Monster Spectacular Summer Clash Quebec Tour

(Drummondville, Quebec) Quebec Speedways will be hit by a monster storm at the end of the month as Chris Arel Motorsports will invade three big cities, holding qualifying events for the big Olympic Stadium event on October 23rd. The first stop will be Friday night in Chris Arel’s hometown, Daveluyville where Arel has just acquired Devil City Speedway. Then the tour packs up and heads down the road to Quebec City for a Saturday night show at Riverside City Speedway. The monsters then move on to CAM’s Eastern Front Command Post, Drummondville for a big Sunday show at Autodrome Drummon.

Many big names are confirmed for this three event mini-tour including the “Monstah Lobstah”, Greg Winchenbach’s Crushstation, defending champion Mike Vaters in Black Stallion, along with Excaliber, Ground Pounder, Illuminator, Screamin Demon and Iron Warrior! Head on over to for more information on these big events coming to Quebec!!