Monster Photos: Monster X Tour – Evansville, IN 2012

Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Vanderburgh County 4-H Center
Location: Evansville, Indiana
Date: July 13th-14th, 2012
Photographer: Chris Parrish

Lineup: El Loco Hombre (Corey Schlichler), Ghost Ryder (Larry Quick), Hurricane Force (Steve Thompson), Quadzilla (Roger Gauger), Storm Damage (Rich Hilgendorf)

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  1. Ethan jones says:

    When is the Evansville video going to be on the site

  2. peter tutle says:

    when is the miami episode coming? im not happy and might not watch tmbtv anymore

  3. So, I see Rich has left Team Scream and Spike Unleashed. He’s a good driver.

  4. Ethan jones says:

    I was at the event on Saturday night and it was good

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just cause someone filled in doesn’t mean they left a team… Not going to follow this site due to no video.. Peter you serious? Wow you realize these people have every day lifes?

  6. peter tutle says:

    im just alittle upset. i wait long periods for monster jam on speed. ive waited over a month for miami tmb tv. im still going to follow the monster blog. and my hagerstown show got canceled by the speedway due to rain that had been that mourning. so i had to go on sunday and drive for over 3 hours.

  7. Ethan D Jones says:

    Chris when is the Evansville video coming up is it going up on the Actiontracks or TMB TV

  8. Anonymous : so you’re saying Rich did not leave Team Scream? It is a reasonable assumption since Rich drove another team’s truck at least at this show and Brutus was driven by a fill-in in another show. Don’t come in here trying to call people out. Every poster I’ve seen on TMB has been very kind and courteous, until you. Please live up to your word and don’t follow this site.

  9. I hear all of the commotion about Rich driving for another team and I think back to a few years ago when Rich piloted Suddrn Impact Racing trucks as a fill-in. To be in need of a driver is a horrible thing and Rich was kind enough to fill the void of Storm Damage.

    As stated once before, I am still awating one mister Larry Quick to return the name Pony Express to the track. He has had Ghost Ryder, Daredevil, and now has El Loco Hombre and I feel that a classic is the way to go for his first truck.

    I was very pleased to see that Quadzilla ran at this show. It has, to me at least, seemed like years since the last I herd of the truck in competition.

    Finally I applaud Chris for the fabulous photography job as shown above and I feel that he is working very hard to get everything up to date. I know that everyone is being very impatient about the TMBTV episodes and I know that Chris is working his hardest to post more. As I was once told, “The more you ask for it, the longer it will take to be up,” the great JD. The TMB staff can only work so fast, so rather be patient or, which I strongly advise against, pout about it and check back later.

  10. Are you kidding me Peter you are not going to watch TMBTV just because of one episode is late

  11. OKay guys lets stop and be nice about it Im sure Ross or Chris is working on the video

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