TMB TV: Bite Me Production Studios 2014 Highlight Video


Event: Bite Me Production Studios 2014 Highlight Video
Videographer: Colby Marshall


Welcome to the Seventh Annual BMPS “Best Of” highlight video! This is a retrospective on the year that was 2014, as seen through the lens of BMPS Video Productions. Monster Trucks, Freestyle Motocross, tough trucks, jet cars and even robotic dinosaurs make appearances in this piece. Events from many different promoters and from all across the united States are featured, literally from Maine to California.

As has become tradition here at BMPS, I have entirely too many people to thank in a video description. Therefore, all the folks who helped me in my cross-country journey are listed in the credits at the end of this video. All footage Copyright is owned by BMPS Video Productions. All music copyright is owned by its respective copyright holders.

The 2014 BMPS Year End highlight is dedicated to the memory of Nugget. Daddy loves you! Be sure to check out all of my other videos here, as well as my work with Thank you!
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