BIGFOOT is a Hit at the Country Music Awards

(Hazelwood, MO – BIGFOOT PR) – The 40th annual Country Music Association Fan Festival rocked downtown Nashville June 9th through the 12th, and taking part in it all from the start was Team BIGFOOT’s very own Firestone/MLB All-Star Game BIGFOOT monster truck!

In conjunction with Martin & Co. Advertising and long-time sponsor Firestone, Team BIGFOOT’s first and only Chevrolet-bodied monster truck sat proudly at the forefront of the CMA Power Zone exhibit in downtown Nashville for the entire duration of the legendary country music festival celebration, offering fans the chance to get up close and personal with one of the most historic trucks in the BIGFOOT stable.

Sporting the traditional red, white, and blue coloring and logo design of Major League Baseball along with 2011 All-Star Game logos and Firestone branding, the truck was arguably the most photographed vehicle in the Power Zone.

The MLB All Star Game themed BIGFOOT on display at the Country Music Awards.

“The MLB All-Star Game BIGFOOT was a joint venture between our team and our friends at Firestone last year, in an effort to support Firestone’s position as the official tire of MLB and the All-Star Game,” explained BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. VP Bob Trent. “The truck was a massive hit at last year’s All-Star Game in Anaheim, so we’re bringing it back again in 2011 for the All-Star Game in Phoenix.” He added that “We know not everyone can make it to Phoenix this year to see the truck, so we’ve arranged for it to make a few additional stops this year, including the CMA Fan Festival in Nashville with the help of Rachel and Zan at Martin & Co. Advertising.”

“The staff members of both BIGFOOT 4×4 Inc. and Firestone were wonderful to work with. Having one of their iconic BIGFOOT trucks displayed in the Power Zone at the CMA Music Festival was an incredible draw for fans of all ages and brought much of the traffic to the zone,” said Rachel Smith of Martin & Co. Advertising. “Even the iconic Budweiser Dalmatian from the Clydesdale Display is now a fan, as he thought the huge tires were the world’s biggest chew toys!”

Not only is the MLB All-Star Game BIGFOOT an unprecedented step forward for the monster truck industry in terms of brand cross-promotion, but it is also the team’s first ever Chevrolet monster truck. “After running Ford-bodied and Ford-powered trucks since 1975, we felt that with Chevrolet being the official truck of MLB, the All-Star Game BIGFOOT should be a Chevrolet also,” explained Trent. “This was a dramatic step in a new direction for us and an exciting one as well. We even went so far as to replace the truck’s Ford power plant with a race-ready 540ci engine based off of a Chevrolet V8.”

If the favorable fan reception of the truck in Nashville serves as any indicator, then the truck will no doubt once again be a “home run” with the crowds in Phoenix in July. Fans will be able to interact with the truck, its driver, and crew at the FanFest event in Phoenix, held July 8th through the 12th at the Phoenix Convention Center, across the street from the All-Star Game venue, Chase field. For more information on the All-Star FanFest, fans can navigate online to


  1. LOVE the MLB Bigfoot regardless of the fact that I’m a life-long anti-Chevy person.

  2. Just wondering Mark, you do realize that Bigfoot is a Ford, not a Chevy, right? Just wondering.

    But I love the new paint job!

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