a little dizzy). The firework show was great and we really appreciate all of the help from Jeff Jones and his family.

Eric Swanson airs out Obsessed at the Kaboom event in Pomona.

On the 15th of July, Rick and Eric went to Turlock, California for John Shipman Motorsports for the opening night of the Turlock Fair. They were two of four trucks that put on an exhibition run after all of the tuff trucks were done racing. They didn’t have a lot to work with as far as obstacles, but Eric and Rick made sure they hit everything that they possibly could! Eric managed to even put the truck on the side two wheels for a short time and Rick caught some of the biggest air of the night! We would also like to thank Paul Churchill for helping to get all of the eight tires loaded and Laurie for the goodies.

Obsession flies through the air in Turlock, California.

For more information on the Obsession and Obsessed monster trucks, visit the team online at