2011 All Star Game BIGFOOT A Home Run in Phoenix

(Phoenix, AZ – BIGFOOT PR) – The 2011 edition of Major League Baseball’s annual All-Star FanFest dominated the downtown Phoenix Convention Center July 8th through the 12th, and taking part in it all for the second year in a row was Team BIGFOOT’s Firestone/All-Star Game BIGFOOT® monster truck!

Sporting the traditional red, white, and blue coloring and logo design of Major League Baseball, along with 2011 All-Star Game logos and Firestone branding, the truck was undeniably one of the most impressive sights in the convention center. In addition to getting up close and personal with the truck and having their picture taken with the awesome machine and its crew, fans also had the chance to snag one of the 10,000 free Firestone BIGFOOT toys given away over the course of the event.

Team BIGFOOT returned for the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Phoenix, Arizona.

“The MLB All-Star Game BIGFOOT was a joint venture between our team and our friends at Firestone last year, in an effort to support Firestone’s position as the official tire of MLB and the All-Star Game,” explained BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. VP Bob Trent. “The truck was a huge hit at last year’s All-Star Game in Anaheim, so we felt we should bring it back again in 2011.” He added that “Many fans came up to us in Phoenix and mentioned that they had heard about the truck’s appearance in Anaheim last year, and that they were excited to have finally seen it in person.”

The All-Star FanFest is a family-friendly, highly-interactive experience open to the public for the five days leading up to the All-Star Game itself. It provides fans the chance to become even more intimate with the sport they love. Games, training clinics, mascot home run derbies, vendors, and auctions are just a part of the “everything baseball” atmosphere that FanFest offers.

And while the MLB All-Star Game BIGFOOT is an unprecedented step up for the monster truck industry in terms of brand cross-promotion, it is also the BIGFOOT Team’s first ever Chevrolet monster truck. “After running Ford-bodied and Ford-powered trucks exclusively since 1975, we felt that since Chevrolet is the official truck of MLB, the All-Star Game BIGFOOT must be a Chevrolet too!” explained Trent. “This was a big step in a new direction for us, and an exciting one as well. We even went so far as to replace the truck’s Ford power plant with a race-ready 540ci engine based off of a Chevrolet V8.”

Team BIGFOOT with the beautiful Firestone All-Star Bigfoot #10.

With the warm reception the truck received in Anaheim at last year’s FanFest, it came as no surprise that the truck’s appearance in Phoenix this year was once again a “home run” with the FanFest crowd. “We had a great time in Phoenix, and we met a ton of wonderful baseball and monster truck fans,” said BIGFOOT VP Jim Kramer. “Our whole crew truly enjoyed being ambassadors for the sport of monster truck racing, while at the same time soaking up some great baseball action. We’re already looking forward to Kansas City in 2012!”