TMB TV: Original Series 5.6 – Monster X Tour – Montgomery, AL 2012

TMB TV's Original Series Presented By E3 Spark Plugs
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Episode Information

Episode: Original Series 5.4
Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Garrett Coliseum
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Date: February 17th-18th, 2012
Host: Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers: Ross Z. Bonar, Rajeana Bonar
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Featured Monster Trucks

California Kid – BJ Johnson
Hurricane Force – Tim Mente
Monster X – Ed Miller
Rock Star – Bill Payne
The General – Dustin Lewis
War Wizard – Robert Parker
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Featured Links
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Video of the Week – 09/24/11

Week Ending: September 24th, 2011
Truck(s) Featured: Hurricane Force (Steven Thompson), Storm Damage (Tim Mente)
Video Type: Fan Video

Description: Wild race between Natural Disaster Racing teammates Tim Mente in Storm Damage and Steven Thompson in Hurricane Force. Thompson goes for a wild ride after the finish!

Profile: Storm Damage

Truck Name:  Storm Damage
Driver Name:  Tim Mente
Team Name:  Natural Disaster Racing
Hometown:  Bethesda, Maryland
Team Website: N/A

2009 TMB Results Tracker Statistics:
– Competed in 24 shows with 3 racing victories.
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