Fans, are you ready for the most updated monster truck program on the planet? Sit back, buckle up and hang on because it’s time for Monster Truck Radio!

Monster Truck Radio was started in 2009 by long time monster truck announcer “Roller” Jeff Richards and produced by Castle Rock Radio in Castle Rock, Colorado. The show’s concept was to get the biggest names in the industry to sit down for hour long, in-depth interviews allowing fans to truly get to know their favorite drivers and industry personalities. This unique format even allowed fans of the show, the “LUGNUTZ”, the opportunity to submit questions for show guests through the live chat feature. All of this has led to Monster Truck Radio becoming one of the most popular forms of monster truck coverage currently running today. has been partnered with Monster Truck Radio since the beginning, with TMB TV’s Ross Z. Bonar in charge of booking guests for the show and also making frequent appearances lending expert analysis on all the latest news in the world of monster trucks.

Beginning in November of 2011, Monster Truck Radio officially became a part of TMB, with Ross Z. Bonar taking over as the show’s host. Chris Parrish, host of TMB TV’s ActionTracks, also joined Monster Truck Radio as the show’s co-host. Former host “Roller” Jeff Richards stepped back from his full time role, but will still made occasional guest appearances. Additionally, the show moved from to which resulted in a more user-friendly experience for the Lugnutz, with less advertisements and the ability to access archived shows through iTunes.

Live Chat

For all of our Lugnutz out there, be sure to tune in LIVE each week and participate in the user chat where you can submit your questions for the hosts to ask on air. Simply go to and sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account or register for a listener’s account. Then go to our
show page and click on the upcoming show. At the bottom of the page will be the live chat application
where you can jump right in with your comments and questions!

Monster Truck Radio

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