TMB TV: Bite Me Production Studios 2012 Highlight Video

Event: Bite Me Production Studios 2012 Highlight Video
Videographer: Colby Marshall

Description: Following a ground-breaking concept video last year, BMPS Video has taken that “Monster Truck Rock Opera” theme to a whole new level. This year’s retrospective, entitled “The Rise and the Fall”, uses symbolism throughout to tell a story of revolution and corruption. Monster trucks, motorcycles, off-road trucks, and their pilots serve as the medium, in much the same way that a painter works in oil and canvas to tell their story. Quite literally every aspect of the footage shown was taken into account with each placement of a clip throughout.

Featuring footage from the biggest year for BMPS ever in terms of number of events and footage, “The Rise and the Fall” is easily the most ambitious monster truck footage compilation ever conceived. Pulled from dozens of events in twenty different towns from coast-to-coast, this compilation was the result of ten months of video research and story development, and nearly two months of editing. As usual with Colby Marshall’s year end highlight, the number of drivers, facilities and of those who helped me in my cross-country journey are too numerous to list here. Therefore, they are all listed at the end of the video.
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