Jackson, MI Monster Truck Shootout Photo Gallery

Larry Hatt’s 2010 Michigan Monster Truck Shootout Tour continued as the monsters made their way to the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Jackson, Michigan. TMB’s Paul M. Harry was on hand for the action as Allen Pezo in Predator swept the event. Also on hand were Prowler, Bad News Travels Fast, Ballistic, Full Boar and Desperado. A big thanks to Paul for all the great photos and to Larry Hatt for his hospitality. Click the link below to check out the photos!!


Monster Trucks & Tuff Trucks Return to Mansfield

(Mansfield, OH) The monsters are returning to the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, Ohio this Friday and Saturday night!

All the fun starts both nights, September 3rd-4th, at 7:00PM with gates opening and a pre-show pit party beginning at 6:00PM. The lineup features Ohio native and 27 year monster truck veteran Bobby Holman and his Beast monster truck, along with other big names including Heavy Hitter, Ironman, Cyclone, American Thunder and Evolution. Fans will also see Lorena Daughtery’s amazing Hairrazor machine take on the six monsters. Two classes of tough trucks will also do battle on a tough obstacle course.

Advance Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for kids and are available at the Richland County Fairgrounds and at Rockin Wingz restaurant. Tickets will also be available at the gate for additional $2 the day of show. Don’t miss out as the monsters return to Mansfield this weekend!!

Introducing “TMB TV: MT Unlimited” Video Series

TMB TV is proud to unveil our second brand new series, MT Unlimited, produced in conjunction with our own Colby Marshall and Bite Me Productions Studios!!  Colby is introducing another great new format to the TMB TV family of video coverage, as MT Unlimited will focus not only on all the great action of events, but also go behind the scenes with a unique interview format that puts the drivers, crews and industry personnel front and center.

Much like last week’s debut of ActionTracks, we kick off the series with one of the biggest events of the year, the Maverik Clash of the Titans from Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City, Utah. 12 trucks and the only figure 8 monster truck racing of the year featuring intense battles between Bigfoot, Bounty Hunter, Amsoil Shock Therapy, Obsession and many more.

A big thanks to Colby for the awesome work on this new series and also to the RMR staff for welcoming us at their event. Click the link below to start enjoying all of the exciting new content from TMB TV’s MT Unlimited!!


Practice Jump Feature of Media Day for Bad Habit World Record Monster Truck Jump

(Bad Habit PR – Weedsport, NY) Members of the media will get their first glimpse of Monster Truck Bad Habit, and driver Joey Sylvester on media day August 31st at the Miller Farm, home of the Cornfield 500, in Columbus, PA. The final tune-up before Sylvester tries to enter history books by breaking the world record Monster Truck Jump of 202 feet set by the legendary Bigfoot.

As part of the final tune up, Sylvester, who is still recovering from a back injury in a recent exhibition, will jump the two ton bad habit half the world record distance. “I’m still very sore from my accident last week, but I’ve put in countless hours to attempt this record and nothing is going to stop me,” Exclaimed Sylvester. “I’ve dreamed about putting my name in the record books, and a few bumps and bruises won’t stop it.”

Members of the media will also be able to speak with Joey Sylvester as he will answer questions during a press conference. Media day will begin at 2:00pm on Tuesday August 31st and is open to all members of the media.

The world Record Attempt will take place Labor Day weekend, Sunday September 5th at Baker Hill Farm in Columbus, P.A. The event will be broadcast across the globe on DIRTVision.com. DIRTVision.com is the fastest growing motorsports video streaming website. To view the broadcast simply sign in and purchase the 12.99 Pay per view subscription. Coverage will begin at 8pm .

For more information on the Jump and Media day contact Sabrena Miller 814-566-7498, or by email at info@bakerhillmotorsports.com. Directions and more info can be found at www.cornfield500.com. For more info visit www.teamemedia.com, or www.DIRTVision.com.

Zoo Games Inks Deal With Monster Truck Powerhouse BIGFOOT

(Cincinnati, OH) Just days after BIGFOOT’s won the 2010 Monster Nationals Racing Championship, Zoo Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ CM: ZOOG) is announcing that they have inked a software publishing deal with the innovators of the monster truck. This announcement comes just two years after the initial success of BIGFOOT Collision Course, the first BIGFOOT title published by Zoo on WiiT and DS. With the original collaboration resulting in over 250,000 copies sold, Zoo and “The Original Monster Truck®” are ready to bring mind blowing action back to its fans for a second time.

Developed and published by Zoo, the new BIGFOOT title will bring the realistic experience of monster truck racing to 4×4 fans and video game enthusiasts alike. By replicating the same innovative construction that has made BIGFOOT the leader in the monster truck industry, Zoo plans to bring the car crushing action from the arena to the living room. “Monster trucks are an assault on your senses, both visually and audibly,” said Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo. “In order to maintain the realism of the trucks and the sport, we’re looking forward to working closely with BIGFOOT to produce another action-packed title that pays homage to the sport and its fans.”

With a track record of success with Zoo, BIGFOOT shares the same enthusiasm for the upcoming title. “After the overwhelming success of BIGFOOT Collision Course, we’re thrilled to be working with Zoo again,” said Bob Chandler, owner and operator of Bigfoot 4×4, Inc. “It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to share our love for monster trucks with the mass market, and we look forward to making our upcoming title a great success.”

Zoo will begin development this year and plans to release the upcoming title in 2011. For more information on Team BIGFOOT, check out www.Bigfoot4x4.com.

Introducing “TMB TV: ActionTracks” Video Series

TMB TV is proud to unveil a brand new series produced in conjunction with our own Chris Parrish and CP Action Art, ActionTracks!! Chris has put together a great new format in a spinoff of TMB’s popular TMB TV series that features great monster truck action, interviews and features.

What better way to debut this new series than by covering one of the summer’s premiere events, the Monster Truck Challenge from Bristol Motor Speedway!! By clicking the link below, you’ll see eight of the top monster trucks in the country do battle in the infield of one of the most famous race tracks in the world.

A big thanks to Chris for his great work on the new series and to the MTC staff for their hospitality, click the link below to enjoy all the action!!


Rick Long & BIGFOOT Awarded 2010 Monster Nationals Racing Title

(Hazelwood, MO) Team BIGFOOT is proud to announce that Rick Long, driver of BIGFOOT #15, has been officially crowned the 2010 Monster Nationals Racing champion!

Not since the 2005 Monster Nationals season has Team BIGFOOT fielded a vehicle for the full duration of the tour and challenged for the championship title. In fact, the last Monster Nationals title won by a BIGFOOT driver was Eric Tack in 2003 driving (you guessed it) BIGFOOT #15.

Although the 2010 season would be Rick Long’s first full trip through the Monster Nationals schedule, he is most definitely no stranger to the events, having competed in a number of them over the course of the 2006-2009 seasons.

Long’s road to the championship honors was a most impressive one, as the veteran driver showed he truly is one of Team BIGFOOT’s most aggressive and versatile wheelsmen. With only a couple exceptions, the Monster Nationals series primarily takes place on the bare concrete floors of various arenas across the country, due mainly to time constraints placed on the event organizers or venue regulations against using a track made of dirt. This, of course, presents the drivers and their crew with a host of challenges that they must conquer in order to find on-track success.
The Monster Nationals event format features several individual styles of monster truck competition, including the Wheelie Contest, Freestyle, and Side-by-Side drag racing over junk cars. Long and BIGFOOT showed no mercy in the side-by-side racing category! See the team’s jaw-dropping win statistics: over the course of 24 individual racing events, Long and BIGFOOT captured 16 event wins and took runner-up in a number of other final rounds. This 2-1 win ratio left Long with a total of 1,925 points at season’s end, nearly 1,000 points more than second place finisher Doug Noelke and Tailgator, who amassed 950 to his credit. With those facts on the table, it’s not hard to see why Rick Long is your 2010 Monster Nationals Racing champion!

Nearly as impressive as his racing success were Long’s achievements in both the Wheelie Contest and Freestyle segments of the events, where he finished in second place in both categories. This championship is Long’s second. His first was the 2007 Monster Madness

“We just had an outstanding year running the Monster Nationals tour,” said Rick Long. “Usually winning that many races means you’ve tore up a bunch of stuff, but we somehow lucked out and had it pretty easy this year,” he explained. He went on to add that “Our guys in the shop really took care of me this year, and whatever it is we did to the truck’s setup sure worked, because there wasn’t a truck out there this year that could run as fast and consistent as we did in side-by-side racing.” Perhaps even more interesting to note is the fact that despite its racing-biased tune-up and suspension setup, Long’s BIGFOOT truck proved to be a highly aggressive and successful competitor in both the wheelie contest and freestyle categories.

For the majority of the 2010 season Long competed as the only representative of Team BIGFOOT on the tour, the only exception being the 3-day Madison, WI event, where he was joined by teammate Chris Ludwig in Snake Bite (BIGFOOT #11). Ludwig would prove that Team BIGFOOT’s mastery of indoor non-dirt racing wasn’t strictly limited to just one truck, or one driver – Chris took second place honors in racing during the Saturday night event and captured his first ever indoor national event win on Sunday!

With the 2010 Monster Nationals tour in the books, Rick Long and company will shift their focus to a number of non-point events and a handful of special appearances for BIGFOOT’s two primary sponsors – Firestone tires and Summit Racing Equipment. One can certainly bet that by the time the 2011 Monster Nationals season kicks off in January, Rick Long and BIGFOOT will be ready to defend their title!

“We’re going to approach the 2011 season just like we did the 2010 season, with two goals in mind: win races, and make our fans happy,” said Long. “Thankfully, those two go hand in hand.”

For more information on Rick Long, BIGFOOT #15, and the entire BIGFOOT team, visit their online home at www.Bigfoot4x4.com. You can find driver and truck bios, an online store, the schedule for the team’s fleet of seven touring monster trucks, and much more.

Obsession Racing Press Release 12

(Menifee, CA) On the 14th and 15th of August Obsession Racing made their first appearance at the legendary RMR (Rocky Mountain Raceway) Clash of the Titans Event. This is one of the biggest West Coast Events held during the summertime season. RMR had twelve of the most competitive racing trucks. The giant figure eight course takes driving ability, horsepower, and your equipment needs to be at its best. The track is set up in the form of an hourglass design on asphalt. Instead of having the looped corners of a figure eight, you have very sharp corners with two short straight a way’s and two long straight a way’s plus racing at very high speeds it is very difficult to have any traction. This is defiantly a driver’s course!

Rick drove Obsessed and Jeff Jones was in Obsession. In the weeks leading up to this event Rick was told that first time drivers at this track usually do not make it out the first round. On Saturday night Rick qualified in the middle of the field. Unfortunately Jeff hit a cone during qualifying and this put him lower on the bracket but he was quick for his time. In racing Jeff in Obsession was taken out by King Krunch. Rick took Obsessed all the way to the semi finals again Dan Runte in Big Foot. He was very pleased considering first timers of RMR are never likely to make it to the top.

Sunday evening had both racing and freestyle. During qualifying Rick was doing awesome and unfortunately slid out in the corner costing him a broken input shaft in the transmission. Jeff did his qualifying run in Obsession and then immediately helped Rick try to get the transmission back together in Obsessed for racing. Jeff chose to stick with working on Obsessed, with the help of Michael Christensen while Rick jumped in Obsession and brought it to the semi finals. This was pretty impressive since the Obsession truck has the smaller motor. For freestyle they couldn’t get Obsessed back together in time. Rick continued the night in Obsession and did a great freestyle the pleased the crowd. We wanted to give special thanks and appreciation to all of the people that helped us. Michael Christensen for all of your help at the track, David Smith for getting us into this show, Jimmy Creten for the transmission parts, Jim Allen for the great photo’s, and Doug Binstock for booking us into this show and the awesome meal on Friday night. The Obsession Racing Team is looking forward to this show once again next year!

For more information on Obsession Racing, go to www.ObsessionRacing.com.

BIGFOOT Bad Boy III Design Contest 2011

(Hazelwood, MO) Here is your chance to be a part of BIGFOOT history! You now have the chance to design an all-new paint scheme for the 2011 Bad Boy BIGFOOT III. Ever since Larry Swim and the Bad Boy BIGFOOT debuted for Checkered Flag Productions in 2009, it has been by far the most popular BIGFOOT to hit the series. Larry has brought a whole new attitude to BIGFOOT and came up with his own style of driving “Bad Boy style!” Larry and Bad Boy BIGFOOT are the 2009 and 2010 Checkered Flag Productions Champions!

The contest begins August 23rd and goes through September 30th, 2010 at midnight. The Bad Boy BIGFOOT III design must include the CFP Bad Boy of racing logo and BIGFOOT logo (see website for logos). The winner will be picked on October 15th and announced on October 18th. He/she will receive the following:
1) Framed 8X10 picture of Bad Boy BIGFOOT, Driver, and YOU!
2) 2 all new Bad Boy BIGFOOT 1/64 scale toys
3) 4 Tickets to a CFP event near you.

Good Luck to Everyone! CFP and BIGFOOT 4X4, Inc reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any submission(s). Please send your design images (preferably in jpg, gif or pdf format) to the following e-mail address: badboy@bigfoot4x4.com. For more info on the contest and on Team BIGFOOT, go to www.Bigfoot4x4.com.

Obsession Racing Press Release 11

(Menifee, CA) In the last four weeks Obsession Racing has done four events in three weekends. It started out on Rick’s Fathers Birthday which was Sunday, July 18th. The event was held at the Turlock fair for John Shipman Motorsports. This was a freestyle show that consisted of three rounds. The first round was donut display. The second round was sky wheelie exhibition and the third and final round was a one minute freestyle exhibition. Jeff drove the Obsession Monster Truck and Rick was in Eric’s Obsessed truck. What we thought would be a laid back fair exhibition turned out to be more strenuous than expected. During our brunch we received a phone call telling us we needed to show up at the track because Obsession’s tire was leaking air and needed to be attended to before the show. We got to the track and worked in 105 degree (humid) weather and patched the tire 3 times and after the third try we didn’t have enough time to let the patch dry before the show. We were fortunate that Living the Dream Racing let us borrow a tire for the show! Everyone put on an awesome show! We were so grateful to hit the hotel showers when the event was over!!

From Turlock we headed to Salinas California for another John Shipmen’s Motorsports event. The event was held on August 1st and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! The weekend started out on Friday and Saturday displaying the trucks to promote Sunday’s event. Once again it was Jeff and Rick piloting the trucks. This was a standard show format with racing and freestyle. Rick started the show with the fastest qualifying time. Jeff was put up against Bigfoot on the first round of racing. This was a very tough course consisting of a double Chicago style with both left and right turns. Rick in Obsessed and Bigfoot were in the finals. Rick took the victory so he could uphold Eric image! Freestyle was awesome Jeff and Rick both made the local newspapers. I think this was the some of most air that Obsessed has ever flown! It was a fun show and meaningful as the proceeds went to the local Children’s hospital.

This past weekend Rick and Eric went over to Victoria Canada to do an event for Big Toyz Racing for Western Speedway. This was a two day show and exhibition only. This was Eric’s first trip out of the United States. The Canadian were excited to see a 14 year old piloting a Monster truck. He was the talk of the show! Friday night Eric was a natural behind the wheel going over jumps and doing some wicked donuts on the asphalt! When Rick was in his third round he was doubling up a jump and on the second hit he broke the right rear spindle in half. Rick was driving Obsession, so of course he had to blame Jeff for the damage” Obsession must have got weak from the event in Salinas when Jeff drove”. Rick never seems to break the truck on his own!

Rick and Eric got the truck back in running order on Saturday, but due to rain the show was postponed until Sunday afternoon. Sunday Rick and Eric put on another great show and the local papers proved it as they did a special article on Eric. They had a great time but they are very pleased to be back in the good old US of A! We would like to thank Brad Campbell for helping Obsession Racing and transporting our trucks for us. This weekend Jeff and Rick will be in Salt Lake City Utah for Rocky Mountain Raceway’s event on Saturday and Sunday August 13th and 14th.

For more information on Obsession Racing, go to www.ObsessionRacing.com.

TMB Weekend Update – Charlotte & RMR

Well fans, its a huge weekend for monster trucks as two of the biggest events of the summer are happening on opposite ends of the country and TMB is on hand for all the action!!

Tonight the Monster Truck Challenge Back to School Bash returns to The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway as 10 trucks will once again take on the wildest racing course in the history of monster trucks. TMB’s Chris Parrish is on hand filming for what will be Episode #2 of the new ActionTracks series and he’ll have all the highlights as Mike Hawkins in Equalizer looks to win it all for third straight year in Charlotte. He’ll take on Avenger, Raminator, Stone Crusher, Mopar Magic, Backdraft, Brutus, Hot Tamale, War Wizard and Tail Gator – what a lineup!  Check out www.CharlotteMotorSpeedway.com for more information on one of the year’s biggest events.

Out west, its the annual Maverik Clash of the Titans at Rocky Mountain Raceway in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah today and tomorrow. Twelve trucks will take on the tricky figure 8 style race course and our own Colby Marshall is on hand for all the fun as he too will be filming for another new TMB TV spinoff video series – stay tuned for more news on that. The lineup will feature drivers who have dominated at RMR before – Dan Runte in Retro-Bigfoot, Jimmy Creten in Bounty Hunter and David Smith in King Krunch. They’ll take on some tough RMR first timers including Jon Zimmer in Amsoil Shock Therapy and Rick Swanson in Obsession who are both expected to contend for victories. El Matador, Ms. Bigfoot, Obsessed, Maverik Monster Trakkar, Excaliber, Iron Outlaw and Captain USA round out the lineup. For more information, check out www.RMRRacing.com as you do not want to miss this event.

Stay tuned to the TMB Facebook page this weekend as Chris and Colby will keep you updated on all the happenings with these two HUGE events!!

New TMB TV Series, “ActionTracks” Premiering Soon

TheMonsterBlog.com’s Chris Parrish has been doing great work for the past couple years, with both amazing photography and starting this year, a great video series complete with interviews and features.

Well now Chris has had the chance to refine that video series into an all TMB TV spinoff series, ACTIONTRACKS. The premiere episode of ActionTracks is coming up very soon featuring the huge Monster Truck Challenge event from Bristol Motor Speedway, and Episode #2 will feature MTC from Charlotte. What a way to start a great new series – thanks to Chris for all his hard work and we’re eagerly awaiting the debut of ActionTracks Episode #1 from Bristol Motor Speedway!

BIGFOOT & Monster Trakkar Make One Child’s Monster Sized Dream Come True

(RMR PR – West Valley City, UT) Accomplished Monster Truck drivers Dan Runte and Ron Duncombe will make a personal visit to Tyson Howick of Kearns, Utah on Friday, August 13, complete with 20,000 pounds of monster truck fury.

Runte and Duncombe will visit Howick at a local church parking lot at 10:00 a.m. to display Runte’s Bigfoot and Duncombe’s Monster Trakker monster trucks.

Rocky Mountain Raceways and Firestone partnered together to host this visit as they prepare for Maverik Clash of the Titans XIV on August 14 and 15 at Rocky Mountain Raceways. The Angel’s Hands Foundation arranged for this visit as Howick is unable to attend Maverik Clash of the Titans XIV due to medical reasons.

“I am really looking forward to this visit. Monster Trucks and kids go together. To see a child’s face light up when they see the Bigfoot Monster Truck makes my job worth it,” said Runte.

Runte and Duncombe will both be competing at Saturday and Sundays Maverik Clash of the Titans XIV Monster Truck Competition at Rocky Mountain Raceways. This is one of the only places that fans can see monster trucks compete on a figure-eight track.

“This is really neat for spectators and awesome from a driver’s perspective. This is one of my favorite tracks right now. It can be difficult to maneuver but this event attracts some of the best monster trucks from around the United States.” said Runte.

Maverik Clash of the Titans XIV is Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15. Gates open at 4 p.m., qualifying begins at 5 p.m. and racing begins at 6 p.m. Adults are $20 and youth (5-12) are $15 on Saturday and $10 on Sunday.

In its fourteenth year, Rocky Mountain Raceways is Utah’s premiere motor sports facility for oval racing, drag racing and motocross racing. Go to www.RMRRacing.com for more information.

Monster Trucks at Eldora Coverage

This past weekend the legendary Eldora Speedway owned by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart teamed up with Outlaw Monster Trucks for the first ever Monster Trucks at Eldora!! The event featured a stellar lineup of trucks including Lucas Oil Stabilizer, Amsoil Shock Therapy, Predator, Excaliber, Prowler and Ironman competing in wheelie, racing and freestyle competitions.

The wheelie contest would see Jon Zimmer in Amsoil Shock Therapy take the victory based on two great slap wheelies, just edging out new teammate David Brown in Excaliber. Racing would be battled out on a huge Chicago-style course and it was Ohio native Bobby Holman taking the big win in Lucas Oil Stabilizer in the finals over Lenny Kuilder in Prowler.

After blowing a motor in Amsoil Shock Therapy, Jon Zimmer took the wheel of Excaliber for freestyle at the request of teammate David Brown. Zimmer proceeded to lay down an epic, dominating freestyle run to take the big victory. A huge thanks to TMB Super Photographer Paul Harry for a great photo gallery from the event, and to his son Michael for shooting some great video.

Click the links below to check out all the coverage!! Also a big thanks to the entire Eldora Speedway staff and to Steve Quercio and Outlaw Monster Trucks for letting TMB be a part of this great event!!



Monroe Monster Truck Madness Photo Gallery

TMB Super Photographer Paul M. Harry started off another big weekend of monster trucks Friday night in Monroe, Michigan for the annual Midwest Monster Truck Events Monster Truck Madness!! Talk about a stacked lineup – Avenger, Amsoil Shock Therapy, Brutus, High Maintenance, Excaliber, Spike and Wrecking Crew.

The big stars did battle in wheelie, racing and freestyle and it was Jim Koehler starting off the night winning the wheelie contest, with a massive vertical leap. In racing it was all Chris Bergeron in Brutus while a hard fought freestyle would see Jon Zimmer in Amsoil Shock Therapy take top honors.

Big thanks to Tim Bush and Elliott Miller for a great event and of course to the man, Paul Harry, for the great photo gallery below. Click the link below to check them out!!