Monster Truck Entertainment Announces 2012 Monster X Tour Championship

(Eagle Point, Oregon – MTE PR) – Monster Truck Entertainment is very excited to announce that its premiere monster truck touring series, the Monster X Tour, will conduct a season long points series to determine its 2012 series champion.

The 2012 Monster X Tour Championship will be one of the most grueling points chases ever contested, with events beginning the first weekend of January and ending in November, using venues from the smallest indoor arenas to the largest outdoor fairgrounds & speedways, and spanning locations from Florida to Oregon, with stops everywhere in between.

The 2012 Monster X Tour Championship will be a grueling year-long battle, starting in January and running all the way through the season finale in November.

Drivers will compete for points at each and every event on the tour, all season long. Towards the end of the season, drivers scoring the most points during the year will be invited to participate in the Monster X Tour Championship, which will be held at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon. Drivers accepting the invite to compete for the championship will battle it out in a thrilling, two-night title bout to determine the 2012 Monster X Tour Champion.

The Regular Season Points System

Monster X Tour events include three monster truck competitions at each event where points will be awarded. The wheelie competition, where the object is to make the truck stand straight up and down, the drag racing competition, where trucks are placed in a bracket and race side by side, and the monster truck freestyle competition, where each driver has three minutes to lay down the best run using all the obstacles and performing the best tricks.

Wheelie Contest
1st – 25 points

Racing Competition
1st – 50 points
2nd – 25 points

Freestyle Competition
1st – 50 points

The monster truck wheelie and freestyle competitions are judged by crowd applause, with the winner being the driver/truck that receives the loudest response from the fans. In terms of points, these will be winner take all events with wheelie contest winners receiving 25 points and freestyle competition winners receiving 50 points.

The monster truck drag racing competition will award points to the two driver/trucks to make it to the final round in the bracket. The overall winner will receive 50 points while the runner-up will be awarded 25 points.

An important component of the Monster X Tour points series is the new practice that drivers will draw for the order in which they compete in wheelie & freestyle competitions prior to each event. Before the start of each individual event, the event director will go from driver to driver, having them randomly draw for their spot in the wheelie and freestyle order. This will ensure that favoritism or popularity does not determine the order in which trucks compete.

Each individual event will have a maximum available point total of 125 points if a driver was to sweep all three competitions.

The Championship Event Points System

The two-night Monster X Tour Championship event at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon will utilize a special points scale to determine the champion. Drivers accepting the invite to compete in the championship weekend will have their points reset in advance of the event.

The driver scoring the most points during the 2012 season will enter the championship event with their total reset to 150 points. The driver scoring the second most points of those accepting the invite will have 100 points and the driver with the third most points scored will have 50 points.

The championship event will be held Friday and Saturday, with each night’s event consisting of wheelie, racing and freestyle competitions. Points will be awarded as follows for each competition:

Wheelie Contest
1st – 50 points
2nd – 25 points
3rd – 10 points

Racing Competition
1st – 100 points
2nd – 50 points
3rd – 25 points

Freestyle Competition
1st – 100 points
2nd – 50 points
3rd – 25 points

The driver with the most total points at the end of the Monster X Tour Championship Weekend will be crowned the 2012 Monster X Tour Champion and will have prevailed in one of the most intense and demanding points chases in the history of monster trucks.

Monster X Tour January-February 2012 Schedule

The series kicks off this coming weekend, January 6th-7th, with events at Daytona Beach, Florida’s Ocean Center and Stockton, California’s Stockton Arena. See below for the complete Monster X Tour January-February 2012 Schedule:

January 6th-7th
– Ocean Center – Daytona Beach, Florida
– Stockton Arena – Stockton, California

January 13th-14th
– City Bank Coliseum – Lubbock, Texas
– Nacogdoches County Expo Center – Nacogdoches, Texas

January 20th-21st
– Rabobank Arena – Bakersfield, California
– Mississippi Coliseum – Jackson, Mississippi

January 27th-28th
– Compton Arena – Medford, Oregon
– Lamar Dixon Expo Center – Gonzales, Louisiana

February 3rd-4th
– Hooker Creek Event Center – Redmond, Oregon
– Forest County Multi-Purpose Center – Hattiesburg, Mississippi

February 10th-11th
– Germain Arena – Ft. Meyers, Florida
– East Kentucky Expo – Pikeville, Kentucky
– Ike Hamilton Expo Center – West Monroe, Louisiana

February 17th-18th
– Garrett Coliseum – Montgomery, Alabama

February 24th-25th
– WNC Agricultural Center – Asheville, North Carolina

Fans, don’t miss out on your chance to see the Monster X Tour in 2012 as drivers compete for one of the biggest championships in all of monster trucks. Every competition at every event counts!

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