TMB TV: MT Unlimited Episode 2.2 – Du Quoin, IL 2011

Event: Monster Nationals
Venue: Southern Illinois Center
Location: Du Quoin, Illinois
Date: February 25th-26th, 2011
Host: Colby Marshall
Videographer: Colby Marshall

Lineup: Chalkboard Chuck (Jeff Hatten), E3 Spark Plugs Bigfoot #15 (Rick Long), Heavy Hitter (Derrick Anson), Lucas Oil Stabilizer (Bobby Holman), Star Marshal (Dave Radzierez), Stomper (Joe Nichter)


TMB TV: MT Unlimited Episode 2.2

TMB TV is presented by E3 Spark Plugs!


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  1. I love the behind the scenes coverage. Great job Colby. The new Stomper truck brings back memories of the old TNT Stomper trucks from the 80’s. I don’t know if that was the inspiration, but the name, make, and color is the same. Very impressed with his wheelies.

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