TMB TV: MT Unlimited 3.2 – Monster X Tour – Jackson, MS 2012

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Episode Information

Episode: MT Unlimited 3.2
Event: Monster X Tour
Venue: Mississippi Coliseum
Location: Jackson, Mississippi
Date: January 20th-21st, 2012
Videographers: Colby Marshall
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Featured Monster Trucks

Ballistic – Mac Plecker
Evolution – Greg Sutton
Nite Stalker – Dalton Van Skyhawk
Sweet Tooth – Dave Rife
The General – Travis Thompson
War Wizard – Robert Parker
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  1. Great video as always Colby. I love the behind the scenes interviews and repair shots. Max put on a great show as always (hope he is back in Michigan next summer). You guys need some business cards with the logo and web address to hand out and promote the site more. If you get business cards to hand out I want a couple hundred to hand out at shows to people. Great site with awesome content and videos.

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