Arizona State Fair Monster Truck Freestyle Recap & Teasers

WGAS Motorsports returned to the Arizona State Fair, bringing Monster Truck Freestyle back to the venue after a couple years away. TMB’s Lauren & Lynette Bonar traveled down for the Saturday night event which featured Obsessed, Obsession, El Perro Loco and Play’n 4 Keeps in a freestyle battle. All the trucks did a great job as Jeff Jones in Obsession had a great slap wheelie and donut and Rick Swanson in Obsessed had a strong run.

Rod Wood in El Perro Loco grabbed some nice air and a tailgate dragging slap wheelie, but it was Tony Canedo in Play’n 4 Keeps taking the win after making a great save to keep the truck from rolling over.

A big thanks to all the teams for a great show and to John Borba and WGAS Motorsports for their hospitality. Watch for more photos and video highlights coming soon, right here on TMB.