4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge – Auburn, IN – 10/16/10

Event:  4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge
Venue:  American Heritage Village
Location:  Auburn, Indiana
Date:  October 16th, 2010
Photographer:  Laura Parrish

Lineup: Iron Reaper Tank (Rick Romanini), Live Wire (Rick Romanini), Nitecrawler Tank (Andy Hoffman), Predator (Allen Pezo), Shotgun Harry (Jeff Cook), Uncle Slam (Rick Romanini) [Read more…]

Montreal Monster Spectacular Preview Photos

This Saturday night’s huge Montreal Monster Spectacular is growing closer and the TMB crew is getting ready for a great weekend north of the border. Ross and Colby will be arriving Friday for the filming of one of the biggest episodes of TMB TV of the year.  The big story heading into the weekend is the new Figure 8 track and thanks to the great folks with Chris Arel Motorsports, we are giving you an exclusive sneak peek at the building of the track.

In addition to the wild new track, the 2Xtreme Racing is debuting a new look in conjunction with Chris Arel Motorsports, the awesome new Red Baron!! New 2Xtreme Racing driver Ben “Bobo” Winslow will be at the helm and will look to debut the scheme in style, hoping to bring home a big win at the “Big O”. Below is another sneak peek, this one of the new design for the Red Baron.

We’re just two days away from the big event with 14 trucks and Figure 8 Racing. The lineup includes Bounty Hunter, Ms. Bigfoot, Avenger, Brutus, Black Stallion, Crushstation, Bad Habit, Aftershock, Rock Star, California Kid, Iron Warrior, Siberian Express, Illuminator and the previously mentioned Red Baron. Along with the monster trucks, the North American Autocross Championship will be featured as well.

Fans, this is one event you do not want to miss – head on over to MonsterSpectacular.com for more information and to get your tickets while they last.

4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals – Indianapolis, IN – 09/17-19/10

Event:  4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
Venue:  Indiana State Fairgrounds
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Date:  September 17th-19th, 2010
Photographer:  Paul M. Harry

Lineup:  Avenger (Jim Koehler/Rich Hilgendorf), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Holman’s Beast (Bobby Holman), Ms. Bigfoot #11 (Amber Walker), Retro Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte), Raminator (Mark Hall), Rammunition (Geremie Dishman), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke) [Read more…]

TMB TV Episode 3.7 – Indianapolis, IN

Event:  4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals
Venue:  Indiana State Fairgrounds
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Date:  September 17th-19th, 2010
Host:  Ross Z. Bonar
Videographers:  Colby Marshall, Kaedon Berry, Chris Parrish

Lineup:  Airdog Diesel (Dave Radzierez), Avenger (Jim Koehler / Rich Hilgendorf), General Tire (Chris Bergeron), High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin), Holman’s Beast (Bobby Holman), Ms Bigfoot #11 (Amber Walker), Raminator (Mark Hall), Rammunition (Mat Dishman), Retro Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte), Tail Gator (Doug Noelke) [Read more…]

Monster Truck Fall Shootout at the Silverdome

(Pontiac, MI) Monster Trucks return to the Silverdome for an inaugural Monster Truck Fall Shootout!! This event will be a premiere motorsports show featuring monster trucks and quad racing and it’s going to be an annual event for the fans of high energy, high-impact motorsports entertainment. Discounted early bird tickets go on sale Wednesday October 14th. A $2 off discount per ticket will automatically be given for adult and kids tickets when purchased on line by November 12th.

The 1st Annual Fall Shootout is bringing monster trucks back to the Silverdome and includes a superstar lineup featuring Bounty Hunter, Raminator, Tail Gator, Virginia Giant, War Wagon, Big Dawg, Rammunition, Bar’s Leaks Eliminator, Airborne Ranger and Rislone Defender.

“We are very excited to start another motor sports tradition here at the Silverdome as we are filling dates at the dome with renewed life,” said Ryan Westlake, the event coordinator for the event. “In the Silverdome’s past life, monster truck events were second only to the Lions as far as annual attendance. We look forward to bringing things full circle with a fun and entertaining monster truck event that is easy to get to, easy to park at and affordable for the entire family.” Monster Trucks are the ultimate in automotive “Destruction.”

Extreme Air, Colossal Sky-Wheelies, Thundering Pogos and Devastating Crashes which are all part of the show as these 10,000 pound machines will fly through the air and around the stadium in true Silverdome style. The Monster Truck Fall Shootout will take place on November 13th, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets go on sale October 14th and will be available at the Silverdome box office, online at www.SilverdomeTickets.com or by calling 248-338-2500. All tickets are general admission. Please call the box office for information regarding Family and Friends Suite Experience rental suites at (248) 338-2500.

All tickets purchased online in advance will include FREE entry into the Fan Appreciation Pit Party, where fans can walk the track, take photos, get autographs from the competitors and have an unforgettable experience before the event at the Pit Party. Fans holding a pit pass and an event ticket will be allowed onto the floor of the Silverdome from 4-6 pm before the event.

Free pit passes will be included with all tickets purchased online through November 12th. Day
of purchases and walk-up Pit Passes will be $5 at the door.

4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge – Auburn, IN – 10/16/10

Event:  4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge
Venue:  American Heritage Village
Location:  Auburn, Indiana
Date:  October 16th, 2010
Photographer:  Paul M. Harry

Lineup:  Iron Reaper Tank (Rick Romanini), Live Wire (Rick Romanini), Nitecrawler Tank (Andy Hoffman), Predator (Allen Pezo), Shotgun Harry (Jeff Cook), Uncle Slam (Rick Romanini) [Read more…]

4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge – Auburn, IN – 10/16/10

Event: 4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge
Venue: American Heritage Village
Location: Auburn, Indiana
Date: October 16th, 2010
Photographer: Michael Harry

Lineup: Iron Reaper Tank (Rick Romanini), Live Wire (Rick Romanini), Nitecrawler Tank (Andy Hoffman), Predator (Allen Pezo), Shotgun Harry (Jeff Cook), Uncle Slam (Rick Romanini) [Read more…]

Monster Spectacular Returns to Montreal w/14 Trucks, Figure 8 Racing

(Montreal, Quebec) The Monster Spectacular is returning to Olympic Stadium this Saturday night for one of the wildest events the Big O has ever seen – a 14 truck lineup and monster truck figure 8 racing!! The racing portion of the event will be unlike any other figure 8 ever seen as trucks will race together on the same course in a unique concept tested earlier this year at Quebec City Speedway. The lineup is stacked as always as Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter returns after sweeping last fall’s event while Team BIGFOOT sends new sensation team driver Amber Walker and Ms. Bigfoot north of the border for the first time to try and take him down. Also returning will be superstars Jim Koehler in Avenger, Chris Bergeron in Brutus and Mike Vaters in Black Stallion.

Making their first trip to Olympic Stadium will be the Straight Up Racing team out of Washington as freestyle juggernaut Bill Payne will make his final appearance in the current Rock Star chassis before scrapping it and debuting a new piece next season. Joining him will be team truck California Kid and rounding out the lineup will be big names including the “monstah lobstah” Crushstation, Bad Habit, Aftershock, Illuminator, Iron Warrior, Siberian Express and the debut of The Red Baron.

As if all that monster truck excitement wasn’t enough, the Monster Spectacular in Montreal never fails to have an amazing support card as this year’s event will feature the North American Autocross Championship and much more.

If you haven’t got your tickets already, head on over to www.MonsterSpectacular.com and get them now as this is one event you just don’t want to miss!!

Inaugural 4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge A Huge Success

The first ever Gas Guzzy 4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge was held to the delight of a massive crowd at the American Heritage Village in Auburn, Indiana. This event was the first of its kind as it celebrated the early history of monster trucks with nostalgia style car crushing, monster tank machines and even monster trucks floating across a 12 acre pond. In addition, a huge turnout of mud bog and obstacle course competitors were on hand to keep the action going all day long, along with a great assembly of beautiful show’n’shine machines.

The stars of the event were the “old school” monsters as monster truck veteran Allen Pezo brought out his newly restored original Predator truck, event organizer Jeff Cook had the newly completed nostalgia truck Shotgun Harry on hand and Andy Hoffman from just down the road in Huntington showed up with his Nitecrawler tank. Rick Romanini out of Michigan was a huge part of the event, showing up with a collection of old school machines including the original Duraliner Giant, now called Uncle Slam; the original Polar Bear which had been named Live Wire; the original Star Trax Tank now called the Iron Reaper; and the only mud truck that managed to defeat the deep bog all day, Johnny Law.

The nostalgia car crushing was incredibly popular with the fans, the monster tanks got them on their feet and cheering as Andy Hoffman blasted the mud bog in Nitecrawler and the highlight of the day was the 12 acre pond float where Predator, Shotgun Harry and and an old school style Chevrolet driven by Jeremy Hosmin all successfully floated from one end of the pond to the other.

The event was a blast from the past and the fans on hand were delighted by seeing how monster trucks got started – for some, it was reliving moments they had seen in person many years before and for others who were too young to remember or even not yet born, it was a chance to experience the glory days of monster trucks. Everyone walked away already anticipating the next event as it is sure that there will be other monster truck people dusting off old chassis and beginning to restore them just so they can be a part of the fun next year.

This Inaugural 4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge was an important test for promoter Jeff Cook and his Gas Guzzy Events & Marketing as after its huge success, now they can begin to slowly expand the concept and hope to bring a taste of nostalgia monster truckin’ to fans in more places each year.

TheMonsterBlog.com staff was out in force for the event as Ross Z. Bonar co-hosted the event with Jeff Perrin of Perrin Motorsports while Colby Marshall, Kaedon Berry and Chris Parrish filmed for episodes of TMB TV’s MT Unlimited and ActionTracks. Superphotographer Paul M. Harry captured all the action for a huge photo gallery. It was great to have nearly all of the TMB staff in one place again this year and it was a reminder of how lucky we are to have not only a very talented group but more importantly, a great group of people in our little family.

Stay tuned for coverage from this great event here on the site and on our Facebook page. A huge thanks to Jeff Cook and all his friends/family with Gas Guzzy Events for a historic event and to Allen Pezo, Andy Hoffman, and Rick Romanini for their great respect of monster truck history in keeping these old school machines alive.

Fans do us a favor and go check out and bookmark www.GasGuzzy.com and also www.WildmanJeff.com and stay tuned for all the developments they have in growing this nostalgia event.

First Ever 4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge This Weekend

Old school monster truck fans, get ready as the event you’ve been waiting for since the late 1980’s is coming to Auburn, Indiana Saturday, October 16th!! The first ever 4×4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge will be held at the American Heritage Village featuring “old school” monster trucks, mud bogs, show’n’shine, obstacle course racing and much more!!

This is one of the first throwback, nostalgia style monster truck events to ever be held and will feature old school monster trucks including Jeff Cook’s Shotgun Harry, Allen Pezo’s original Predator, Ron & Shelly Kujat’s Aces High and more! In addition to the old school trucks, monster tanks will be featured as well including Andy Hoffman’s Nitecrawler.

As if old school car crushing wasn’t enough, the Shotgun Harry and Predator trucks will attempt to float across a pond, something that hasn’t been seen in decades!! This one of a kind event is not to be missed by any true monster truck fan and the TMB crew will be out in force to cover it all, head on over to www.GasGuzzy.com to get more information and tickets to one of the fall’s biggest events

Monsters Tour of Destruction – Kawana, Queensland – 10/02/10

Event:  Monsters Tour of Destruction
Venue:  Stockland Park
Location:  Kawana, Queensland, Australia
Date:  October 2nd, 2010
Photographer:  Darryl Smith

Lineup:  Avenger Australia (Corey Clarke), Freakshow (Kreg Christensen), Outback Thunda 1 (Hayden McLeary), Outback Thunda 3 (Clive Featherby), Raptor’s Rampage (Kreg Christensen), Scooby Doo (Billy Featherby), Taz (Jaye Featherby) [Read more…]

Thunder on the Beach – Wildwood, NJ – 10/02-03/10

Event:  Thunder on the Beach
Venue:  The Wildwood Beach
Location:  Wildwood, New Jersey
Date:  October 2nd-3rd, 2010
Photographer:  Stephanie Cotnoir

Lineup:  Avenger (Jim Koehler), Bad Habit (Joe Sylvester), Black Stallion (Mike Vaters), Brutus (Chris Bergeron), Grave Digger (Gary Porter), Gun Slinger (Scott Hartsock), Spiderman (Whit Tarlton) [Read more…]

BIGFOOT Speed Record Attempt – Norwalk, OH – 09/25/10

Event:  ADRL Ohio Drags
Venue:  Summit Motorsports Park
Location:  Norwalk, Ohio
Date:  September 25th, 2010
Photographer:  Paul M. Harry

Lineup:  Summit Bigfoot #10 (Rodney Tweedy), Summit Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte) [Read more…]

TMB TV: MT Unlimited Episode 1.3 – Double Feature

Event: Monster Truck Show
Venue:  Indiana State Fairgrounds / Summit Motorsports Park
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana / Norwalk, Ohio
Date: September 18th, 2010 / September 25th, 2010
Host: Colby Marshall
Videographer: Colby Marshall

Lineup:  High Maintenance (Jocelyn Perrin), Summit Bigfoot #10 (Rodney Tweedy), Summit Bigfoot #16 (Dan Runte) [Read more…]

Marvel Expands Deal With Feld Motor Sports

(New York, NY) Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a global character-based entertainment licensing company, announced today that it has expanded its partnership with Feld Motor Sports, the world leader in specialized arena and stadium-based motor sports family entertainment, to include new products featuring the Iron Man and Spider-Man custom-designed monster trucks that perform on the worldwide Monster Jam® tour.

The expanded partnership includes die-cast replicas of the Marvel monster trucks, at various scales, from Monster Jam’s die-cast toy partner Mattel. Feld Motor Sports also has category rights to produce trading cards, posters, calendar and other toys featuring replica images of Marvel touring trucks. Product will be launching at major retailers in the U.S. and Canada in early 2011. The expanded partnership also includes co-branded apparel, which will be launching for holiday 2010.

The Iron Man and Spider-Man custom-designed monster trucks made their official debut at Monster Jam — the world’s premier monster truck tour — earlier this year.

“This expanded partnership with Feld Motor Sports underscores our strategy to expand the reach and exposure of our brands to new audiences and through new entertainment formats. The new co-branded product will leverage the enormous appeal of the Monster Jam property — both in the stadiums/arenas and at retail — to bring the Marvel brand experience to their core family audience,” said Paul Gitter, President of Consumer Products for North America, Marvel Entertainment.

”Expanding our partnership with Marvel to include die-cast toys at retail and inside the stadiums and arenas is a natural progression of our relationship,” said Charlie Mancuso, President of Feld Motor Sports. “We will continue to work with Marvel to grow our relationship at Monster Jam events even more to create lasting connections with our fans around the world.”

With more than 325 live performances a year at the world’s premier stadiums and arenas, Monster Jam has a family-oriented fan base of more than four million spectators. Monster Jam events blow the roof off traditional motor sports, featuring giant monster trucks competing in a thrilling, car-crushing frenzy. Monster Jam events are also televised on the SPEED Channel and CBS.

For more information on Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, visit www.MonsterJam.com.