TMB TV: MT Unlimited 3.4 – Monster Truck Winter Nationals – Cape Girardeau, MO 2012

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Episode Information

Episode: MT Unlimited 3.4
Event: Monster Truck Winter Nationals
Venue: Show Me Center
Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Date: February 11th, 2012
Videographer: Colby Marshall
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Featured Monster Trucks

Bigfoot Bad Boy #16 – Larry Swim
Clydesdale – Bennett Clark
Monkey’N Around – Steven Hill
Outtacontrol – Orville Hill
Strait Jacket – Kevin King
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  1. Larry Swim should have won that freestyle! My opinion. Monkey’n Around must have won it because of the donut @ the end of his run cause larry was dead on in the Bad Boy Bigfoot in the major air department. Good job any way for Larry and Bigfoot #16.

  2. I agree with Wayne ^

  3. I would have been disapponted to pay to see this show ! Good thing Bigfoot was there to give the crowd something to watch !

  4. @Sally, BOOO lol. I thought it looked like a great show. Thanks for the coverage!! Wish I could have been there to cheer on my good buddies!!

  5. Dominic Annechino says

    Larry got ripped off

  6. Wow, jealousy is a horrible disease and I hope you guys get better real soon!! I’ve seen the videos and Wayne, dear, there’s more to freestyle than just jumping, Larry just didn’t keep up, simple as that. It was a crowd cheer off and the crowd cheered for who they liked the best. So it sounds like you guys need to chill out and quit being so negative cuz the underdog beat “the big bad Bigfoot” lol have a blessed day!! Btw all the drivers did a good job congrats to the winners

  7. Sorry Amanda, have to agree with Wayne and Dick. Larry had a few “wow” moments, due to the space/lack of obstacles, not due to his driving. Monkey had a, singular, moment with the donut.

  8. We used to run R/C models for Big Ed Beckly during the early 2000s at CFP’s Cape Giradeau venue (I remember one year, we did an almost full arena backflip jump off the FMX ramps and another year, clearing a line of cars…..funny how the crowd got into that there). Regardless, always had a fun time. Great to see the original Clydesdale body scheme being ran again.

  9. peter tutle says

    monkey had nice momentum and a cyclone but bigfoot had the momentum and the big air. im not sure who i would say

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