Profile: Toxic

Truck Name:  Toxic
Driver Name:  Larry Petri
Team Name:  Petri Motorsports
Hometown:  Sardinia, New York
Team Website:

2009 TMB Results Tracker Statistics:
– Did not compete during the 2009 season. [Read more…]

Introducing the Toxic Monster Truck

Look out monster truck fans, there’s a new force breaking into the industry as Petri Motorsports has unveiled the brand new machine they simply call TOXIC. Petri Motorsports is based out of Sardinia, New York and is owned by three brothers, Larry, Travis and Dan Petri. The brothers own a construction business called Mountain View Builders and all come from a motorsports background, having raced locally in the past. For their new motorsports venture they wanted to try something a little more extreme.

After attending a number of events over the last few years including last year’s Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, the trio decided to make the plunge into monster truck racing full force. Wanting only the best equipment, they placed a call to legendary driver and builder Dan Patrick and put in an order for a turn key truck with all the latest innovations from Patrick Enterprises.

With the building of the truck underway, the brothers set to work in finding a name for their new ride that would stand out and be noticed. After considering a number of possibilities, an idea came that was instantly agreed upon. They chose a name that would be memorable and would allow for one wild paint scheme – Toxic. Vinyl Images out of St. Louis, MO came up with just what they were looking for, a design that is unique and exciting that will give the truck its own identity.

With great work by both Patrick Enterprises and Vinyl Images resulting in a beautiful, state of the art machine, the brothers have set to work testing the truck and fine tuning the setup. They are now ready to go racing and the Toxic machine is available for booking. The short term goal for the team is to start running events and learning the truck’s limits and then long term, shoot for becoming a top team in the industry.

For more information on Petri Motorsports and their hot new ride, check out their website at Promoters interested in bringing Toxic out to their new event can contact the team through email at Thanks to Larry Petri and the Petri Motorsports team for all the info on their new venture and for the great pics, look out for the Toxic monster truck, coming to an event near you!!