Wow Moments: 3 Wide Racing Returns To Monster Trucks

“For the first time ever, monster trucks will race 3 at-a-time. Thats right, side-by-side-by-side racing and what a location TNT has selected for this brand new innovation in the sport: Beautiful Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas.” – Scott Douglass

As a child, I remember watching this episode of “Tuff Trax” religously. It was to the point where I memorized the show and would relive these instances in my head and remember just how awesome the show was. In years past, I wondered if this style of racing would ever make its return to the sport. Who would attempt it and where it would take place? As of September 4, the rebirth happened.

The Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, Colorado played host to the return of 3 wide racing in the sport of monster trucks. Again, the wheels began to turn in my mind. Could this open the door for other promoters within the industry to consider the idea? What improvisations could promotors apply to 3 wide racing today? Would the form of racing go over well with new-age fans who crave the massive air and ragged edges of freestyle? Only time will tell. In the mean time, kudos to SMTS for bringing back this exciting style of racing. I’ll leave you with this question: What promotor do you feel would do three wide racing further justice?