TMB TV: ActionTracks 3.2 – Toughest Monster Truck Tour – Youngstown, OH 2012

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Episode Information

Episode: ActionTracks 3.2
Event: Toughest Monster Truck Tour
Venue: Covelli Center
Location: Youngstown, Ohio
Date: February 3rd-4th, 2011
Host: Chris Parrish
Videographer: Chris Parrish
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Featured Monster Trucks

Shell Camino – Shelley Kujat
Stinger – Zane Rettew
Summit Bigfoot #18 – Dan Runte
Tail Gator – Doug Noelke
Toxic – Travis Petri
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  1. Thanks Chris for bringing this show to the rest of us. I’ve probably been following MT longer than you guys have been alive, but I’m no videographer like ya’ll are. Impressed with Stinger in TMBTV episodes I’ve seen him in. Really like BF18. I saw that BF was trying to get fans to promote BF at the St. Louis Monster Jam show. Is Bob actually trying to get BF on with Monster Jam? I would imagine Feld would want some rights to the BF name and I would be surprised if Bob is willing to give them anything. However, after losing the Ford sponsorship, he may be in need of a big sponsor.

  2. The time trial runs remind me of the Silverdome obstacle course track from a couple years ago.

    And ATL, I think Bob and Bigfoot are doing just fine with the big sponsors they have, Summit Racing, Firestone, Lucas Oil, Odyssey Batteries and now Vi-Cor. I think Bigfoot needs to stay out of Monster Jam, they already had a big disagreement that caused them to separate in the first place, and Bob doesn’t like how they do the freestyle part of the show.

    Just sayin what I’ve been told and read.

  3. peter tuttle says:

    zane and stinger gave the wow factor of the weekeng. if he turned to the left he might have saved it.

  4. BigFoot 18 is awsome, it looks like a trophy truck on steroids. As for big foot on monster jam i’m kinda on the fence about that but I don’t think that Bob Chandler and Feld will ever be in agreement with one another. Besides monster jam (feld) seems to promote Grave Digger as the first monster truck, wich is total bull shit. So in the end i watch the monster blog for monster trucks not monster jam.

  5. Dustin: My comment on BF possibly wanting to get on with MJ is based on an email BF sent out announcing a merchandise sale both online and in store to encourage people to wear BF shirts, etc. at the St. Louis MJ show. In that email, which I deleted, it said something like, “BF will not be appearing at the MJ show, but not b/c of BF not wanting to be there.” Again, that is not the exact wording, but that was the gist of it. It was that wording that caught my attention. It read like BF wanted to be at the MJ show. You’re right about the disagreement b/n the former MJ owner and Bob, but possibly Bob is trying again with the new management of Feld after they bought MJ a year or so ago. Mike is also right about Digger being THE truck for MJ. I don’t think there would be enough “room” for the two of them (Digger and BF, plus Meents) in MJ. Maybe Bob just wants to do the St. Louis show, b/c it’s in BF’s hometown; come in as an independent like MJ hires for a show or two (think Razin’ Kane, Titan, etc.). Maybe TMB can look into this. Just the possibility of BF appearing at a MJ show at all would be a huge thing in monster truck history.

  6. ricky stutsy says:

    Here’s a idea, a showdown between the Legend vs the so called Icon .Team Bigfoot vs The Grave Digger.They could race different courses in a best of 5 out of 5 match.The race would be outside and on non Monster Jam ground.I don’t think Bigfoot needs to be with Monster Jam,but having Bigfoot at the St. Louis Monster Jam show would probaly be a sellout.Bigfoot at Monster Jam World Finals would be awesome to see.Whatever Bob Chandler does, I will still be a Bigfoot fan.Bigfoot 18 is AWESOME!

  7. peter tuttle says:

    i go to a small show at a tractor pull venue in quarryville pa its the only time i see bigfoot. the owner wants to get digger so he battle with bigfoot. i think it would be cooler if digger took on max d

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