TMB TV Episode 3.6 Featuring the Springdale Monster X Tour’s four straight weeks of TMB TV comes to a close tonight as we present great action from the Springdale, Arkansas Monster X Tour!! A great lineup does battle in wheelie, long jump, racing and freestyle including Avenger, Summit Bigfoot, Brutus, Wrecking Crew and Spike. You’ll also see some wild stunts by the “Demolition Devil” Scott Turkiewicz.

Don’t miss all the fun as TMB TV Host Ross Z. Bonar and Videographers Colby Marshall and Kaedon Berry take you through the ins and outs of the two day event. Click the link below to watch our sixth all-new episode of TMB TV Season 3.


TMB TV Episode 3.6 – Springdale, AR

Event:  Monster X Tour
Venue:  Parsons Stadium
Location:  Springdale, Arkansas
Date:  June 4th-5th, 2010
Host:  Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers:  Colby Marshall, Kaedon Berry

Lineup: Avenger (Jim Koehler), Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Spike (Rich Hilgendorf), Wrecking Crew (Steve Koehler) [Read more…]

Springdale, Akansas Monster X Tour Recap & Teasers

TMB was on hand to capture all the action from Danny Torgeson’s Monster X Tour’s first stop in Springdale, Arkansas in 2010. The weather was hot and the action was hotter as the legendary Bigfoot piloted by Dan Runte took on all of Team Scream including Avenger, Brutus, Spike, and Wrecking Crew in nightly wheelie, long jump, racing, and freestyle contests.

Night one started off strong as Chris Bergeron sent the snout of Brutus skyward, snagging the wheelie contest win. In the long jump competition, however, Mr. Excitement Jim Koehler lined up to the metal ramps and lofted Avenger up to grab the win. The racing set up was a tricky, Chicago style format over car-van-car stacks and the finals would come down to Bigfoot and Avenger. Showing his true knack for racing, Runte ousted the hard-charging Koehler for the Friday racing win. Freestyle would round out the night in Springdale as Koehler in Avenger would edge out both Runte in Bigfoot and teammate Chris Bergeron in Brutus.

The final show of the weekend was filled with more of the same great action. The wheelie contest would be taken by Runte in Bigfoot as he danced the rear tires of the truck all the way up and over the double van stack. The long jump competition would go to Steve Koehler in Wrecking Crew, as he just edged out Avenger and Bigfoot. Racing would get interesting as the finals, just as on Friday night, were set between Avenger and Bigfoot. Koehler snagged an impressive lead off the line and continued to hold on until the final turn when Avenger’s rear steer froze, ultimately preventing him from turning and allowing Runte and Bigfoot to power to the win. The final freestyle of the weekend was full of big air shots and donuts from Brutus and Bigfoot, but it wouldn’t be enough to top Jim Koehler’s momentum and wild cyclones in Avenger.

TMB was in full force in Springdale, so be on the lookout for a full photo gallery from Ross Z. Bonar as well as another edition of TMB-TV with footage from Colby Marshall and Kaedon Berry in the coming weeks. Thanks goes out to Danny Torgerson and the Monster X Tour crew for their hospitality, keep checking back for more coverage.

TMB TV Episode 2.13 – Springdale, AR / Lawton, OK

Events:  Monster X Tour & Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular
Venues:  Parsons Stadium & Lawton Rangers Rodeo Arena
Locations:  Springdale, Arkansas & Lawton, Oklahoma
Dates:  September 12th & September 19th, 2009
Host:  Ross Z. Bonar
Videographer:  Kaedon Berry, Colby Marshall

Lineup (Springdale):  Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte), Gun Slinger (Scott Hartsock), The General (Don King), Wildmann (Chad Yeager)
Lineup (Lawton):  1/2 Pint (Travis Sturges), Bounty Hunter (Jay McPherson), Iron Outlaw (Joe Miller), Nasty Boy (Ronnie Sturges), Unnamed & Untamed (Sam Sturges) [Read more…]